• Ever wonder how most of these millionaires and billionaires got so rich? The answer’s simple.  Take a look at Mark Cuban, who is worth $3 Billion. He made the majority of his money in the dot-com bubble, where his company’s stocks went from $19 to $62 in one day. That kind of price rise sounds a lot like crypto, doesn’t it? How about Elon Musk? Nowadays, he’s working on world-changing projects like Tesla and SpaceX.

    The Number One Way Billionaires Get Rich (And How You Can Too!)

    | 2017/06/23 4:42 am
  • Are you a crypto millionaire? If so, you probably bought into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum very early. Early cryptocurrency investors in Ethereum saw their coins rise from $0.37 USD during the initial crowdsale to $380 USD today. A small $10,000 investment would be $1 million dollars today. The same story is true for Bitcoin. Early Bitcoin users saw their currency crash to as low as $0.01 per coin, to $2800 USD today. You don’t

    The Secret to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

    | 2017/06/22 10:00 am
  • It has been two and a half months ago since the iDice beta was released. In this, the iDice beta has processed nearly 2000 bets and has paid out 1440 ETH in player winnings, making it the fastest growing blockchain casino for Ethereum. The beta is available here: https://idice.io At the start of June, 2017, iDice only had around $200k USD in winnings. In the past 2 weeks, iDice has doubled the amount of bets

    iDice Development Update

    | 2017/06/22 3:48 am
  • In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine published on Monday, DNotes co-founder Alan Yong revealed his thoughts on the current state of cryptocurrency, the obstacles preventing the industry from obtaining more widespread acceptance, and his company’s plan to position DNotes to overcome those challenges. [Note: This is a press release.] Yong, the author of the book Improve Your Odds – The Four Pillars of Business Success, pulled no punches as he surveyed the digital currency landscape in 2017

    DNotes Co-Founder Alan Yong Offers Insight on DNotes Strategy and Vision in Recent CEO CFO Interview

    | 2017/06/21 2:30 pm
  • In the last 32 days before the launch of Ethereum IRA, the cryptocurrency has seen a huge growth, further fueling the argument for its suitability as an alternative retirement investment fund. Ether saw an unprecedented growth from a value of $48 to a value of $202, marking a 314% return. [Note: This is a press release.] In the last few days, Ether has risen even further, to the value of $350 at the time of

    Ethereum Price Skyrockets as Bitcoin IRA Delivers Self Directed IRA Returns to Clients

    | 2017/06/20 7:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency fueled football fantasy game FootballCoin has announced the launch its ICO crowd sale. The ICO, which began on May 24, 2017, will run for exactly 30 days. Investors and enthusiasts can avail themselves of the platforms XFC coins at a discount. FootballCoin will be the first cryptocurrency to be officially backed by the world’s number one sport. [Note: This is a press release.] The ICO will offer all investors a chance to purchase some

    FootballCoin Platform Announces the ICO of its XFC Cryptocurrency, Offers Collectable Cards

    | 2017/06/20 4:00 pm
  • Irish game development studio LeviarCoin, have announced the launch of its open-source, secure, anonymous cryptocurrency. LeviarCoin (XLC) is based on ‘CryptoNote’ technology and is the native currency for spending on the platforms ‘free-to-play’ games as in-app purchases. CryptoNote technology enables the use of fraud prevention (in-app purchases+DRM), built on blockchain software and developed in C++. The crowd sale is running from April 7, 2017, to July 9, 2017. [Note: This is a press release.] LeviarCoin

    LeviarCoin Announces Crowdsale for Blockchain-Secured In-App Purchases and Software Protection Platform

    | 2017/06/20 12:00 pm
  • Imagine if you had invested in Bitcoin in 2012. Just five years ago, the price of Bitcoin was $10.50. Today, it’s worth $2600. A small $10,000 investment would have turned into $2.5 Million dollars today. That’s probably more than what you made throughout working your whole life. The same story is true with Ethereum. In 2014, prices were as low as $0.40 per Ether. Today, it is worth $350. A small investment would’ve also made you

