• Tuesday, April 17 is tax day in the United States of America – but early numbers are suggesting cryptocurrency investors aren’t being entirely upfront with the government’s tax collectors. Our Little Secret Nobody likes doing their taxes, especially now that reporting profitable cryptocurrency trades is required by law. Going through a years’ worth of trades and reporting profits is time-consuming and complicated — and it’s not being done. According to the Internal Revenue Service, fewer

    Cryptocurrency Investors Apparently Aren’t Reporting Their Bitcoin

    | 2018/04/16 11:00 pm
  • CoinJanitor has a goal to collaborate with the crypto community to find the ideal solution for the abundance of inactive virtual coins polluting the market. Even though Bitcoin was the prototype, a huge number of successors followed its digital footsteps post-2009. However, the sad reality is that even though many new digital coins were created, not all of them were successful. People invested in some of these new cryptocurrencies and subsequently faced the prospect of

    CoinJanitor Hopes to Clean Up Crypto with the Help of the Community

    | 2018/04/16 9:00 pm
  • How do rumors of institutional investment and the return of mainstream media cryptocurrency hype impact Bitcoin price projections? Highlights At last! The days we’ve all been waiting for are back, or so it appears for the moment. The mainstream media hype and euphoria surrounding cryptocurrency have returned and voila, BTC is up nearly 23% in the last 7 days! Of course, there are more fundamental occurrences happening behind the smokescreen of CNBC hype men shilling

    Bitcoin Price: Is Hype or Substance Now Driving the Trend?

    | 2018/04/16 7:00 pm
  • Samsung Electronics Co. is the latest big name to show a keen interest in the powers of blockchain technology, specifically, how it can be incorporated into their supply chain management processes. Even though cryptocurrencies may still be getting critiqued, it’s supporting technology is being more readily adopted. The advantages of blockchain such as security and immutability, are major drawcards for companies that rely heavily on record keeping, such as healthcare, finance, and even art. Blockchain to aid

    Samsung Delves Deeper into Crypto Exploring Blockchain for Its Logistics

    | 2018/04/16 5:00 pm
  • Bitcoin prices can only go higher – much higher – according to no fewer than ten expert predictions for 2018. Experts: Bitcoin Will Cost At least $20k By 2019 Despite a stubborn bull market characterizing Bitcoin in Q1 this year, naysayers calling time on the alleged cryptocurrency ‘bubble,’ April’s price uptick has reversed sentiment throughout the industry. Now, traders, commentators, investment players and financial professionals alike are releasing their sky-high Bitcoin price forecasts, with some

    Top 10 Expert Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2018 & Beyond

    | 2018/04/16 3:00 pm
  • In its continued effort to dominate the United States’ blockchain industry, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially acquired Earn.com — a paid inbox service and popular social network which affords users the ability to earn, spend, and donate Bitcoin. Additionally, the San Francisco-based company has hired Earn.com’s CEO, Balaji Srinivasan, to act as Coinbase’s first-ever chief technology officer. ‘Everyone is Aligning Behind Coinbase’ Coinbase continues to send some serious waves through the United States blockchain market,

    Coinbase Acquires Earn.com, Hires Superstar CTO Balaji Srinivasan

    | 2018/04/16 2:00 pm
  • With the rise of cryptocurrency, many people have staked out their position to belonging to one of two camps: virtual currencies or fiat. However, a bridge between these camps is emerging as ETHLend is adding crypto-to-fiat to their loan options. On Friday, popular cryptocurrency lending platform, ETHLend, announced plans to introduce fiat financing to their lending system. This announcement came after copious amounts of requests from the ETHLend community for the addition of this branch

    ETHLend Announces Support for Crypto-to-Fiat Lending

    | 2018/04/16 1:00 pm
  • Heavy footfall, the call to action, a pay what you want strategy for instant payments accepted worldwide. Here’s why cryptocurrency could soon become the buskers’ preferred virtual hat. Picture the Scene It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re doing some browsing at a local market. You’ve just got yourself some tasty tacos from one of the food stands. Yes, I meant real physical browsing, not sitting at home in front of your computer screen! Looking for somewhere to

