• People will soon be able to buy and sell insurance policies using the blockchain-based platform, fidentiaX, which is creating the world’s first tradeable insurance marketplace. [Note: This is a press release.] Most people do not know that insurance policies with cash value are tradeable on the market for higher returns. In 2014 alone, $57 billion (250,000 policies) of the estimated $112 billion USD of policies lapsed and surrendered could have been resold on the market.

    FidentiaX Develops World’s First Tradeable Insurance Marketplace

    | 2017/10/28 1:48 pm
  • Russian blockchain developers CarTaxi have just launched the first global service for towing vehicles. The platform brings together a list of all car towing companies and is already starting to change the outlook of the market. In the two months following the platform’s initial launch, the service already operates in over 15 different cities. The company’s global launch will be later in the year and the company has already organized its Pre-ICO campaign, set to

    The Blockchain ‘Uber’ of Car Towing, CarTaxi Launches Ethereum Based Platform

    | 2017/08/30 12:56 pm
  • Russian blockchain start-up BeOne is implementing blockchain technology to online education and course delivery through the development of a distributed ledger backed platform. The BeOne platform is created with the intention of offering users with varying educational backgrounds, a range of online courses across a broad spectrum of domains. The platform, currently undergoing closed alpha testing has announced the launch of its ICO campaign to raise funds necessary for building a comprehensive finished product. Users

    BeOne Streamlines Online Education with Blockchain Technology, Announces ICO

    | 2017/08/28 11:34 am
  • San Francisco and Kiev-based blockchain startup Propy, launched its Token Sale this week and it has already seen a great response. The crowd sale started at 6 AM PST on August 15th and had already raised over than $7.7 million. The project is being well supported by real estate innovators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The development support of these individuals has been instrumental in allowing Propy to start towards its goal to release the decentralized Propy Title

    Propy Raises Nearly $8 Million on First Day of Crowdsale, Partners with Ukraine Government Entity

    | 2017/08/27 10:00 am
  • In the last 32 days before the launch of Ethereum IRA, the cryptocurrency has seen a huge growth, further fueling the argument for its suitability as an alternative retirement investment fund. Ether saw an unprecedented growth from a value of $48 to a value of $202, marking a 314% return. [Note: This is a press release.] In the last few days, Ether has risen even further, to the value of $350 at the time of

    Ethereum Price Skyrockets as Bitcoin IRA Delivers Self Directed IRA Returns to Clients

    | 2017/06/20 7:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency fueled football fantasy game FootballCoin has announced the launch its ICO crowd sale. The ICO, which began on May 24, 2017, will run for exactly 30 days. Investors and enthusiasts can avail themselves of the platforms XFC coins at a discount. FootballCoin will be the first cryptocurrency to be officially backed by the world’s number one sport. [Note: This is a press release.] The ICO will offer all investors a chance to purchase some

    FootballCoin Platform Announces the ICO of its XFC Cryptocurrency, Offers Collectable Cards

    | 2017/06/20 4:00 pm
  • Irish game development studio LeviarCoin, have announced the launch of its open-source, secure, anonymous cryptocurrency. LeviarCoin (XLC) is based on ‘CryptoNote’ technology and is the native currency for spending on the platforms ‘free-to-play’ games as in-app purchases. CryptoNote technology enables the use of fraud prevention (in-app purchases+DRM), built on blockchain software and developed in C++. The crowd sale is running from April 7, 2017, to July 9, 2017. [Note: This is a press release.] LeviarCoin

    LeviarCoin Announces Crowdsale for Blockchain-Secured In-App Purchases and Software Protection Platform

    | 2017/06/20 12:00 pm
  • Dutch non-profit blockchain project Internet of Coins (IoC) has recently announced a new milestone. The project successfully raised more than $1,000,000 through its crowdfunding campaign. [Note: This is a press release.] The campaign has helped the project source the required amount of funds without having to rely on the conventional route of venture capital, followed by traditional technology companies. The project focuses on development and implementation of a decentralized, easily accessible digital wallet for various