    This Investment is Just Like Buying Bitcoin in 2012

    | 2017/06/20 10:00 am
  • Bitconnect Coin Price Reaches All-Time High, Briefly Surpasses Growth Rate of Ethereum. On June 10, Bitconnect coin, better known to the community as BCC, reached an all-time high price at $59.24. Within a three-month period, the price of BCC increased from $1.76 to $59.24, recording a staggering growth rate of 3,265 percent. Since the beginning of 2017, the cryptocurrency market demonstrated an exponential growth rate, achieving a historic milestone on June 9 by surpassing $100

    Bitconnect Coin Price Reaches All-Time High, Briefly Surpasses Growth Rate of Ethereum

    | 2017/06/20 7:18 am
  • Dutch non-profit blockchain project Internet of Coins (IoC) has recently announced a new milestone. The project successfully raised more than $1,000,000 through its crowdfunding campaign. [Note: This is a press release.] The campaign has helped the project source the required amount of funds without having to rely on the conventional route of venture capital, followed by traditional technology companies. The project focuses on development and implementation of a decentralized, easily accessible digital wallet for various

    Internet of Coins Raises Over $1 Million Without Venture Capital, as Crowdfunding Campaign Nears Conclusion

    | 2017/06/20 7:00 am
  • New York-based financing startup Suretly has announced that its crowdfunding campaign is set for July 2017 launch. Suretly offers a safe new way to obtain a personal loan, through its unique ‘Crowdvouching’ platform. [Note: This is a press release.] The system employs micro financing organizations, which backs groups of investors willing to vouch for lenders, covering any potentially unpaid debts. These groups of vouchers collectively cover the risk of the lender and all receive financial compensation,

    Suretly Brings Crowdvouching to the Lending Market, Announces ICO

    | 2017/06/20 5:00 am
  • Russian-based next generation cryptocurrency platform Byteball now offers users an online bot store and P2P insurance. The bot store will provide users with a selection of free bot apps, an integrated chatbot interface, flight delays oracle, sports oracle, and others created by independent developers. [Note: This is a press release] Byteball as a cryptocurrency is much different to alternatives like Bitcoin or Ethereum, as it has no blockchain. Instead, Byteball uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG),

    Cryptocurrency Startup Byteball Now Offers Bot Store and P2P Insurance Solutions

    | 2017/06/20 3:30 am
  • Players of the space strategy game ‘Dragon Knights of Valeria’, have been given a chance to earn free Bitcoin and the gaming token HYPER for participating on new conquests, in the game’s latest installment — ‘Valerian Universe.’ [Note: This is a press release.] The latest installment launched on June 8, 2017, and has a self-sustaining economy, driven by the platform’s native Anti-Matter (AntiM) tokens. The platform also supports fellow gaming token Gold Pieces (GP), Bitcoin

    Valerian Universe Players Receive Free Bitcoin and HYPER for Participation

    | 2017/06/19 4:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency betting company, the Breakout Gaming Group, has announced the acquisition of its Curacao license after successfully meeting all the Curacao eGaming requirements. The new licensing will provide legal cover for the company’s soon to be launched, Breakout Lottos gaming entertainment site and their current platform BreakoutGaming.com. [Note: This is a press release.] Launched back in November 2016, BreakoutGaming.com offers its users an RGN and Live Dealer casino games, poker, virtual and fantasy sports, skill

    Breakout Gaming Group Secures Curacao Gaming License

    | 2017/06/19 3:30 pm
  • Digital currency startup Compcoin has announced the launch of its ICO on June 14, 2017. The company has set the fundraising target of $45 million, which if reached will be allocated towards business development, investor acquisition, and building new technologies. [Note: This is a press release.] Compcoin is focused on capital growth, and investors will look to hold or trade the digital token to leverage it as an alternative investment vehicle. Compcoin’s unique platform ART

    Compcoin Announces $45M Initial Coin Offering for Its AI Trading Platform

    | 2017/06/19 3:00 pm
  • FortuneJack, a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino available to players worldwide, has announced the introduction of a new Welcome Package promotion. What was once a one-time first deposit bonus of 130% up to 0.5 BTC has now been pushed to a five-deposit package with the potential of up to 9BTC and 250 free spins. The promotion begins immediately upon the player’s anonymous registration, where they can opt in for a 130% deposit-match bonus up to

