• This week proved to be a quiet one as the community showed little activity following the Christmas holiday and going into New Year’s. The price grew during the week, but not much; overall, we saw a 0.97% growth. There were a few bits of interesting news to break up the monotony of the price’s sideways pattern, but even then the post-Christmas week did not yield much excitement.  Also read: Bitcoiners Beware: Microsoft has your Encryption

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Samsung Pay Hits Online Shopping, Moe Levin Talks 2016

    | 2016/01/04 8:00 am
  • The financial situation in China is anything but stable right now, as the continuing devaluation of the Chinese Yuan is causing a lot of worry and confusion. To make matters even worse, the country’s entire market crashed yesterday, leading to an emergency stop all trading activities. When all was said and done, the stock market lost 7% of their value in less than a day, and more chaos would have ensued if trading hadn’t been

    Bitcoin Price Not Affected By Chinese Stock Market Crash

    | 2016/01/04 3:35 am
  • One of Windows 10’s coolest security features may be rendered totally useless if you don’t take the correct precautions. Disk encryption is built in and activated by default on this latest iteration of Windows, but a hidden function of Windows may allow Microsoft to access your encrypted data. Also read: Senator John McCain Pushing Government Access to Encryption Protected Data The Intercept recently reported that users who login to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account

    Bitcoiners Beware: Microsoft has your Encryption Keys, How to Keep your Data Safe

    | 2016/01/03 1:00 pm
  • By the look of things, more and more financial experts are starting to see the benefits of Bitcoin as a way to diversify their portfolio. In this day and age, investors want to be able to switch between assets quickly if the need arises, something that is not always possible through traditional financial solutions. Bitcoin offers them an option to circumvent those issues, as it operates outside of the realm of traditional finance. Also read:

    Financial World Warms Up To Having Bitcoin In Their Portfolio

    | 2016/01/03 4:26 am
  • The Consumer Electronics Show for 2016 is just around the corner, and a lot of eyes will be on how the technology industry will keep evolving throughout the next few years. These evolutions are of great importance to the Bitcoin community as well. With more and more internet-connected devices, Bitcoin adoption can thrive in due time. Also read: One-Tap Ordering Could Be Bitcoin’s Killer App What Type of Devices Will Be Internet-Connected At CES 2016?

    Potential Impact of CES 2016 On Bitcoin Adoption

    | 2016/01/02 10:45 am
  • One-tap ordering is an interesting concept when it comes to conducting business online, especially where the food delivery service is concerned. Rather than having customers go through a checkout process and entering their card details to pay, a one-tap solution allows them to add items to their cart and pay with a single tap. Domino’s Pizza has integrated this type of solution in their wearable application. Such a feature could be useful to Bitcoin users

    One-Tap Ordering Could Be Bitcoin’s Killer App

    | 2016/01/02 7:12 am
  • Bitcoin Core is at the center of Bitcoin; changes made here have the biggest effects on the network. Scalability has always been an issue of hot debate in Bitcoin, and it has only gotten bigger as time has elapsed. Entire threads are filled with thoughts and suggestions on how Bitcoin should be adapted for long-term use as Bitcoin inevitably will have to support more users. To bring all of the efforts of various members in one

    Bitcoin Core Statement: “Capacity Increases for the Bitcoin System”

    | 2016/01/01 12:00 pm
  • 2015 ended with big news on the Bitcoin front. The Bitcoin company Chain used the Nasdaq Linq platform to “digitally represent” a record of ownership on a private blockchain. Nasdaq had announced its debut blockchain platform in May. Also read: Nasdaq Partnership with Chain Marks a New Trend  In October, Nasdaq announced its initial private clients for its blockchain platform: Chain.com, ChangeTip, PeerNova, Synack, Tango and Vera. Nasdaq also unveiled its first-ever demonstration of blockchain

    2015: The Year Nasdaq Met The Blockchain

    | 2016/01/01 8:00 am
  • Just a few days ago, there was some concern among the Bitcoin community regarding how fast new blocks were being mined on the network. In a normal world, the time between Bitcoin blocks is roughly 10 minutes. Earlier this week, however, blocks were being found in under six minutes, thanks to a major network hashrate increase. Based on today’s Bitcoin network statistics, everything is back to normal. Also read: John McAfee Doesn’t Think Bitcoin Is

    Bitcoin Network Stats Show Block Time Is Back To Normal

    | 2016/01/01 3:36 am
  • Hacking Team has made a lot of media headlines over the past year. Not only because this collaborative is known for its hacking exploits all over the world, but also because of their contacts with governments around the world. Ever since Hacking Team became the subject of a hacking attempt themselves, a lot of people have been wondering what day-to-day operations for this group looked like. Apparently they were keeping a very close eye on

    Hacking Team Kept A Close Eye On The Bitcoin Ecosystem Evolution

    | 2015/12/31 10:57 am
  • Presidential candidate John McAfee, who has had a controversial past, made comments regarding Bitcoin, and some of its possible shortcomings, in a recent interview with an irreverent libertarian podcast called Revolution Report Live. Also read: Solving The Bitcoin Block Size Debate With A Two-Pronged Proposal In the interview, McAfee posited Bitcoin as a corollary with other emerging technologies of the past. Many of the first companies which are borne into a new genre of invention are not necessarily

    John McAfee Doesn’t Think Bitcoin Is The Digital Currency Of The Future

    | 2015/12/31 8:00 am
  • It doesn’t happen often a country of this world is actively looking at replacing their own currency. Or to be more precise, Tunisia is replacing its self-created eDinar digital currency with a blockchain-based version. In doing so, Tunisia becomes the world’s first country to issue national currency using advanced blockchain technology.   Also read: Coinbase Tests Bitcoin XT, Gets Removed From Bitcoin.org Issuing National Currency on The Blockchain Tunisia is one those countries where financial services

    Monetas Unifies eDinar and Blockchain Technology in Tunisia

    | 2015/12/31 5:34 am
  • As much as most people would like to think otherwise, the Bitcoin block size debate is far from over. Various new proposals have been suggested in the past, and another interesting concept was posted on Reddit earlier today. According to this user, a small block size increase should be done first, followed by the integration of Segregated Witness. Addressing the key issue as soon as possible should be the top priority for all Bitcoin developers.