    Internet of Coins Raises Over $1 Million Without Venture Capital, as Crowdfunding Campaign Nears Conclusion

    | 2017/06/20 7:00 am
  • New York-based financing startup Suretly has announced that its crowdfunding campaign is set for July 2017 launch. Suretly offers a safe new way to obtain a personal loan, through its unique ‘Crowdvouching’ platform. [Note: This is a press release.] The system employs micro financing organizations, which backs groups of investors willing to vouch for lenders, covering any potentially unpaid debts. These groups of vouchers collectively cover the risk of the lender and all receive financial compensation,

    Suretly Brings Crowdvouching to the Lending Market, Announces ICO

    | 2017/06/20 5:00 am
  • Russian-based next generation cryptocurrency platform Byteball now offers users an online bot store and P2P insurance. The bot store will provide users with a selection of free bot apps, an integrated chatbot interface, flight delays oracle, sports oracle, and others created by independent developers. [Note: This is a press release] Byteball as a cryptocurrency is much different to alternatives like Bitcoin or Ethereum, as it has no blockchain. Instead, Byteball uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG),

    Cryptocurrency Startup Byteball Now Offers Bot Store and P2P Insurance Solutions

    | 2017/06/20 3:30 am
  • Players of the space strategy game ‘Dragon Knights of Valeria’, have been given a chance to earn free Bitcoin and the gaming token HYPER for participating on new conquests, in the game’s latest installment — ‘Valerian Universe.’ [Note: This is a press release.] The latest installment launched on June 8, 2017, and has a self-sustaining economy, driven by the platform’s native Anti-Matter (AntiM) tokens. The platform also supports fellow gaming token Gold Pieces (GP), Bitcoin

    Valerian Universe Players Receive Free Bitcoin and HYPER for Participation

    | 2017/06/19 4:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency betting company, the Breakout Gaming Group, has announced the acquisition of its Curacao license after successfully meeting all the Curacao eGaming requirements. The new licensing will provide legal cover for the company’s soon to be launched, Breakout Lottos gaming entertainment site and their current platform BreakoutGaming.com. [Note: This is a press release.] Launched back in November 2016, BreakoutGaming.com offers its users an RGN and Live Dealer casino games, poker, virtual and fantasy sports, skill

    Breakout Gaming Group Secures Curacao Gaming License

    | 2017/06/19 3:30 pm
  • Digital currency startup Compcoin has announced the launch of its ICO on June 14, 2017. The company has set the fundraising target of $45 million, which if reached will be allocated towards business development, investor acquisition, and building new technologies. [Note: This is a press release.] Compcoin is focused on capital growth, and investors will look to hold or trade the digital token to leverage it as an alternative investment vehicle. Compcoin’s unique platform ART

    Compcoin Announces $45M Initial Coin Offering for Its AI Trading Platform

    | 2017/06/19 3:00 pm
  • Rare coffee and tea online marketplace Flavours Place has announced some new changes to its platform. The Hong Kong-based company has recently extended its services to include more specialized coffee beans and offer green coffee farmers support by accepting Bitcoin payments and the sale of second hard coffee equipment. [Note: This is a press release.]   Flavours Place aims to help coffee bean farmers become less reliant on wholesale distribution channels to get their products

    Online Marketplace Flavours Place Helps Bitcoin, Small Businesses, and Coffee Lovers Worldwide

    | 2017/06/18 3:00 pm
  • The Polybius project ICO went live on May 31, 2017, has raised $6 million in its first three days and by the second week, it had raised a total of $17 million (now over $19 million). At $6 million the Polybius Bank project became eligible to register as a bank and start operations under EU law. [Note: This is a press release.] In accordance with regulations, The Polybius Foundation was required to raise a minimum

    Polybius Project ICO raises $19 Million, Becomes Eligible for EU Banking License

    | 2017/06/18 2:00 pm
  • Panama-based blockchain platform Orocrypt has announced the start of their token ICO. The crowd sale began June 14, 2017, at 6:00 AM (PDT) and finishes on July 14, 2017, 6:00 PM (PDT). The Orocrypt ICO gives investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on some of the Orocrypt (OROC) tokens. [Note: This is a press release.] The Orocrypt platforms native token holders are considered shareholders in the organization. OROC tokens are built

