• Nicolas Cary is one of the biggest leaders in the bitcoin sector by being the CEO of blockchain. He is super busy and travels a lot so we were really lucky to catch him for a quick interview at the 2014 Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam. Bitcoinist.net Hi Nick, thank you for your time, I am sure Bitcoinist.net readers will be stoked to read this interview! Nic Cary Hello! Thanks for having me! Bitcoinist.net How did

    Nicolas Cary Blockchain CEO interview

    | 2014/05/20 2:30 pm
  • It is so nice to see how bitcoin is spreading all over the world. Thanks to Mr. Josh Metnick  CTO of Wrapports LCC a media ventrure that owns and operated  the Chicago Sun-Times. has started accepting bitcoin for subscriptions in April, and as they promised they are continuing to experiment. The paper plans to run ads with printed QR codes, allowing readers to use bitcoin to buy products directly. The first test of this is planned

    Win a Jay-Z / Beyonce ticket with Chicago Sun-Times

    | 2014/05/20 11:12 am
  • Two weeks ago, Western Union received a patent for “Alternative value exchange systems and methods,” which, in short, is a way for the company to use and accept “alternative currencies.” At the time of filing, back in 2009, these currencies included barter systems like Bartercard and virtual gold and dollars from various online sources, including Second Life and World Of Warcraft. Western Union, we should remember, thinks bitcoin isn’t that interestingbut would love to get a piece of the virtual

    Western Union And eBay Try To Horn In On Bitcoin With New Patents

    | 2014/05/19 10:27 pm
  • The 2014 Bitcoin Conference took place in Amsterdam organized by the Bitcoin Foundation. I believe it has been the biggest so far… Everyone was there from the industry as it was the most important conference from all. Even other conference organizers visited the event as well We have been present at the Miami, Berlin, Texas and NYC conference as well and we have to say that this has been the most productive for us as

    Summary of the Amsterdam Conference

    | 2014/05/19 8:00 am
  • We received the following message from Aaron (Bitangels) and we think is something really worth to share! If you have, please consider donations for the victims of the flood! Here is the original message: Hi fellow Bitcoiners, you might have heard about the terrible flood desaster that is happening in Serbia. So I am setting up this spontaneous campaign and hope that many people can donate some Bitcoins to show that we care and help.

    Flood in Serbia – Please donate

    | 2014/05/18 7:29 pm
  • Not long ago, Singapore Bitcoin payments system startup CoinPip brought US-based 37coins’ SMS bitcoin wallets to Singapore in a bid to make Bitcoin transactions simpler for the public. Now, Singapore-based startup 8pip wants to go one step further by introducing what it claims are the world’s first Bitcoin prepaid cards. The team will launch the cards at Startup Asia Singapore 2014 on May 7, as well as at Singapore’s first BOOST:Bitcoin event, an event aimed

    8pip launches Bitcoin prepaid card to make Bitcoin more accessible to the public

    | 2014/05/18 5:10 pm
  • We have come to the 3rd day of the 2014 Bitcoin Conference. The last two days were really interesting with full of extraordinary keynotes and panels. We are sorry for not tweeting that much, but we do have an explanation to that. We were focusing more on bringing loads of interviews to you. So from next week you can expect them on our site. Just a few examples on what you will see: Jon Matonis

    Day 3 – Live from Amsterdam Bitcoin conference

    | 2014/05/17 10:47 am
  • Are you looking to make all of your cryptocurrency friends green with envy? Wife refusing to let you spend $10k on another one of your ‘toys’? Like to have the most up-to-date, latest and greatest technology and you won’t take ‘No’for an answer? Well, that settles it. The first major BlackCoin Community Incentive is here and we want you to be a part of it. The time has finally come and after much anticipation the

    BlackCoin Pool KNC Titan Promotional Giveaway, Extravaganza!

    | 2014/05/16 1:48 pm
  • There were several hot topics on the conference so far, stay tuned for the 2nd day of the Amsterdam Bitcoin Conference 2014! The Bitcoinist.net team headed to Amsterdam to visit one of the biggest bitcoin event of europe so far. We will strem live, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Bitcoin 2014 is the annual international forum, exhibition and networking conference organised by the Bitcoin Foundation for the fintech industry. It’s where

    Day 2 – Live from Amsterdam Bitcoin conference

    | 2014/05/16 9:00 am
  • The Bitcoinist.net team headed to Amsterdam to visit one of the biggest bitcoin event of europe so far. We will strem live, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Bitcoin 2014 is the annual international forum, exhibition and networking conference organised by the Bitcoin Foundation for the fintech industry. It’s where investors, technologists, regulators, executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and policymakers gather to collectively shape the future of cryptographic money worldwide. Bitcoin 2013, our inaugural

    Live from Amsterdam – Bitcoin conference

    | 2014/05/15 8:00 am
  • Wayne is an analyst with Venture Scanner, a Silicon Valley-based firm that helps corporate innovation arms and investors identify innovation trends and opportunities, using a combination of big data and analyst insights.Bitcoin holds great promise in regions where banking and payment systems are not as developed, including Southeast Asia. A look at global venture capital flows into Bitcoin startups indicates that the majority of investments are being made into basic infrastructural projects like Bitcoin exchanges,

    The state of Bitcoin in Southeast Asia

    | 2014/05/14 11:55 pm
  • The majority of people in the Philippines don’t have bank accounts or credit cards. The largely ‘unbanked’ population is an issue that the country is trying to tackle as it slows down the growth of things like ecommerce. Bitcoin can be a solution to this problem in the Philippines, according to Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur Ron Hose. He has created a Bitcoin trading site for the Philippines called Coins.ph. As of last year, only

