• Since a month from out Kickstarter project interview  with Voidspace, they have been making bounds when it comes to making the game an actual game, with the game currently in beta. If you don’t know what Voidspace is, here is a refresher. 1. Since our last time we met, and the Kickstarter project how are things? I’d say things are better than ever. We finally have some solid gameplay video footage of the prototype, we’re finally getting some

    Voidspace: Follow up

    | 2014/07/24 8:49 pm
  • What is Cryptogenic Bullion? Cryptogenic Bullion is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and inherent fundamental specifications enable it to more efficiently function as a store of wealth. Cryptogenic Bullion was released in June 2013 primarily for storing wealth. It is the first crypto-currency to display all of the properties of money, while providing the bearer with interest for holding it. Bitcoinist recently interviewed with the CGB

    Cryptogenic Bullion: The Investors Crypto

    | 2014/07/23 9:52 pm
  • BitFin or Bitcoin Finance Conference recently concluded in Dublin. What is Bitcoin Finance? Bitcoin Finance is a two day conference in Dublin where the brightest minds in payments, finance, business, banking and Bitcoin came together to debate the opportunities and risks involved with decentralized currencies. Topics covered at the conference included: commerce, corporate strategy, and economic policy in the world of peer-to-peer digital money. “THE PEOPLE WHO CONFIDENTLY REJECT ALL THE INNOVATION HERE ARE ON THE

    BitFin Survey Results Are In

    | 2014/07/22 10:14 pm
  • Chain Radio, the Internet’s first fully licensed 24/7 streaming radio station for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency specialists, has announced that it will be launching on July 28th, 2014. The station comes from a group of cryptocurrency and Internet radio enthusiasts and has been under development for several months obtaining licenses from U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN. Chain Radio will include a wide range of programming from breaking bitcoin news and roundtable discussions to music

    Meet: Chain Radio 24/7 Streaming Radio Station for Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/22 9:26 pm
  • Bitcasino.io, the popular online casino which deals exclusively in Bitcoin, have announced today they will be expanding their sportsbook to include many more sporting events which members of the site can bet on. The sportsbook is currently being updated to include up to 10,000 events during league times and will be completed in August. This expansion means members will have the ability to bet with Bitcoin on their favourite teams and best loved sports. A

    Bitcasino.io Updates Sportsbook to Include Up to 10,000 Events Each Month

    | 2014/07/22 6:36 pm
  • PRISIMicide is an open-source platform based on a smart card and a Bitcoin hardware wallet. Currently, the project can be funded through IndieGOGO. The total to be raised is $40,000 by August 31 which seems ambitious, but could be completely plausible considering what the project is supposed to do, as well as the pictures shown by the project. PRISMcide consists of open source smart cards and of a small portable player that can be used

    PRISMicide: A Hardware Wallet and A Smart Card

    | 2014/07/22 2:30 am
  • BTC China has announced the launch of USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals, joining OKCoin in an effort to extend services to the international community. Launching USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals, BTC China is now the first Chinese exchange to support three fiat currencies. The launch began after an invite-only period. During this trial stage, BTC China collected several million USD worth of deposits. This service will be processed via its registered Hong Kong affiliate.

    Official: BTC China Launches USD, HKD Deposits and Withdrawals

    | 2014/07/21 8:43 pm
  • What is MGW? MultiGateway Service allows users to move cryptocurrencies in and out of the Nxt Asset Exchange. Nxt Asset Exchange is the peer-to-peer exchange built into the Nxt software that brings decentralized trading with no trading fees.  Asset Exchange is the decentralized marketplace of Nxt. It is where any asset, digital or physical, can be traded peer to peer without the need for a centralized third party. The Asset Exchange concept is often generally

    MultiGateway: New Decentralized Exchange

    | 2014/07/21 8:18 pm
  • Regulators & Bitcoin New York’s BitLicense was a particular hot topic for the weekend. Bruce Fenton told the audience at TNABC that current regulators aren’t our friends. Some of the specific regulations regarding New York’s BitLicense seem a bit excessive. Lawsky has said that the regulations are to weed out bad actors, but such measures can weed out even good actors. Fenton called Lawsky’s hearing and TV appearances a masquerade. Regulations haven’t really the community’s

    BTCChicago Day #2 Highlights

    | 2014/07/21 5:29 am
  • Dell accepts Bitcoin The Bitcoin adoption rate keeps increasing by the minute, I swear. With now another e-commerce giant, Dell, now accepting Bitcoin the list of Bitcoin accepting merchants just increased by one. A very big one if you ask me. Read the full report from Bitcoinist. You could also check Coinbase’s blog, the payment processor that snagged Dell. Big win for them! Dell also has page informing people that they are accepting Bitcoin as well as

    News Summary: July 20-26

    | 2014/07/20 5:41 pm
  • Perianne Boring started the day off with a press release where she announced the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The digital asset industry is expected to grow to an estimated value in the trillion dollar range within the next five to seven years. This figure includes all the businesses associated within the industry, and such businesses need representation in government. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is a trade association based in Washington, DC that will advise