    Bitcoin for Buskers – a Case Study in Micro-Transactions

    | 2018/04/16 11:00 am
  • Ripple, the most centralized cryptocurrency among the market leaders, has asked regulators in the UK to follow Japan’s example by ramping up the rules and acting to corral the untamed cryptocurrency market. Ripple Likes Rules As reported by The Telegraph, Ripple’s head of regulatory relations, Ryan Zagone, has requested that UK regulators find the sweet spot between “capturing risk and enabling innovation,” while specifying three “pillars” for lawmakers to focus their regulations on – consumer protection, anti-money laundering, and

    Ripple Likes Regulation, Requests More from the UK

    | 2018/04/16 9:00 am
  • Venezuela Localbitcoins users traded a record 2.7 trillion bolivars in the week ending April 14, new data shows. $55 Million A Week In Bitcoin Coming just after the debt-ridden country’s parliament formally approved a law requiring all government institutions to accept its Petro cryptocurrency by July, the astonishing numbers dwarf any other week since records began in 2013. Trading figures are compiled by monitoring site Coin Dance, which uses official exchange rates for the US

    2.7 TRILLION Bolivars: Venezuela Bitcoin Trading Hits All-Time High

    | 2018/04/16 7:00 am
  • Smart contracts platform Cardano rose 10% April 15 after China-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced it would add its ADA token. Huobi Excites ADA Markets An update specified deposits would become available April 16 on the Huobi Pro international trading platform, with trading itself commencing a day later. Cardano, which founder Charles Hoskinson confirmed had debuted on the exchange, sparked fresh enthusiasm among traders this month after developer IOHK committed to a host of major upgrades.

    Cardano Price Jumps 10% After Huobi Confirms Listing

    | 2018/04/16 5:00 am
  • The Ethereal conference, set to begin on May 11th, has fallen on some controversy involving one of its newly announced guests, Deepak Chopra.  Ethereal brings futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, media icons, government officials, artists, musicians, and humanitarians for a day of storytelling and knowledge sharing. This is the pledge of those running the Ethereal conference, poised to be one of the larger blockchain-related conferences in the current ecosystem. From the event’s description, it may sound as

    Deepak Chopra: The Right Guest for the Ethereal Conference?

    | 2018/04/16 3:15 am
  • Taking losses in a bear market is no fun. Luckily, there are ways to earn passive income that are unaffected by the cryptocurrency market’s innate volatility. One of those ways is through AirPod profit-sharing. AirPod Offers a Stable Passive Income Stream The cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplace can be a volatile place. However, not all investments in the space are prone to wild swings in valuation. Some, like AirPod’s ICO, are immune to the negative consequences

    AirPod’s Passive Income Immune to Bear Market

    | 2018/04/16 1:30 am
  • Last night, Bitcoinist reported that Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, would likely be executing its unspecified quarterly coin burn sometime today — which is exactly what happened. Burn Victims Earlier today, the Binance team announced the results of its Q2 2018 coin burn in an official post on the exchange’s support page, writing: Fellow Binancians, In accordance with our whitepaper, we have now completed the burn of 2,220,314 BNB

    Binance Burns $30 Million in BNB Tokens, Price Drops

    | 2018/04/15 7:30 pm
  • OKEx, one of the largest exchanges in the world, has announced plans to move to the European island, Malta. This announcement came quickly after a similar announcement made by Binance, one of OKEx’s main competitors. In an attempt to gain an understanding of the political climate around cryptocurrencies in Malta, OKEx’s executives met with the Maltese government. While many EU countries are taking a standoff-ish, if not downright hostile, approach to cryptocurrency, Malta – which