    Orocrypt ICO : Digitized Precious Metals on Ethereum Blockchain

    | 2017/06/18 1:00 pm
  • IntelliBreeze Software AB has announced the release of its new mining software, Awesome Miner 3.0. The Windows based application manages and monitors the mining of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. [Note: This is a press release] Awesome Miner 3.0 aims to streamline the management of both small and large-scale mining operations, through a new improved interface, and custom-built management software design. The mining program can manage up to 5000 miners from a single user

    IntelliBreeze Software Releases Awesome Miner 3.0 for Centralized Management of up to 5000 Miners

    | 2017/06/11 8:30 pm
  • Cryptocurrency mining startup  Avalon Life has announced its GREEN EARTH ZERO service, a blockchain-based technology that will empower participants to own land in Costa Rica, by the square meter. The service will run on NEM blockchain technology and will be supported by the cryptocurrency, GREEN EARTH ZERO Token. [Note: This is a press release.] Avalon Life is designed for everyone, irrespective of whether they are familiar with cryptocurrencies or not. In order to facilitate all-round

    Avalon Life Puts Land Ownership on Blockchain, Launches GREEN EARTH ZERO Service with NEM Technology

    | 2017/06/04 8:00 pm
  • London-based decentralized money platform Sikoba has announced its upcoming ICO with a token presale. The blockchain-supported platform is based on P2P IOU’s, and the crowdsale will give participants the opportunity to receive a 50% bonus on SKO tokens — a cryptocurrency designed to fuel transactions within the Sikoba platform. The ICO will take place between April 25 and May 15, 2017. A Blockchain-based IOU System Sikoba’s decentralized money platform allows users to offer each other

    Blockchain-Based Decentralized P2P IOU Platform, Sikoba Launches Pre-Sale Ahead of Token ICO

    | 2017/05/07 8:00 pm
  • Following the success of its Android wallet mobile phone app, blockchain platform NEM Foundation has decided to follow it up with an iOS equivalent. NEM Wallet Now Available for iOS Devices The NEM team has been busy putting the application as well as the platform through an extensive test phase while garnering critical community feedback in the process. Following the completion of the process, NEM iOS app is now available on the Apple App Store.

    NEM Foundation Announces the Release of NEM iOS App on App Store

    | 2017/05/07 6:00 pm
  • The creator of Uncle Finney’s Poker app, Live Player Games has announced the release of E4ROW Ethereum escrow contract. A First Among Android Poker Apps The unique Ethereum escrow product is part of the newly launched game title. Uncle Finney’s Poker will be one of the first poker apps for Android devices that will enable players to bet and win Ether (ETH). As Live Player Games continues to develop E4ROW, it has announced the official

    E4ROW Contract on Target to Aggressively Expand the Ethereum Ecosystem

    | 2017/05/07 5:00 pm
  • Estonian cryptocurrency-backed financial services platform Exscudo recently published a video interview featuring its top managers Alex Sitnikov (CTO), Julian Kossinov (CFO), and Andrew Zimine (CEO). [Note: This is a press release] The video highlights the platform’s unique services, products and how they can benefit the cryptocurrency community. Exscudo offers a range of cryptocurrency based IT solutions that functions in the new age financial and legal domains. The new financial ecosystem is quickly being realized by

    Exscudo Cryptocurrency Financial Services Releases its First Video Message

    | 2017/04/18 10:00 pm
  • Music-focused, blockchain-based platform VOISE has announced a crowdsale launch for its new Voisium (VSM) tokens. The crowdsale commences May 6, 2017, and is a vital part of VOISE’s alpha stage roadmap, which relates to platform development and the release of a new range of client software. [Note: This is a press release] Built on Ethereum blockchain, VOISE is primarily focused on representing independent musicians’ interests while providing music lovers affordable access to unique content. The

    VOISE Music Sharing and Monetization Platform Announces ICO

    | 2017/04/18 6:30 pm