• According to recent information, Bitcoin Segwit2X is going to be revived. It was expected that Segwit2X hard fork would happen in the middle of November. Futures are available for purchasing on crypto-exchanges at a price near 0.01 BTC (HitBTC). Apart from implementing Segregated Witness, the team has already finished with: Increasing block size up to 4 MB Increasing the production rate of the block to 2.5 minutes Developing unique address format Implementing the function of

    Segwit2X Revival will Happen Soon

    | 2017/12/19 10:30 am
  • Stakers Limited, the newly appeared Maltese iGaming operator has stated an exclusive scoop of a security system based on the blockchain. This system includes smart contracts with unique verification of all the transactions in a self-enforced manner, signed by 2 or more parties and re-signed with the computed hash. After the experience of American Express launching their blockchain-based business payments, Stakers established its own distinctive transaction handling system, which involves data protection against interception or

    The First Implementation of Etherium-based Blockchain Smart Contracts by Stakers

    | 2017/12/19 8:30 am
  • The XWIN, a new crypto-betting platform, has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain to bring some changes into the online sports betting industry. Restrictions and bans on online gambling are slowly stepping down: currently, there are more than 80 countries that already have legalized gambling. Sports betting occupies the largest market share in the global gambling market, and income of bookmakers in 2017 has averaged out to more than 120 billion euro. Half of people

    XWIN: A Game-Changer In Sports Betting

    | 2017/12/19 8:15 am
  • CopyCash, a promising blockchain start-up which aims to disrupt the entire social trading and investing landscape, today announced its appointment of Bobby Lieu as their CEO. Singapore – December 8th, 2017 – Bobby Lieu is a sought after leader in the Asian financial markets. Armed with more than 20 years’ experience in venture capital, his broad investments in the region include start-ups, growth stage companies, fintech, and disruptive technologies. Riding the margin trading boom for

    CopyCash Foundation Appoints CEO Bobby Lieu

    | 2017/12/19 6:30 am
  • Experty has been very engaged with the blockchain community and has found several partnerships that will strengthen and grow their following. Experty announces its partnership with NewsBTC, one of the leading bitcoin networks for the latest industry news. This is the largest partnership for Experty to date and will have great benefits for both parties. NewsBTC plans to create an Experty profile to allow their audience to reach them directly. They will be adding an

    Experty Partners with NewsBTC

    | 2017/12/18 3:00 pm
  • Lehi, UT – Symatri, LLC, announces the public crowdsale of the new Kala token. After the private presale sold out in just over four hours, the public now has a chance to purchase the Kala utility token for a low $.02 per token. Group One of the token sale raised $7,500,000 in 4 hours. Group Two is now officially launched at $.02 per token, and it is expected that it will sell out quickly as

    Kala token Now Available for Public Crowdsale – Limited Supply to Sell Quickly – Here’s Why…

    | 2017/12/18 8:00 am
  • Dragon Inc is extending the pre-ICO due to considerable strain on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. Hong Kong, China – December 18, 2017 – Dragon Inc., a fintech company that underpins the casino gaming sector with blockchain technology, launched its Pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on Friday, December 8th, 2017, a subscription round of funding that allows the public to buy the company’s cryptocurrency. The Pre-ICO was set to end on December 15, 2017. Due

    Dragon Inc is On Course to Complete World’s Largest ICO

    | 2017/12/18 8:00 am
  • KuCoin prides itself on finding high-quality projects that go beyond the offerings of other exchanges. On December 18, 2017, DENT (DENT) token will join our list of tradable tokens. KuCoin traders will have access to  DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start depositing and trading Dent on KuCoin December 18, 2017 at 20:00 (UTC +8). DENT Trading Promotion We will be offering a special promotion for all DENT traders on KuCoin. There will

    DENT Will Be Listed On KuCoin: Trading Starts On December 18 With 10 Million DENT As Prize For Top Traders

    | 2017/12/18 7:00 am
  • 17 December 2017: Money Trade Coin, the new age cryptocurrency has generated superior returns for its investors since its recent launch and will follow the suit in times to come. It is the world’s first cryptocurrency which is powered by its latest and cutting-edge Blockchain Technology, which provides its investors with the safest and ultra-secure trading platform through its multi-level verification system while following KYC and AML guidelines. The group led by Dr. Amit Lakhanpal,

    Money Trade Coin Group Once Again to Pioneer with the Launch of Futures & Options Trading on its own Platform

    | 2017/12/17 2:30 pm
  • The cryptocurrency market is booming right now, especially with Bitcoin’s latest growth. Though, most people find investing either too complex and/or are afraid to take the first step in their cryptocurrency investing journey. Coinseed Wants to Make It Easy for Everyone to Start Investing in Cryptocurrencies Coinseed makes it easier for everyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies. A user can simply collect their spare change to invest or he/she can be more active by controlling

    Coinseed – Invest Your Spare Change in Cryptocurrencies – ICO Pre-sale

    | 2017/12/17 1:45 pm
  • Immediate Availability of White Paper Outlining Incentive Token to Engage and Empower Patients in Their Journey to Better Health Healthcare Reform Leader, “Tee” Green, Joins Board of Directors MintHealth: A Blockchain Solution to a Healthcare Crisis SAN DIEGO – MintHealth™ offers a global decentralized health platform with a portable, secure, and self-sovereign personal health record (PHR) built on blockchain technology and designed to drive healthy patient behavior through the Vidamint™ token. MintHealth announces the immediate

