• From the same company that brought you Rebit.ph,  Bitstars, Coinage, and Bitmarket, is Prepaidbitcoin. PrepaidBitcoin is essentially what it sounds like. Bitcoin available to be purchased, prepaid. This brings Bitcoin to a familiar interface, as many Filipinos use prepaid cards for everything, from minutes to gift cards. 1. What sparked the idea for PrepaidBitcoin? It seemed like the most obvious thing to do in a market like the Philippines. This is the texting capital of the

    PrepaidBitcoin: Buy Prepaid cards in the Philippines!

    | 2014/08/03 4:39 am
  • To many, Africa may seem as a continent wth little or no technological development whatsoever, and that is the first time mistake people make. Most Africans do not own credit cards or bank accounts, but they are owners of cell phones, and it’s through these cell phones where African people make their transactions. But how is cell phone use influenced by cryptocurrency? Companies such as M-Pesa which handle a majority of transactions in Africa are

    CryptoCurrency and its effect in Africa

    | 2014/08/03 12:55 am
  • The Russian government prepares to ban crypto currencies. As stated by the Russian news express RIA Novosti, the Russian Finance Ministry is planning on legislating against the use of crypto currencies. The Russian Finance Ministry is issuing a proposal to prohibit the use and operations with money substitutes and value transmitters such as digital currencies. The Ministry is also considering not just prohibiting crypto currencies, but also to bring criminal responsibility to companies and individuals

    Russia Plans to ban crypto currencies

    | 2014/08/02 9:40 pm
  • A new company has surfaced, call Coinsafe. Using Coinsafe, you can turn your phone,tablet, or computer into your own Bitcoin ATM! You can choose whether to buy or sell Bitcoin, and can even customize what fees you charge. 1. What inspired the founding of Coinsafe? In the US, it’s reasonably easy to buy or sell Bitcoin on Coinbase (though sharing your bank info and waiting for days for wires to clear is pretty annoying), but

    Coinsafe: Your free Bitcoin ATM!

    | 2014/08/02 6:45 pm
  • ZipZap first started out as a network for consumers to make payments with convenience. Now ZipZap has announced that they have raised a $1,000,000, with the main focus of strengthening their network for digital currencies. If you would like to know more about this, Marco did a quick write up of the topic, read it here. 1. What sparked the idea of ZipZap? ZipZap was born from an idea to provide a cash payment option for

    ZipZap: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/08/02 5:12 pm
  • Mine 4 Life is a charity event, with a cryptocurrency twist. All proceeds will be sent to Saint Judes, a hospital where they offer their services at no charge. Truly a charitable cause. 1. What sparked the idea of Mine 4 Life? This was the brain child of seeing charities of a great cause in need of financial backing, and a way to help with the use of crypto currencies. I didn’t see anything near

    Mine 4 Life: ASIC Mining for Charity!

    | 2014/08/02 5:22 am
  • Today I’m with David Tiessen, the founder of GENERCoin. GENERCoin is an asset tied coin, with backing via Arterran Renewables. GENERCoin is another example of how cryptocurrency can impact what you wouldn’t expect, like helping to sustain the planet through using sustainable biofuels. 1. What sparked the idea of GENERCoin? GEC is the result of a chance encounter between myself, and Lloyd Davis Arterran’s CEO. Everything I work on is in regards to creating a sustainable

    GENERCoin: Dev Interview

    | 2014/08/01 9:25 pm
  • Cloakcoin, yet another annymous coin. What makes this one different? First, its method of making transactions is one of a kind, by using an extension of PoS (proof of stake). They also have a decentralized peer to peer market in the works, known as Onemarket. They also have a plan to build a prototype coin known as Blockcoin. It owuld be used to test their ledger, which is known as Oneledger. Blockcoin would remove bloat

    Cloakcoin: Developer Interview

    | 2014/08/01 5:46 pm
  • Draglet is based in Munich, and is one company that has come forward with a new set of options and adaptable plug-in tools to allow exchange-related businesses to run off a pre-manufactured backend system. As bitcoin is becoming increasingly accepted, followed by new users and businesses coming into play everyday, the industry around cryptocurrency has been seeing an extraordinary growth. The digital currency market has dragged exchanges to be a part of the booming industry

    Draglet, the new concept exchange

    | 2014/08/01 4:43 pm
  • CryptographicCoin One of the few coins out there to show real promise by integrating truly anonymous technology is definitely CryptographicCoin showing some never before seen combinations in order to achieve the goal of anonymity. By integrating technologies from Zerocoin, Novacoin, and even PeerCoin, it seems as if the goal at hand is fairly simple. The purpose of CryptographicCoin seems to be clear as they strive to bring a securer and more anonymous network, a field

    CryptographicCoin and CloakCoin: Anonymity Battle!

    | 2014/08/01 7:02 am
  • We recently had the opportunity to  interview Charlie Lee at the Amsterdam conference. Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and recently joined the Coinbase team after working as an engineer for Google. He has earned a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Litecoin has often been referred to as the “silver” of the cryptocurrency world for being second only to Bitcoin in popularity and value. Bitcoinist: Okay, so here we

    Exclusive Interview with the Creator of Litecoin: Charlie Lee

    | 2014/08/01 1:15 am
  • Moolah has recently picked up Mintpal, the cryptocurrency exchange gaining a lot of publicity recently for events such as the attack with Vericoin ,requiring it to fork. This is a major deal because at the time, Mintpal was currently in possession of 30% of all Vericoin in circulation.Luckily Mintpal and Vericoin developers worked out a solution to thwart the hackers attacks, but something like this still shakes up the public’s trust and opinion of something, in this