    BTCChicago Day #1 Highlights

    | 2014/07/20 3:24 am
  • Yersterday the Bitcoin Community woke up with very good News; Dell, a highly regarded and renowned Multinational Company, has formally announced the integration of Bitcoin has a method of payment. The Computer Industry Giant has formally posted an announcement on their webpage informing that they would be accepting Bitcoin has payment option. This has led to believe that the Company is on the watch for these new technologies and wants to keep up with innovation. Dell has

    Dell now accepts Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/20 1:33 am
  • The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is excited to announce that our kick off party will be held at Chicago’s famous House of Blues, the home of music, comedy and performance, on July 18th, 2014 ! To kick off TNABC with a bang we will present a special screening of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, the stunning documentary by Nicholas Mross about the creation and popularization of Bitcoin. The documentary takes an inside look

    North American Bitcoin Conference – Chicago LIVE

    | 2014/07/19 10:38 am
  • UROcoin does not need an introduction by any means, but for those who have not heard of it. URO is a coin running on the X11 algorithm with a 1m total within the first three months. Whats interesting however, is the fact that they want to back urea at 1 uro to 1 metric tonne of urea which is a difficult task indeed. Here is an interview regarding the steps they have taken to reach

    Interview with URO Developers

    | 2014/07/18 9:34 pm
  • New York City Attempts to Shut Down Bitcoin Ben Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services at the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) announced on reddit today New York’s proposed new regulatory framework for virtual currencies. The regulations will be formally published in the July 23, 2014 edition of the New York State Register – which starts a 45-day public comment period. A copy is available here on the DFS website. A summary of

    New York City Attempts to Shut Down Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/17 7:59 pm
  • If your a coder/programmer and want to make some extra money, specifically Bitcoin, Pastecoin may be for you. Pastecoin is a service that allows anyone to buy or sell code snippets for Bitcoin of course. PasteCoin acts an escrow service, protecting the buyer from bad snippets, and the seller from being scammed. Below is a short video summarizing this. 1. What sparked the idea of PasteCoin? History of Development? The idea of PasteCoin came from the

    PasteCoin: Sell Codes for Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/17 7:52 pm
  • When I first heard of Ninkip2p, I was ecstatic. Finally, we have a PGP wallet we can use to keep our Bitcoin transactions even more secure? They also packaged it into a very clean and attractive interface, even allowing newcomers to be able to use this wallet efficiently. Below is a video that demonstrates the interface and usage of the wallet. 1. What sparked the idea of this wallet? We plan on bringing peer to

    Ninkip2p: First ever PGP Bitcoin Wallet

    | 2014/07/16 4:59 pm
  • Entropy, if you don’t already know, is a new product Mycelium is making, with the help of crowdfunding via IndieGogo. Entropy claims to be the safest way to generate paper wallets by using a hardware based entropy (hence the name) to generate a wallet. For more information, check out this video that can be found on Myceliums website. 1. What sparked the idea of the entropy? It originally started as a Bitcoincard key backup. We

    Mycelium Entropy: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/07/15 12:09 am
  • For anyone new to Bitcoin, getting your first couple of Satoshis is easy with faucets. Which one? As there is so many to choose from. I’m here with Bitcoin Zebra, which promises high payouts and excellent service with events and giveaways all the time! 1. What sparked the idea to make ANOTHER Bitcoin faucet? About 4 months ago I didn’t even know what a Bitcoin faucet was. But I was starting down the path that a

    Bitcoin Zebra: Feed the Zebra!

    | 2014/07/14 4:48 pm
  • New Bitcoin Video: Introductory A new Bitcoin Video has surfaced showing the ins and out of Bitcoin, and some history behind Bitcoin in layman terms of course. All is presented in a fast enjoyable presentation with simple animations that make it easy to understand. It has caused quite a controversy on reddit, but the video is still good information. Mintpal Breached, No funds lost According to Mintpals blog post , Mintpal was successfully today with the

    News Summary 7/13 -7/19

    | 2014/07/13 11:50 pm
  • If you don’t know what Kryptradio is already, read up on my fellow colleagues work, that should explain most of it. Its an excellent technology, and really shows how far Bitcoin can go, we just have to guide it there. I personally find this technology very exciting and will personally follow it closely for any updates. 1. What sparked the idea of Kryptoradio? In March this year I was experimenting with the Bitcoin protocol. I

    Kryptoradio: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/07/13 10:41 pm
  • Similiar to for example Yahoo Answers, but for actual bits instead of “points”. Another way Bitcoin ability for microtransactions opens up new business models and tipping. Today is the launch day of Earnabit as well, the first 300 users will get a 1000 bits on signing up as well! 1. What sparked the idea of Earnabit? I noticed that a lot of very technical or very niche questions on sites like stackoverflow.com often get ignored. You

    Earnabit: Get paid to answer questions!

    | 2014/07/13 10:25 pm
  • A company out of Finland has created a way for people to connect to the Bitcoin Network without the internet. According to their website, Kryptoradio is a: “bitcoin data transmission system” that Transmits bitcoin transactions, blocks and currency exchange data in real time Uses terrestrial television transmitters (DVB-T) around the world Finnish quasi-national cryptocurrency FIMKrypto has struck a partnership deal with Koodilehto, a Finnish software company, in order to launch world’s first development project that aims to

    Kryptoradio Lets You Connect To Bitcoin Network Without Internet

    | 2014/07/13 2:31 am