• Welcome to Bitcoinist weekly News Bits! Let me summarize the most significant happenings of the bitcoin market. 1. A couple of days before, PayPal gave “Bitcoiners” good news: They accept bitcoin and sign partnerships with BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin. The first completed project is an integration with PayPal’s Payments Hub, which is their alternative payment platform for digital goods. Customers with a bitcoin wallet will be able to purchase items and other digital content directly

    Bitcoinist News Bits 29.09.14

    | 2014/09/29 2:22 pm
  • As the first Bitcoin Company, Coinify secures continental European venture capital investment to bring digital currencies to mainstream markets. The Company has already satisfied more than 6000 merchants and 7000 consumers most of them from Europe. More than 7000 European individuals have enjoyed Coinify’s easy conversion between digital and national currencies.

    Coinify, becomes the Leading European Digital Currency Platform

    | 2014/09/29 4:03 am
  • This week has seen yet the latest positive announcement for Bitcoin – the news that Paypal is testing preliminary integration of the cryptocurrency – fail (at the time of writing at least) to make a significant dent in the continued market downtrend. The persistent bear market is running parallel in altcoins, with volume decreasing steadily across all the major exchanges. Is this the deflation of a bubble originating at the outset of 2013? What are

    What does the future hold for cryptocurrency?

    | 2014/09/28 12:01 am
  • Anycoin Direct is an exchange founded in the Netherlands in April 2013. The Company has reached popularity in just 2 months time. The exchange was first launched with the brand name Bitplaats and soon established itself as one of the most trusted Bitcoin businesses in the Netherlands.

    Short Q&A with Anycoin Direct exchange Team

    | 2014/09/26 7:32 pm
  • Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo will be returning to Las Vegas on October 5-7! The event will feature 35 informational sessions, over 70 speakers, 4 keynotes, and a half day of workshops! The conference will focus on how cryptocurrency has been affecting the payments industry, covering a wide range of topics including mainstream adoption, compliance, bitcoin startups, investing, mining, altcoins, equipment, and more. The first 300 paid attendees will receive US$50 in bitcoin.  New to

    Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne to Keynote Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas Next Month

    | 2014/09/26 4:27 pm
  • Yet another wild week for cryptocurrency, there are just something’s that you never get used to. For example, Bitcoin dropped dramatically from around $480 to just under $400, and stayed there for a day or two. It soon bounced back up to $430, but that uptrend didn’t last long, with market going sideways, if not slightly downwards. Most of the top coins are going downward, with the main exception being Dogecoin. Many people point to

    Market Summary: Rollercoaster

    | 2014/09/26 1:37 am
  • CrackCoin is a new crypto currency project that has had plenty of attention from the community. The recent escapades of a Toronto’s Mayor involved in a scandal with Crack were the inspiration for the Team to choose the crypto currency name;

    Interview with the CrackCoin Team

    | 2014/09/25 10:25 pm
  • Update: Hashprofit was shut down according to their statement because of a DDoS attack. We tried to contact them to get some more information regarding this issue but we haven’t received any response from them yet. The official statement from HashProfit.com: We’re resuming work of service in a protected mode today. Despite all the warnings from service’s administration many users have succumbed panic moods and have taken a number of actions which discredited and abused

    Hash Profit Easy Mining Services Review (UPDATED)

    | 2014/09/25 6:20 pm
  • Bitcoin Paypal and Bitcoin! A compelling read by Nuno, Paypal has finally delivered on its word after what seems now like weeks of teasing acceptance of Bitcoin. Finally Paypal has signed a partnership with popular Bitcoin processors such as BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin. It first started with people using Braintree able to accept Bitcoin, now it’s people using Paypal’s Payment Hub for digital goods which in turn may mean you could purchase your favorite steam

    News Summary: September 21st – September 27th

    | 2014/09/25 5:50 pm
  • The launch of the Digital Currency Council is seen as an exciting and timely step for crypto currency, and everyone who will become involved with it. Similar standards-based professional organizations have been critical to the functioning of our traditional economy, and there is no doubt that the Digital Currency Council will play an important role in the emerging crypto currency economy.

    Digital Currencies Council (DCC) opens Bitcoin Certification Program

    | 2014/09/25 3:51 pm
  • Breaking this weeks slump and a grand total of 11 world records along the way, Primecoin (XPM) spiked a respectable 47.18% today settling in comfortably at #21 in total market cap. A proof of work system that cleverly points all of it’s mining power towards aiding mathematical research. They’ve shown that a cryptocurrency’s choice of protocol can be about more than just security but can instead be put to practical use. With Bitcoin’s Hashrate currently

    Primecoin : World Records and Rising Value

    | 2014/09/25 12:24 pm
  • Finally, PayPal accepts bitcoin and signs partnerships with BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin Today, PayPal gave “Bitcoiners” good news. Scott Ellison, PayPal’s Senior Director has revealed the companies that will be working with PayPal in the bitcoin integration in an attempt to increase the adoption of bitcoin worldwide. The first completed project is an integration with PayPal’s Payments Hub, which is their alternative payments platform for digital goods. Customers with a bitcoin wallet will now be