    Solving The Bitcoin Block Size Debate With A Two-Pronged Proposal

    | 2015/12/30 10:29 am
  • Moe Levin, the organizer of The North American Bitcoin Conference, has set up an excellent lineup of speakers and presenters for the 2016 show. This year, people like Patrick Byrne, Tone Vays, Bobby Lee, Jerry Brito and others will highlight a packed conference.  Also Read: Coinbase Tests Bitcoin XT, Gets Removed From Bitcoin.org The 2016 conference will take place between January 21 and 22. The North American Bitcoin Conference is one of the largest events

    Moe Levin on TNABC Miami 2016, Patrick Byrne Speaking This Year

    | 2015/12/30 9:00 am
  • Bitcoin finally had a successful comeback towards the end of 2015, declared by many as the “Year of the Blockchain.” With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and the blockchain during 2015, there has been much speculation towards next year’s approach to cryptocurrency. As 2014 was filled with scandal, Altcoins, and ending up being the worst global currency of that year.  Also read: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Attacks Music Industry With New Gadget The New Year is approaching, and many are wondering

    Bitcoin Predictions For 2016: The Year of the Monkey

    | 2015/12/30 8:00 am
  • If there was anyone left on this planet who thought there was nothing going on with the Chinese economy you might want to rethink that statement very soon. Over the past few months, the Chinese Yuan has been losing value, and things have taken a turn for the worse now that China suspended some foreign banks from FX trading. Capital outflows for the Chinese Yuan are getting out of hand, as investors are looking for

    Suspension Of Chinese Yuan FX Trading To Set Off Bitcoin Rally

    | 2015/12/30 4:18 am
  • According to CEO Brian Armstrong, Coinbase is now running the new version of Bitcoin software, Bitcoin-XT, a move which has divided the Bitcoin community in the past few days. The company is merely experimenting with the software, it stresses; however, this has inspired much contentiousness on online Bitcoin forums, including being removed from Bitcoin.org.  Also read: Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016 Coinbase is now running BitcoinXT (BIP101)

    Coinbase Tests Bitcoin XT, Gets Removed From Bitcoin.org

    | 2015/12/29 4:00 pm
  • For some countries around the world, times are very tough as local economies are starting to fall apart. Ukraine is one of those countries, as inflation will be hitting a record-high of 44 percent later this year. Combine that number with a near 25-percent inflation, and anyone can see why the Ukraine economy needs a bailout. At the same time, Ukraine’s central bank is warning people about the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

    Ukraine Economy Bailout Presents Bitcoin Opportunity

    | 2015/12/29 10:04 am
  • The year 2015 has been quite a significant one for Bitcoin regarding the amount of VC funding flowing into the world of digital currency. However, not every Bitcoin startup is seeing its fair share of success, despite initial excitement regarding what they want to bring to the table. Blythe Masters’ Bitcoin startup – called Digital Asset Holdings – is struggling to secure additional funding, Also read: Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling

    Blythe Masters Startup Digital Asset Holdings Struggles For Funding

    | 2015/12/29 3:20 am
  • Samsung is planning to expand its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, into the US online shopping market. Additionally, Samsung will allow more smartphones to support the payment wallet, offering it to cheaper Samsung devices “within the next year,” according to Samsung Pay global co-general manager Thomas Ko. Also read: Apple Pay Statistics Are Far From Promising — Bitcoin a Global Alternative Samsung Pay has grown much faster than rival Apple Pay and Android Pay since

    Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016

    | 2015/12/28 6:46 pm
  • Peter Sunde, co-founder of the beloved (and hated) Pirate Bay, has returned to the public after being released from jail. Now, he has his sights set on the music industry once again, making it the butt of his satirical new gadget. Also read: Fallout 4 Player gets Bitcoins Stolen: The Dilemma of Piracy This machine is called the Kopimashin; its sole purpose in life is to make 100 copies of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” per second.

    Pirate Bay Co-Founder Attacks Music Industry With New Gadget

    | 2015/12/28 5:39 pm
  • ChangeTip is one of the most popular Bitcoin-related tipping services on the Internet today. By offering a convenient and simple user interface, and a ton of integrated platforms to spread some social love, ChangeTip has quickly made a name for itself in the world of digital currency. But the company is not resting on its laurels, as they have announced a Social Giving Challenge to bring warm meals to the homeless. Also read: Bitcoinist Weekly

    Bring Warm Meals To The Homeless With Bitcoin And ChangeTip

    | 2015/12/28 1:18 pm
  • Users looking for an expansive Bitcoin casino with excellent player bonuses look no further than NASCasino, a Bitcoin casino stationed in Cypress. From deposit bonuses that engage players in making their first deposits, to bonuses for positively engaging in the Bitcoin community, there is sure to be a promotion that will appeal to you. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with NASCasino and is not responsible for its products and/or services. With

    NASCasino releases 9 promotions for Bitcoin Gambling!

    | 2015/12/28 1:00 pm