• John McAfee, one of the most opinionated figures in the cryptocurrency community, has clashed with US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) chairman over the labeling of initial coin offering (ICO) tokens as securities. Speaking via his Twitter account, the tech activist and internet security expert vowed to fight the SEC’s pronouncement. McAfee on the Warpath John McAfee is usually not shy when expressing his views. Ever since Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton

    John McAfee Will Fight SEC ‘With Every Last Breath’

    | 2018/06/16 4:00 pm
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin hit out at mainstream media Friday after an article appeared suggesting he thought the US National Security Agency (NSA) invented Bitcoin. ‘My Opinions Have Changed A Lot’ On June 15, UK tabloid publication Metro published what it described as a “discovery” that Buterin had made remarks about Bitcoin’s being created by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The evidence it gathered came in the form of messages from popular forum Bitcointalk

    Vitalik Buterin Derides Misleading Reports Regarding the NSA’s Creation of Bitcoin

    | 2018/06/16 1:00 pm
  • Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of digital currency-focused investment firm BKCM LLC, believes Ethereum might be a better investment than Bitcoin — and he provided CNBC’s “Fast Money” with three reasons why.  Ethereum Futures Firstly, Kelly believes Ethereum futures may just be around the bend, now that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially decided that ether is and was not a security — thus removing the largest obstacle from the second-ranked cryptocurrency by

    3 Reasons Why Ethereum Is A Better Investment Than Bitcoin, According to Brian Kelly

    | 2018/06/16 10:00 am
  • Even a decade ago, television was the sole king of advertising, while the internet had to take its dust together with billboards and radio ads. Over the years, however, the situation has changed: last year, online advertising has outgrown television for the first time in history, with more than $200 billion spent on ad campaigns on the internet. It is fairly obvious that the internet provides advertisers with an incomparably wider range of tools that

    Blockchain Offers Viable Alternative to Outdated Online Advertising

    | 2018/06/16 7:00 am
  • It appears that a bug in the ICON smart contract has disabled ICX token transfers. One Reddit user reported a few hours ago that the bug prevents ICX tokens from being moved from any wallet. Modifier Code Flaw Responsible for the Problem According to the Reddit poster, the ICON smart contract bug is the same one found in another cryptocurrency project called Yggdrash. The bug is reportedly a flaw in the modifier code as seen

    Smart Contract Bug Disables ICON (ICX) Token Transfers

    | 2018/06/16 4:00 am
  • The popular privacy coin has been one of the worst performers in the past month, especially since the pullback in early May. It has been steadily dropping in BTC value since late April, and it raises the question, why? Privacy Isn’t Selling, Apparently Monero is a staple in the cryptocurrency community, where most people involved in the space have, at the very least, a modicum of respect for the project. The network offers completely private

    When Moon(ero): The Mystery of Monero’s Declining Price

    | 2018/06/16 3:00 am
  • Want to get into cryptocurrency? Here’s what you need to know before you invest.  Know Yourself A lot of people are investing in cryptocurrency and it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s not just a passing fad. It’s also clear that it’s potentially very lucrative — though not without risks. So, before you invest in cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind and know how much you can afford to lose. Not

    What You Need to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/06/16 12:00 am
  • Authorities in Italy have seized bitcoins from the company wallets of controversial exchange BitGrail as part of standard pre-bankruptcy proceedings. BitGrail was hacked in February 2018, with $170 million dollars’ worth of Nano stolen — which subsequently lead to a major price crash for the coin. BitGrail’s blog was updated today, June 15, 2018, with the following announcement: On June 5, 2018, pursuant to the Tribunal of Florence orders, the Bitcoins contained in the company’s

    Bitcoins Seized From Bankrupt BitGrail by Italian Authorities

    | 2018/06/15 9:00 pm
  • SimpleFX (SFX), a cryptocurrency and forex broker has launched the iOS version of its mobile app. The platform has been available for Android smartphones since the end of December 2017. Users of iOS mobile devices will now be able to enjoy the unique services offered by SimpeFX in the areas of cryptocurrency, forex, indices, and commodities trading. The New SimpleFX iOS App Just like the Android version, the SFX iOS app delivers the complete trading

    SimpleFX Launches iOS App and Mobile Web Browser Platform

    | 2018/06/15 6:00 pm
  • The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may have files on Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator. There are also indications that the country’s National Security Agency (NSA) might know the real identity (or identities) of Satoshi Nakamoto. CIA Refuses to Comment The CIA has reportedly issued what is known as a “Glomar response” to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Daniel Oberhaus, a staff writer on Motherboard. According to Oberhaus, the CIA

    CIA Doesn’t Deny Having Files on Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

    | 2018/06/15 3:00 pm
  • Following SEC’s announcement which separated both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) from securities, CBOE’s President said that this could increase the chances of regulators signing off on Ethereum futures. The Market Rebounds On June 14th, the SEC officially announced that it won’t consider Bitcoin bitcoin and Ether as securities, thus putting the long wait to its end. Naturally, the market responded immediately. Despite being in a state of major correction, the overall cryptocurrency market saw

    Ethereum Futures: CBOE Chief Says SEC Decision Clears the Way

    | 2018/06/15 1:00 pm
  • Online affiliate marketing programs have existed for years, allowing publishers to get paid for touting products and services, and merchants to pay for obtaining new leads and customers. While this has been a proven system for increasing web traffic and sales, affiliate marketing has yet to become a widely accepted marketing tool in the advertising industry. Affiliate marketing only represents about 5% ($13 billion) of the $260 billion online advertising industry. There is a lack