    Finally, PayPal goes “ALL IN” with Bitcoin

    | 2014/09/24 3:03 am
  • Butterfly Labs was one of the very first mining firm is now in deep trouble as US Goverment is taking legal actions against them. Butterfly Labs was accused of fraud and misrepresentation. FTC documents say that the companies assets were frozen. The story began with really upset customers who failed to received their pre paid miners.  Butterfly Labs has violated Section 5(a) of the FTC Act. BFL were basically engaging in “unfair or deceptive business

    US Goverment shuts down Butterfly Labs!

    | 2014/09/23 6:35 pm
  • Bitmark is a very interesting altcoin that aims create an every day use through the use of what they call marking. We held an interview with the development team over at Bitmark, and this is what they answered to our questions: Who composes the dev team? Project Bitmark is a community effort, currently there are about 50 people in various roles and having different levels of commitment; this number grows daily. Additionally we have outreach

    Interview with Bitmark Developers

    | 2014/09/23 8:20 am
  • Welcome everyone! IT’S TIME FOR THE Bitcoinist NEWS Bits! This week we are going to give you a short summery about Inside Bitcoins Conference that took place at the beginning of this week in London. The conference had over 200 attendees and a bunch of exhibitors including Cex.io and Ghash.io who were actually the Platinum Sponsors of the event along with Strevus. Jeffrey Smith the CIO of Cex.io announced their new project called PlugChain an

    Bitcoinist News Bits on inside Bitcoins London. 22.09.14

    | 2014/09/22 1:42 pm
  • With 55 of the top 100 tokens gaining ground today the worst of the recent market shake up is (hopefully) over. While most gains were modest a few standouts are worth mentioning. Decentralized exchange and smart property player Mastercoin, showing signs of genuine value in a rough market, is up a very respectable 54% today, rounding out it’s weekly gains of 24%. Good on you boys and girls. As attacks from on high cast doubt

    Today’s Top Dogs – 9.21

    | 2014/09/22 10:03 am
  • Bitcoin industry is going through a period of profound changes followed by an outstanding expansion. Everyday new businesses and other projects are coming up with new concepts and improved services. Exchanges are an integral part of the bitcoin industry in constant development; some exchanges are working vigorously in an effort to keep up with the ever increasing demands of the crypto currency ecosystem, while trying to offer the best innovative security options along with professional

    Interview with Bitquick’s CEO, Jad Mubaslat

    | 2014/09/22 2:06 am
  • We’ve all heard about the infamous recent celebrity photo scandal where as a result of an Apple iCloud hack, leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and more were made public. Recently, I had the chance to interview Nick Lambert of the MaidSafe Team to talk to him about how technology like Maidsafe and the Safenetwork could prevent leaks and secure data. Questions were geared towards user privacy. Could MaidSafe and the

    Could This Technology Prevent Celebrity Photo Scandals?

    | 2014/09/21 12:38 am
  • SocialxBot is a decentralized crypto currency that offers the innovative ability to send and receive secure, anonymous funds by merely tweeting. Now, every Twitter account in the system is automatically connected to SocialxBot. The goal of the project is to bring crypto currencies to all available markets in regard to social media, specifically focusing on the Twitter platform. Users can receive SocialxBot coins with their Twitter account without downloading the QT client. Twitter has over

    SocialxBot Enables Financial Transactions via Twitter

    | 2014/09/20 8:58 pm
  • When I first contacted presstab, the developer behind hyperstake, I was first looking at some POS journals regarding people who were making quite dividends investing into high POS rate coins like TEK, HBN, as well as Hyperstake. Immediately it caught my eye with its 750% POS rate. Curiosity got the best of me and I was glad presstab was able to make this happen. 1.       Why did you decide to make Hyperstake a reality? I was doing some freelance

    Hyperstake: A coin with 750% annual POS

    | 2014/09/20 3:02 pm
  • …because you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince? In my think tanks ever expanding search for the ideal platform from which to launch our hopes and dreams, we’ve gone through a number of stages. We’re fortunate in that our project is attracting the right kind of attention but how best to harness that attention? How best to utilize incoming resources while creating ample rewards for everyone who gets involved in

    In search of the perfect ICO platform

    | 2014/09/20 2:58 pm
  • The sky is falling, the sky is falling! One look at this weeks Coinmarketcap is all it takes to get a sense for what the market is feeling at the moment, as total market cap drops to around 5.8 billion. The new threshold marking the lowest total marketcap has been since April of this year, as 12 of the top 20 cryptos lose ground amidst Bitcoins apparent free fall.   So just what exactly is

    Price Drop Investigation

    | 2014/09/20 1:04 am
  • These days, a growing number of Startups and projects related to crypto currencies are popping up at large scale. Some of these projects are heavily directed to the bitcoin community while others are innovative projects simply trying to use and develop the potential of the bitcoin protocol technology and decentralized applications, turning them into real businesses enterprises. Alex Preukschat is a Bitcoin entrepreneur who is fully committed in a project that it’s specially designed for

    Interview with Alex Preukschat Bitcoin Comic director and creator of “Bitcoin: The hunt for Satoshi” Comic Book

    | 2014/09/20 12:30 am