    Ron Hose: Bitcoin is great for all the ‘unbanked’ people in the Philippines

    | 2014/05/14 9:30 pm
  • Are you ready? We are only two days from the conference. So far 950+ People Representing 50+ Countries at Bitcoin 2014! According to the conference organisers. Here are today’s exciting announcements! “BLOCKCHAIN AWARDS WINNERS / We received 1700+ votes and we’re excited to announce the winners at the first annual #BlockchainAwards, 16 May at #Bitcoin2014! #BITCOIN2014 CONFERENCE APP / Download our official conference app to personalize your “digi-schedule”, speaker bios and more! Visit guidebook.com/getit and

    Bitcoinist.Net will be streaming live from the Amsterdam Conference

    | 2014/05/14 11:57 am
  • Open Assets” protocol lets anybody issue their assets on the Blockchain May 4th 2014 (Dublin, Ireland) – The Irish company behind the Bitcoin prediction market Predictious is unveiling the new Crypto 2.0 platform Open Assets, as well as Coinprism, a Bitcoin wallet that can leverage Open Assets. Open Assets is based on the concept of colored coins, and is their first successful implementation. Colored coins are about taking a fraction of a Bitcoin, and tagging


    | 2014/05/13 11:59 pm
  • Recently, after the welcoming of two new members to the Bitcoin Foundation, many members were very unhappy; enough to incite the need to make a “post your resignation here” thread. Thread starter Patrick Alexander states that “Reasons are many, but the following are salient” proceeding to list some reasons with the most prominent being many high-class members being associated with scandalous events, i.e., Brock Pierce is being associated with allegedly, pedophilia. That doesn’t mean it’s

    Bitcoin Foundation Members Resign, “Unhappy with Current Direction”

    | 2014/05/13 1:30 pm
  • FEC, with a 6-0 unanimous decision, approved the donation of Bitcoins to US political campaigns on May 8, 2014. However, there are some restrictions with the biggest one being that no anonymous Bitcoin donations are allowed, and that people in charge of handling donations must look over this donations for “signs of illegality”. Soon after this, Rep. Jared Polis announced that his campaign would start accepting Bitcoin. There are still some legal work to iron

    | 2014/05/13 11:26 am
  • Puebla, Mexico – May 12, 2014 – Bitso is pleased to officially announce today the launch of the first Ripple Gateway in Mexico, and first issuer of Mexican Peso (MXN) balances on the Ripple Network. Bitso enables people in Mexico to send and receive value to or from anywhere in the world, instantly and at very affordable rates. For example, people can send and receive Mexican pesos, bitcoins and U.S. dollars through Bitso. “We are


    | 2014/05/13 6:30 am
  • With more and more things becoming digitalized, intellectual property rights are straggling behind. Monegraph is one way users can stay current in this digital age, borrowing the Namecoin blockchain for the purpose of storing URLs. Monegraph, short for monetized graphics, allows you to confirm that digital images that are yours are actually indeed yours. It takes advantage of the blockchain which is normal for verifying currency,  and adapts it to verify ownership of images. It

    Monegraph: Digital Patents for Art

    | 2014/05/12 2:14 pm
  • Taking the success from Dogecoin and the Dogecoin car from NASCAR that race at Talladega last Sunday, Bitcoin is considering the same by sponsoring a UFC fighter. The fighter that is being considered is Joe Lauzon. If Bitcoins community and where to go through with this, not only would a fighter get sponsored, exposure of Bitcoin would also occur leading to more people adopting this virtual currency. However, some community members are suggesting that Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Sponsorship in UFC?!

    | 2014/05/12 9:05 am
  • BEIJING: Several hundred people attended China’s first Bitcoin summit here, defying the government’s crackdown on the digital currency. Venture capitalist Li Xiaolai, who organised the conference this weekend, dismissed the suggestion that Beijing would ultimately outlaw the use of digital currencies in the mainland. “Thailand has already banned Bitcoin, so has Russia. But who cares if China bans it as long as everyone knows the whole world can’t ban it,” Hong Kong-based South China Morning

    Hundreds attend China’s first Bitcoin meet, defy government warning

    | 2014/05/11 11:40 am
  • So how does bitcoin smell to you? We know it is a dumb question as it is a virtual currency that has no smell. We from now on it kinda has with Bitcologne. According to BitCologne, an “aromatic blend of spicy, floral, oak and citrus notes.” Yes, bitcoin, the virtual currency accepted by everyone from gunmakers to members of Congress, has its own cologne. The above ad would be funnier in black and white, possibly with two half-naked

    BitCologne: Virtual Currency Now Has Its Very Own Fragrance

    | 2014/05/10 5:37 pm
  • The Federal Election Commission on Thursday approved the use of the alternative currency Bitcoin for political contributions with limits of $100 per donor per election cycle. The 6-member panel voted unanimously to allow the contributions, a move that could open the floodgates for donors to make political contributions with the digital currency in the upcoming midterm elections. The decision means that political groups or candidates can accept Bitcoin if they abide by the same guidelines

    Bitcoin OK for politics, with $100 limit

    | 2014/05/10 3:04 pm
  • SIX more days until #Bitcoin2014 and we have sold out of all 40 exhibits and have registered attendees representing over 49 countries! We are excited to meet and connect you to hundreds of attendees at the most international and influential Bitcoin conference yet! Here’s some important news and reminders: BITCOIN BOULEVARD AT THE HAGUE / If you arrive in Amsterdam a little early or need a great place to go on Friday night after the

    Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam in 6 days!

    | 2014/05/09 9:48 pm