    MintHealth Announces Vidamints (VIDA) to Align Stakeholders in a New Healthcare Ecosystem

    | 2017/12/16 2:00 pm
  • BCDiploma is a team of EdTech experts, specialists in higher education for more than 10 years. Since then, we still have the intuition that with the Ethereum blockchain we would be able to meet the expectations of higher education institutions by creating the “standard” of certification for the millions of diplomas issued each year in the world: BCDiploma. Easy to deploy and use on a large scale Secure and durable Imagine that a single click

    BCDiploma, the French ICO EdTech Which Will Compete With MIT: Don’t Miss the Presale!

    | 2017/12/16 12:45 pm
  • The TravelChain presale has gotten off to an incredible start and the primary token sale is just around the corner. Here is a look at why this company and its flagship project is attracting so much attention in the blockchain and initial coin offering (ICO) space right now and, additionally, why we expect to see substantial demand for the tokens that comprise the primary ICO sale. Many reading might already be familiar with TravelChain based

    Here’s Why TravelChain Is Getting So Much Attention Right Now

    | 2017/12/16 12:15 pm
  • Traditional financial word is long-established, it is strictly controlled by the government, and its functions are divided amongst a number of players: banks, brokers, stock markets, auditors, and investors. The cryptocurrency market situation is different: chaos and inconsistency reign supreme, clear-cut rules of the game and external regulation are non-existent. Mass media and social media are stirring up interest for blockchain projects and new cryptocurrencies, but very few sources publish verified information. Today hundreds of

    Double Capital Group Launches World’s First Cryptocurrency Indexation and Analysis Service

    | 2017/12/15 5:00 pm
  • IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform. This ecosystem is based on Ethereum blockchain and brings users the wide range of games, applications based on intelligent competitions between users, motivational applications, etc. The revolutionary approach that IQeon uses is giving its players an opportunity to earn real money for their gaming achievements and the score they get due to the intellectual skills. How does the system work? Players get paid for the score and results

    IQeon Platform Transforms the Way We Approach Gaming Industry

    | 2017/12/15 1:30 pm
  • KuCoin prides itself on finding high-quality projects that go beyond the offerings of other exchanges. On December 15th, 2017 Revain (R) token will join our list of tradable tokens. It is already proved to be a strong token as it grew more than 1200 % since the crowdsale end. KuCoin traders will have access to R/BTC and R/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start depositing and trading Revain on KuCoin December 15, 2017, at 20:00

    Revain Will Be Listed On KuCoin: Trading Starts On December 15

    | 2017/12/15 8:45 am
  • Fast Invest is excited to announce the launch of its native cryptocurrency token (FIT) during their ICO launched on December 4th. The FinTech company has been operating since 2015 in the investment loan space, connecting funders with loan-seekers in a peer-to-peer exchange. With more than 8,500 daily users from 36 countries, Fast Invest is expanding into the largely unoccupied cryptocurrency lending sector. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have been exploding in 2017, racking up a seventeen-fold (at the

    P2P Investment Loan Platform Enters Blockchain Sector with ICO Launch

    | 2017/12/14 4:45 pm
  • Republic of Mauritius, December 2, 2017 – BlockMesh, a software company based in Mauritius – utilizes the latest innovations in mesh networking technology to create cost-free communication networks and aim to disrupt the global communications industry in 2018. Mesh technology is a telecommunications system that can work outside of regular cellular tower range due to the peer-to-peer mesh network it enables. By creating a network powered by Bluetooth – or WIFI, if available – the

    BlockMesh Disrupts the Global Communications Industry – ICO Will Launch 28 February, 2018

    | 2017/12/13 8:15 pm
  • 13 December 2017, Zug Switzerland: trade.io  has announced that more than $15.5 million has been raised for the ICO since its launch, plus more than 6,000 participants have subscribed to join the trading revolution. Now in full swing, and in the midst of its ICO period, the company will be changing tiers on its Trade Token (TIO) thereby increasing value from 1 ETH = 900 TIO to 1 ETH = 800 TIO. This change will occur

    Trade.io Announces Upcoming Tier Change For Its Trade Token, Having Amassed Over $15.5 Million in Funds & 7,000 Participants

    | 2017/12/13 4:15 pm
  • Invest on DIMPAY.io with a bonus of 5% (15% if you pay with XEM). This is the last chance to invest before the listing on the exchange on 18th December 2017. The DIM Ecosystem has expanded further with the launch of DIMPAY, an instant, borderless and decentralized payment system based on NEM blockchain technology. DIMPAY aims to facilitate cashless transactions for consumers and merchants, along with providing a potential financial solution for the 2 billion

    DIMPAY ICO – Don’t Miss Your Chance to Invest in DIMPAY Before the Exchange Listing!

    | 2017/12/13 2:30 pm
  • The Italian giant TAS Group and the Austrian start-up that has made a name as leading Bitcoin ATM provider are teaming up to deliver a crypto debit card. It will allow clients to quickly and easily exchange from crypto into fiat or vice versa on any Cointed ATM, as well as making payments to selected retailers. The rampant growth of the digital currency industry together with the increased media attention are clear signs that more

    TAS Group and Cointed Crypto Debit Card: The Future of Money Today

    | 2017/12/13 2:00 pm
  • On January 25, Manila for the first time will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, an event dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO. The Philippines – a Pioneer in Digital Assets Regulation At the end of November 2017, the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission announced its intention to introduce cryptocurrencies in the legal field. This means that soon the state can become one of the pioneers in the field of regulating digital assets. Legislative security

    Manila to Host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

    | 2017/12/13 9:45 am