    Mintpal is acquired by Moolah.io

    | 2014/08/01 12:40 am
  • Today I’m here with Torsten Hoffman, the same person that happens to be a speaker for Bitcoin South Conference down in New Zealand. He belives that Bitcoin could absolutely revolutionize the way we pay, and today he’s here to tell you why. 1. How did you get into Bitcoin? How did the idea of making this movie pop into your head? Wrote an academic paper about alternative currencies during my MBA in 2009 http://www.chiemgauer.info/fileadmin/user_upload/Theorie/1009Oxford_LocalCurrencies.pdf and have been

    (Exclusive Interview) Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it

    | 2014/08/01 12:34 am
  • Colorado is getting a “network of bitcoin kiosks” according to a new press release about XBTeller, a Denver based digital currency services company. The ‘first kiosk’ is already available for use in Aurora, CO at The Big Tomato, a hydroponics and organic garden center. XBTeller’s CEO, Noah Berger, said “The Bitcoin protocol may be the most significant invention of our time – a grand experiment and global phenomenon based on free will and math; we

    XBTeller Setting Up Kiosk Network in Colorado

    | 2014/07/31 9:44 pm
  • ZIPZAP RAISES $1M+ IN FUNDING AND GROWS EXECUTIVE TEAM Global Payment Startup Adds Senior Banking Executive, Jim Griffin, To Support Expansion Across US, Europe and South America ZipZap, Inc. (www.zipzapinc.com), the leading global transaction network, today announces its recent funding of $1.1M, which brings the total funding to date to $2.7M. This latest fundraising was led by strategic investors from AngelList Syndicate and 500 Startups with follow on investment from Blumberg Capital.  ZipZap will be


    | 2014/07/31 6:37 am
  • Last Tuesday, Gold Bullion International – GBI as confirmed the opening of a live gateway on the Ripple protocol in order to be able to create a new gold backed crypto currency. The company aims to simplify what has traditionally been a corky, time-consuming and expensive process while trying to combine the best that technology has to offer. Steven Feldman, co-founder and CEO of GBI. Said: “We have been leaders in combining technology and precious

    You can now use Ripple to buy and trade gold

    | 2014/07/31 3:31 am
  • Bitpay is now offering free processing, forever. No catches, no gimmicks, nothing.  Compared to their main competitor, Coinbase, which offers free processing on the first $1,000,000 and then a 1% fee after that. While competitive with Bitpays rates in the past, nothing competes with free. BitPay has built the world’s leading Bitcoin solutions for e-commerce, billing, and retail. We offer daily settlement to our merchants’ bank accounts in 33 countries. We have 99.99% uptime and industry-leading teams

    News Report: Bitpay offering free processing forever!

    | 2014/07/31 1:40 am
  • Bitsoup gives you instant access to everything Bitcoin! Get auto-refreshing price updates across multiple exchanges in multiple currencies. Stay up-to-date with aggregated news feeds from top BTC sources and always be informed of the latest Bitcoin news as it’s happening. Complete with push notification price alerts and high-res candlestick charts, Bitsoup is the #1 app for anything and everything Bitcoin. Features Include: Real-Time Auto Updating BTC Ticker Aggregated News Stories Across Top News Outlets High

    Bitsoup – Real Time Bitcoin Price Ticker and News Tracker

    | 2014/07/31 1:37 am
  • Are you a miner? Or just interested in mining?! We have some good news. There will be a dedicated mining conference in Last Vegas… Bitcoinist.net is proud to be a media partner and we will be there tweeting you live about the most interesting news. The first global conference dedicated to cryptocurrency mining, called Hashers United, is taking place 10-11th October 2014, at Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The conference will bring together

    Cryptocurrency Mining Conference Launches to Help Improve Profitability of Miners’ Operations

    | 2014/07/30 11:36 am
  • KeyCoin, for those unaware, is a hybrid PoW/PoS running on the X13 algorithm. It has a total of 1 million coins in the PoW phase, which has already ended, and a 20% PoS interest yearly. Now, what makes KeyCoin unique is the anonymous system to be implemented including Tor nodes. Not much information has been given by the KeyCoin developers as it seems they wanted to keep it a secret for most time. However, as

    KeyCoin Anonymity reviewed by Dan Metclaf

    | 2014/07/30 4:37 am
  • Alpha Technology has announced and opened pre-orders last November 2013 their first Batch of Scrypt Asics. Since then the company has been announcing that this first batch would be delivered until themiddle of 2014, early July. Many costumers have made their pre order along with payment and haven’t seen any equipment yet. Alpha Technology led customers to believe they were still shipping in July for weeks and there is still no proof whatsoever that the equipment

    Alpha Technology admits Lack of funds and Shipping delays

    | 2014/07/30 4:11 am
  • HYPER, a Scrypt coin with a Space MMO. You can read up on a full features list of the coin here, as I did an interview the developer already. But today we are focusing on the new Counter Strike tournament they launched, where you can earn prizes in HYPER! 1. What do you plan on achieving with the HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz? The HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz is a way for anyone to play  Counter-Strike on the

    HYPER launching Counter Strike Tournament!

    | 2014/07/29 11:45 pm
  • Kinsta WordPress Hosting is accepting Bitcoin Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting company has just announced that they are accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method for their hosting services. Kinsta is becoming a pioneer among WordPress hosting providers by accepting digital currency besides traditional payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal). Kinsta has recently launched its WordPress Hosting Service to the public and they’re becoming more and more popular. They try to add as many key values

    Kinsta WordPress Hosting Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/29 3:48 pm