    Hong-Kong Based Exchange OKEx Plans to Move to Malta

    | 2018/04/15 4:00 pm
  • This week has been very exciting with altcoins and bitcoin building momentum for a shift in market sentiment and crypto value. December until early April saw one of the largest corrections in Bitcoin’s history and the upcoming few months should present the perfect opportunity for a rebound of the cryptocurrency space. This week is very important for cryptocurrencies such as: Ripple (XRP), Komodo (KMD), and HireMatch (HIRE). For the first time in months, the news

    3 Altcoins Likely to Outperform Bitcoin for the Week of April 16

    | 2018/04/15 1:00 pm
  • The rise of cryptocurrency has brought many opportunities for investment, but such wealth potential has also attracted criminals. A recent example is of a Bitcoin robbery in Singapore, in which the victim was robbed of over $278,000 USD. The Singaporean police force has recently announced a robbery case involving a Bitcoin transaction. Pang Joon Hau, a Malaysian man, traveled to Singapore on April 8th in search of Bitcoin sellers. Carrying Lots of Cash Not a

    Buyer Loses $278,000 USD in Bitcoin Robbery

    | 2018/04/15 9:30 am
  • You’ve probably heard it all before: “Don’t you wish you invested in Apple when it was $5 a share? Don’t you wish you invested in Microsoft when it was $5 a share? Well, Bitcoin is the next Apple or Microsoft.” According to Brian Kelly, nothing could be truer. ‘This Is Like the Internet in the 1980s’ Tune in to any mainstream media outlet and you’ll likely see a flood of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

    Bitcoin is ‘Like the Internet in the 1980s,’ Says Brian Kelly

    | 2018/04/15 7:15 am
  • The SAFT may be a cousin of the SAFE – but the relationship comes with strings attached and anyone considering doing down the rabbit hole should consider potential implications very carefully. The rise of ICOs has been difficult to ignore. What was once seen as a gimmick is now threatening to reshape the fundraising industry. This is particularly the case for VCs and investors who are concerned with very early stage investments. The fear of

    SAFT – The Not So ‘Simple Agreement for Future Tokens’

    | 2018/04/15 3:00 am
  • In a market dominated by adults, children have found it hard to find entry points into the cryptocurrency space. However, companies such as Pigzbe, have genuine power in making sure kids are ready for the future of currency.   Children and Cryptocurrencies: A Good Mix? It is undeniable that cryptocurrencies have taken the world’s attention over the past year with many mainstream companies and media companies approaching the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A

    A New Phase of Startups: Crypto For Kids?

    | 2018/04/15 1:00 am
  • Public demand for Bitcoin ATMs continues to grow in the U.S. In response, and after a reportedly successful Q1, Coinsource, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, is now deploying twenty machines in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Bitcoin ATM Installations in the U.S. Capital Bitcoin user demand is pushing Coinsource to expand its services. Thus, on April 12, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada-based Coinsource announced that it will install 20 Bitcoin ATMs across the District

    Coinsource Is Deploying Bitcoin ATMs In the U.S. Capital

    | 2018/04/15 12:00 am
  • Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has reminded users that its quarterly coin burn is right around the corner – but what is it, and when will exactly will it take place? Burn Binance Burn In case you forgot, Binance – one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – is slated for its quarterly buyback and burn of the company’s own soon-to-be-native token, Binance Coin (BNB). On Thursday, the

    Binance Coin Burn Inbound – Here’s When It Will Happen

    | 2018/04/14 10:00 pm
  • Some reports claim that employers steal $15 billion from their employees annually by refusing to pay overtime or misclassifying workers. Now, employees are turning the tables and stealing their employers’ computing power to mine bitcoin. What’s Yours is Mine Mining bitcoin is a costly endeavor — so why not put those costs on your company’s electric bill? According to Nicole Eagan, CEO of cybersecurity company Darktrace, that’s exactly what thousands of employees are doing. The

    Workers Are Stealing Their Employers’ Power to Mine Bitcoin

    | 2018/04/14 9:00 pm