• Today BTCFlow has launched the first institutional exchange in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy. “The digital currency market in Brazil is still in its infancy,” said Marcelo Miranda, founder of BTCFlow.  “However, we are seeing aggressive growth and adoption in other markets, and have no doubt Brazil will follow suit.” BTCFlow was founded by Marcelo Miranda, a nine-year veteran of the Brazilian division of Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsche, he was the head of equity trading

    Deutsche Banker Starts New Bitcoin Exchange in Brazil

    | 2015/03/07 3:00 pm
  • LedgerX is a trading and clearing platform exchange dealing with Bitcoin. The company is currently seeking for regulatory approval from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to start dealing with bitcoin. If approved, LedgerX will be the first federally regulated bitcoin exchange and clearing house to list bitcoin options for the institutional market.

    LedgerX Implements Market Surveillance

    | 2015/03/07 8:00 am
  • Unlike in 2014, when the talk on cryptocurrencies was given just one panel, it was decided by this year’s ICE Totally Gaming Conference organizers that Bitcoin and altcoins deserve a separate day to be discussed and hold presentations on, and so it happened: on February 3 the conference room initially meant for hundred participants was full. The list of attendees included angel investor Roger Ver, and Jon Matonis, formerly known as Bitcoin Foundation executive director. Giving

    ICE Conference 2015: Arrival of Cryptocurrencies Into Online Gambling is Inevitable

    | 2015/03/06 6:50 pm
  • Bill Barhydt, serial entrepreneur and former Netscape director, debuted his first Bitcoin startup, Abra, on Wednesday, March 4. The announcement came on the last day of the Launch Festival, an annual conference known for premiering new and innovative startups. In his speech, Barhydt explained that Abra was created to help migrant workers in various countries send money to their loved ones back home. “Our mission with Abra is to turn every smartphone into a teller

    Abra: A New Kind Of Bitcoin Remittance Service

    | 2015/03/06 3:00 pm
  • Kraken, a popular bitcoin exchange, has announced that they will be redesigning their website as the exchange comes closer to implementing margin trading. Kraken seeks to make their website more intuitive and friendly to newer users. The company will be focusing on making their design simpler and making it easier sign up to and learn how to trade on the website. The new design is set to implemented in “the next few days.” The company will be removing the

    Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Revamps Their Website for Margin Trading

    | 2015/03/06 8:00 am
  • Editor’s note: We have edited this article to fix a mistake in our reporting. Previously, we said that Aaron Koenig made the popular Bitcoin documentary, “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” We have changed that statement to say that he contributed to the film’s production.  First day of Inside Bitcoins Berlin: Extremely Interesting When we arrived at the conference this morning, we were not sure how many people that would be attending. Initially, we thought that many

    Day One Summary of Inside Bitcoins Berlin

    | 2015/03/05 6:23 pm
  • While it was originally established in 2013, CryptoArt did not officially launch until March of 2014, making it about a year since CryptoArt has first opened their doors to the public. When talking to Troy Fearnow, Founder of CryptoArt, he mentioned that he had a background in finance as well as founding another website, Fine-Art.com. Troy stated that CryptoArt was a way for him to combine his passion for art and his interest in Bitcoin. What

    Exclusive Interview with Troy Fearnow of CryptoArt

    | 2015/03/05 3:00 pm
  • Clef, a two-factor authentication platform, has recently gained traction in the Bitcoin space with companies like Koinify integrating it to secure their platform. Today, Clef announced True Logins, a new anti-phishing mechanism. Phishing is when an attacker disguises themselves and pretend to be another website. For example, an attacker might use faceboook.com, with three “o’s” so a user thinks they are on a normal, secure website. Then, if the user types in their password for the real site, the attacker can

    Clef: Bitcoin Adoption and Phishing Protection

    | 2015/03/05 8:00 am
  • The Virtex bitcoin exchange has recently put its trading API offline without warning, and has left many customers without access to the funds they had in their trading accounts. One customer contacted Bitconist.net saying that he had $10,000 USD in a Virtex trading account that he could not withdraw when the exchange unexpectedly shut down. In addition to the offline API, the Virtex website is no longer available. When trying to visit the website, we were

    Virtex Shuts Down Unexpectedly, Customers Lose Funds

    | 2015/03/05 6:07 am
  • January is typically a slow month in the business world, with the festivities quieting down during the transition into a new year. Thus, I was quite surprised when I was invited to the World Money Fair in Berlin. This fair is a conference on money and precious metal of all shapes and sizes, except for digital currency, unfortunately. This conference was an ideal place where you could buy several things: Collector’s sets of euros that are only available at the convention