    Bitcoin Casino FortuneJack Unveils Welcome Package for New Players

    | 2017/06/19 8:45 am
  • Rare coffee and tea online marketplace Flavours Place has announced some new changes to its platform. The Hong Kong-based company has recently extended its services to include more specialized coffee beans and offer green coffee farmers support by accepting Bitcoin payments and the sale of second hard coffee equipment. [Note: This is a press release.]   Flavours Place aims to help coffee bean farmers become less reliant on wholesale distribution channels to get their products

    Online Marketplace Flavours Place Helps Bitcoin, Small Businesses, and Coffee Lovers Worldwide

    | 2017/06/18 3:00 pm
  • The Polybius project ICO went live on May 31, 2017, has raised $6 million in its first three days and by the second week, it had raised a total of $17 million (now over $19 million). At $6 million the Polybius Bank project became eligible to register as a bank and start operations under EU law. [Note: This is a press release.] In accordance with regulations, The Polybius Foundation was required to raise a minimum

    Polybius Project ICO raises $19 Million, Becomes Eligible for EU Banking License

    | 2017/06/18 2:00 pm
  • Panama-based blockchain platform Orocrypt has announced the start of their token ICO. The crowd sale began June 14, 2017, at 6:00 AM (PDT) and finishes on July 14, 2017, 6:00 PM (PDT). The Orocrypt ICO gives investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on some of the Orocrypt (OROC) tokens. [Note: This is a press release.] The Orocrypt platforms native token holders are considered shareholders in the organization. OROC tokens are built

    Orocrypt ICO : Digitized Precious Metals on Ethereum Blockchain

    | 2017/06/18 1:00 pm
  • The SONM ICO started on June 15, 17:00 UTC and is picking up steam after reaching the $32 MLN mark. More than 10,000 transactions have been processed by SONM smart contracts by now with 6693 unique addresses participating; most of the investments are made in ETH. [Note: This is a press release.] After the team fixed bugs with BTC and altcoins proceeding, the process, which slowed down for a while due to some technical issues,

    SONM ICO Punches Through $32 MLN Mark; Gains Momentum

    | 2017/06/17 5:30 pm
  • CORION (https://www.corion.io) full-service blockchain platform powered by a revolutionary new stable-rate token, today announced final details for their public crowdsale to begin on June 18th and end July 30th, 2017. [Note: This is a press release.] CORION Platform Offers the Easiest Way to Enter the Crypto World Built on Ethereum Classic, the CORION stable-price token eliminates the guesswork that comes with fluctuating prices. Its algorithm enables special automated inflation-deflation control, assuring the stability of the CORION

    CORION Announces ICO Details for its Revolutionary Platform & Stable-Rate CryptoCurrency

    | 2017/06/17 12:00 pm
  • The much-anticipated iDice ICO is now live, with less than 4 days left in the 30% bonus token event. Investment in iDice is open to everyone, and people from all walks of life are swarming the crowdsale, where iDice has raised a record-breaking $350,000 in the first 2 days. [Note: This is a press release.] You have probably already heard of the upcoming crypto-currency startup iDice, which has been billed as the first mobile-friendly, blockchain

    How iDice is Changing the Way the Next Generation Gambles

    | 2017/06/16 6:00 pm
  • Giga Watt Token Launch has raised $8 million to democratize access to the Washington state-based crypto mining operation founded by former Microsoft engineer Dave Carlson. [Note: This is a press release.] The facility allows anyone to participate in cryptocurrency mining through the WTT token, making attainable what has traditionally been an expensive, resource-reliant endeavor. WTT tokens represent the right to use the Giga Watt processing center’s capacity rent-free for 50 years, to accommodate 1 Watt’s

    Former Microsoft Engineer Helps Raise $8 Million to Fund Giga Watt Project, an “Airbnb for Bitcoin Mining”

    | 2017/06/15 5:00 pm