    New Players Push for Decentralization of Affiliate Marketing

    | 2018/06/15 12:00 pm
  • Having passed the 15 percent threshold needed for a quorum to be constituted, the EOS network is now up and running as all normal functions are supposedly activated.  Concentration of Voting Power In an official announcement, the team said that the network has successfully produced its first block. Yet, taking a closer look at the voting statistics shows alarming signs of centralization and concentration of power. As previously reported, 50% of all EOS tokens are

    EOS Produces Its First Block But Votes Not So Decentralized

    | 2018/06/15 11:00 am
  • Thomas Lee, Co-founder and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, ties the recent decline in Bitcoin (BTC) price with the expiration of Bitcoin futures. Tom Lee Blames Futures Expiration Among Other Factors In an interview for Bloomberg, Tom Lee explained that the weakness in the market’s first and foremost cryptocurrency was the result of futures contracts expiring. He says that there have been six expirations of futures contracts since the CBOE launched Bitcoin futures

    Bitcoin Price Drop Caused by Futures Expiration, Tom Lee Says

    | 2018/06/15 9:00 am
  • Gab, a social network messaging platform that describes itself as a place “where people, free expression, and individual liberty come first,” has announced that its Coinbase account was suddenly closed by the popular US-based crypto exchange.  Gab: Centralized Exchanges ‘Contradictory to Everything Crypto Stands For’ Gab is a relatively young social networking platform launched in August 2016 as a response to censorship controversies involving major social media companies — such as Facebook and Twitter — which

    ‘Centralized Exchanges Are Cancer’: Coinbase Shuts Gab Social Network’s Account

    | 2018/06/15 7:00 am
  • While Bitcoin continues its lengthy correction, the S&P 500 has rebounded — creating a new divergence between the leading cryptocurrency and traditional stocks. ‘Not Very Many People Bought It At All’ At the time of this writing, Bitcoin — the first and foremost cryptocurrency — is trading at $6,613.11, after hitting highs around $20,000 in December of last year. The Bitcoin bubble’s bonafide burst has caused some in the world of traditional investing to fear

    Bitcoin Breaks Ties with S&P 500 As Prices Diverge

    | 2018/06/15 5:00 am
  • In 2010, Regina Holliday brought her husband, suffering from kidney cancer, to a hospital and begged the doctors and nurses for her husband’s medical records. Five days later, she still hadn’t received them. On the sixth day, the man was transferred to another hospital, and the doctors couldn’t give him pain medications because they didn’t know what drugs he already had in his body. For a seemingly endless six hours, the man suffered from severe pain.

    Grapevine: Saving Healthcare Data and the World

    | 2018/06/15 2:00 am
  • Amid the ongoing overall market correction, Cardano (ADA) and Status Token (SNT) surge in price following Bithumb’s announcement that it will list both cryptocurrencies on its exchange. ADA and SNT to be Listed on Bithumb Bithumb, which is currently the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of trading volumes according to CoinMarketCap, announced that it will be adding Cardano and Status Token to its trading lists. Cardano(ADA) and Status Network Token(SNT) will be listed on

    Bithumb Lists Cardano (ADA) and Status Token (SNT), Prices React

    | 2018/06/15 12:00 am
  • Due to the notorious volatility and unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies, many organizations and even governments are jumping on the bandwagon to ban them. As we move further into 2018, even the big tech firms are starting to put their foot down on crypto advertising. Such a huge widespread ban has the potential to severely hinder the future development of the crypto industry. Google and Facebook Have Banned ICO Advertisements Some of the Internet’s largest advertising platforms,

    What Does the Future of ICO Advertising Look Like?

    | 2018/06/14 10:00 pm
  • Influential political strategist Stephen K. Bannon predicts that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will disrupt the banking system. Moreover, according to The New York Times, he wants to help entrepreneurs and countries to create and issue their own cryptocurrencies. Bannon Has a “Good Stake” in Bitcoin For many, Bannon was a major actor in masterminding the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Subsequently, he was the White House Chief Strategist for the first seven months of President Donald

    Bannon Backs Bitcoin: Fmr White House Chief Strategist Enters Crypto Market

    | 2018/06/14 6:00 pm
  • Jonathan Johnson, ex-chairman of Overstock’s board of directors, touched on the benefits of cryptocurrencies and noted the tremendous potential of blockchain-based technology. Despite the currently hemorrhaging market, he still sees a lot of advantages in utilizing cryptocurrencies over traditional credit card payments.   Better Than Credit Cards Currently sitting on the Board of Directors of Overstock.com – a major online retailer accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method — Jonathan Johnson shared his overtly positive sentiment

    Cryptocurrencies Are ‘A Much Cheaper Way of Doing Business,’ Says Former Overstock Chair

    | 2018/06/14 4:00 pm
  • The Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Director of Corporate Finance, William Hinman, announced at Yahoo Finance’s All Market Summit: Crypto today that bitcoin, ether, and other decentralized cryptocurrencies will not be classified as securities.  A New Asset Class The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken its sweet time in determining how to classify cryptocurrencies. Finally, during a speech in San Francisco, California, SEC Director of Corporate Finance William Hinmann openly discussed the SEC’s views

    SEC: Bitcoin and Ether Are Not Securities

    | 2018/06/14 3:00 pm
  • Ripple chief cryptographer David Schwartz has said the company’s payment system “is not a distributed ledger,” while revealing doubts from banks about Blockchain. ‘We Haven’t Gotten There Yet’ In comments to Reuters June 13, Schwartz went on record to “concede” the company “hasn’t gotten there yet” regarding banking uptake of its services. “What we hear from many of our customers is that it’s imperative to keep their transactions private, process thousands every second, and accommodate

    XRP is Not Being Used By Banks, Ripple Exec Says

    | 2018/06/14 2:00 pm