    Bitcoin and The World Money Fair in Berlin

    | 2015/03/04 3:00 pm
  • Whenever I talk to people that want to know more about Bitcoin, I get questions like, “What can you do with bitcoin? Can you buy stuff with bitcoin? Are there safe ways to buy items? Which services do you recommend?” The internet, and to some extent the digital currency world, is the Wild West for the most part, with very few safeguards to protect people who are not extremely careful. What can the general public do to

    What Can You do With Bitcoin?

    | 2015/03/04 8:00 am
  • In the summer of 2014 Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and exchange service, proposed changes to the BitLicense draft, which was proposed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). The bill was opened up to a 30-day comment period at which time Coinbase submitted a 15 page proposal for changes to the draft. In December, the NYDFS’s released its revised BitLicense, and while many agree it’s a step in the right direction, Coinbase

    BitLicense: Breaking Down the Revisions

    | 2015/03/03 9:00 pm
  • The industry of online gambling entertainment is being revolutionized. For some time already, it has been in the process of undergoing vital changes. At first glance, these changes do not seem to be in plain view, as everything positive about online casino games you’ve got so used to in the intervening months and years is still there. Still, it has become more advantageous and even more convenient to play, all thanks to Bitcoin – the

    Bitcoin Solutions in Online Gambling – Benefits for Everyone

    | 2015/03/03 8:26 pm
  • The trio behind Coinimal has decided to take buying crypto-currency into their own hands and launched their own exchange on December 15th. According to Coinimal’s CEO, Paul Klanschek, they were motivated by their experiences buying bitcoin and other crypto-currencies from European companies.  “All three of [us] are from Austria and [have been] active in the crypto scene for a few years already. Every time we had to buy Bitcoins we experienced how hard it was

    Coinimal Wants to Make Buying Bitcoin Faster

    | 2015/03/03 3:00 pm
  • Italy recently declared that it would not tax digital currencies like Bitcoin. This is a great step in the right direction for the entire Bitcoin community because it opens up the market for Bitcoin usage. Small, medium and big businesses can accept Bitcoin without the fear of the Italian tax office coming after them for accepting the digital currency as payment for their services and/or products. This ruling also means that crypto exchanges will not be

    Bitcoin Regulation Perception: Italy

    | 2015/03/03 8:00 am
  • The International Ripple Business Association (IRBA) has recently relaunched with a new website. The IRBA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on promoting business activity that is built into the Ripple protocol. The IRBA provides guidance to businesses based on the principals used by the American Bankers Association, and the Asian Bankers Association. Disclaimer: The Author has no holdings in Ripple, and no relation to the IRBA. Special gateways allow the movement of funds

    International Ripple Business Association Relaunches

    | 2015/03/02 9:00 pm
  • With the end of February just passing, many were saying February the most stable month of Bitcoin so far. With a net change of a $1 per day, Bitcoin users enjoyed a stable price. For a while, it looked that February was going to end with Bitcoin at a price of the mid $230s. Also Read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up Later Sunday, after the price dipped to the upper $240s, we had a similar

    Market Wrap Up 2/23 – 3/1, Bitcoin and Darkcoin Make Bullish Moves

    | 2015/03/02 8:00 am
  •  Igot is an Australian Bitcoin exchange founded in 2013 that is growing at a rapid pace with a focus on the remittance market. Igot is expanding internationally, with local presence in Asia, Europe, and UAE. With a combination of transparency and compliance, Igot is quickly becoming a globally known Bitcoin exchange. Igot is currently available in 40 countries, which includes the EU and parts of the Middle East and Africa. Customers can use all exchange

    Bitcoin Exchange Igot Acquires TagPesa

    | 2015/03/01 9:00 pm
  • MapOfCoins.com On first glance, Map of Coins is the coolest thing ever done in an internet browser. It provides a visual representation of the many forks of Bitcoin that have come about over the years. A lot of the stuff that’s easily forgotten in the day-to-day, endless onslaught of new altcoins – that are often essentially nothing more than rebranded forks of successful projects – is easy to remember thanks to MOC. For instance, the first

    Two Websites for the Aspiring Bitcoin Expert

    | 2015/03/01 3:00 pm
  • RE/MAX is one of the best known real estate brands in the world. Recently the RE/MAX London delegation has announced it was starting to accept bitcoin as a payment method for property rentals. The company entered into a partnership with an equally recognized payment processor, the GoCoin platform. GoCoin will deliver a fast a secure service that will relieve RE/MAX of the volatility risk involved with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    RE/MAX London Accepts Bitcoin for Rent Payments

    | 2015/03/01 8:00 am
  • In the past year or so, a new trend has emerged in the world of Bitcoin in the form of digital currency debit cards. Several companies are trying to make a name for themselves in this market, with the likes of Xapo and ANX being two of the major names. E-coin, a UK-based company, may have a leg up on their competitors though as their Bitcoin debit card is available right now for a very

    E-coin Takes Bitcoin Debit Cards To A New Level

    | 2015/02/28 3:00 pm