• Arlington, VA – BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, and Spondoolies-Tech Ltd. (Spondoolies), an Israeli transaction verification server manufacturer, received merger approval from the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist (“OCS”). Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. Spondoolies and BTCS to Merge The OCS approval is one of two key

    Spondoolies Tech Gets Approval for BTCS Merger

    | 2016/02/26 3:25 pm
  • February 26th, 2016: San Francisco, CA — Today, social tipping industry leaderChangeTip announced ChangeTip Wallet, an exciting addition to their suite of tools that make Bitcoin, the most popular digital technology, easy and convenient to use.  The Silicon-Valley company boasts an impressive lineup of respected investors, including Gil Penchina, Pantera Capital, and 500 Startups, and hasraised over $3.5 million in funding to pursue micropayments and Bitcoin technology.   ChangeTip Wallet users enjoy the convenience of

    ChangeTip Announces ChangeTip Wallet, a Blockchain-powered Decentralized Platform

    | 2016/02/26 10:48 am
  • Bitcoinist is accepting applications for the Sales Manager job opening. This is your chance to work for one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin media outlets in the world. Working at Bitcoinist The position will be part-time and primary responsibilities will include: Managing a team of 5-6 sales people. Selling banner advertisements. Executing upon a sales plan and a proper sales strategy. Managing CPM and CPC online advertising initiatives. Maintaining a friendly and honest demeanor. Implementing a CRM system.

    Bitcoinist Jobs: Accepting Applications For Sales Manager

    | 2016/02/26 6:00 am
  • Disclaimer: This is an advertorial. Bitcoinist.net is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. Arlington, VA – (Marketwired – February 23, 2016) – BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, released a Letter to Shareholders updating current activities and outlining its corporate strategy for 2016, as follows: Dear Shareholders, Over the past few months, several major investment banks have published research

    Letter to BTCS Shareholders from the CEO

    | 2016/02/24 5:19 pm
  • Arlington, VA – (Marketwired – February 22, 2016) –BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, management demonstrates their commitment to execute on key milestones by voluntarily escrowing 24 million founder shares of their BTCS common stock holdings valued at approximately $2.14 million as of February 19, 2016. Should the Company fail to close its pending merger with Spondoolies-Tech Ltd.

    BTCS Management Demonstrates Commitment to Execute on Key Milestones by Voluntarily Escrowing 15% of the Outstanding Shares of BTCS Common Stock

    | 2016/02/22 6:24 am
  • Manchester, UK (February, 20, 2016) – Would you like to work with CoinFest UK? We need interested Bitcoin and digital currency volunteers! We need these volunteers to help us cover both of the event days, but please remember Friday the 8th will be an extra long day from 9am to 10pm. We want anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and wants to help cryptocurrencies grow. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist.net is not responsible

    CoinFest UK Seeks Interested Cryptocurrency Volunteers for Bitcoin Conference

    | 2016/02/20 9:00 am
  • February 19, 2016 — Drive traffic, secure sales, earn money. With the KeepKey affiliate program, it’s as easy as that. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. The New KeepKey Affiliate Program KeepKey, the only premium hardware wallet in the market with affiliates worldwide is looking to expand its reach even further — with your help. Best of all, you get paid. Simply add a graphic

    KeepKey Wants to Pay You to Be an Affiliate

    | 2016/02/19 12:00 pm
  • SWITZERLAND, Feb 17, 2016 – ShapeShift.io, an instant Bitcoin and blockchain exchange service, has been integrated into the multi-sig Bitcoin wallet, BitGo. The ShapeShift API integration allows BitGo wallet users to send or receive all leading cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for these companies’ products and/or services. Multi-Sig Wallet for Altcoin Exchange   “We’re constantly impressed with the ShapeShift product for its speed and ease of

    Multi-sig Wallet BitGo Integrates with ShapeShift.io API

    | 2016/02/17 5:25 pm
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 17, 2016 — Moneytis was launched in 2015 by 2 French expatriates fed up with money transfers opacity. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. Moneytis: A Comparison Service for Money Transfers, Launched by Expatriates The 10-member team goes at this market by comparing in real-time the main offers like Western Union with other actors using P2P technology and with the Blockchain network, exclusively on the Moneytis platform.

    Moneytis Brings Transparency to the Finance World

    | 2016/02/17 1:00 pm
  • OAKLAND, Ca. (February 12, 2016) – Co-founders Josh Stanley and Ben Blair believe higher education is too expensive. Enter Teachur (teachur.co), a crowd-sourced platform that creates, organizes, and aligns objectives and assessments (i.e. goals and tests) for all learning necessary for a bachelor’s degree.“In 1984 it cost $40,000 in current dollars to earn a 4-year degree,” says Stanley. “Today that cost is $128,000.” They argue that much of this increased cost is to pay for

    Teach Yourself with Teachur – The Blockchain Verifiable Online Bachelor’s Degree

    | 2016/02/13 5:30 am
  • SAN FRANCISCO, February 10, 2016 – ascribe GmbH has announced the release of BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database that can process one million writes per second and their first licensed user, Everledger. BigchainDB achieves one million writes per second with sub-second latency and petabytes of capacity in a federated blockchain database. BigchainDB allows developers and enterprises to deploy blockchain applications and platforms at scale, formerly a limiting factor in getting sandbox proof-of-concepts into production systems.

    BigChainDB – the Scalable Blockchain Database for Securing Diamonds and More

    | 2016/02/12 4:26 am
  • Bitcoin Gambling and Gaming are industries that have experienced a lot of growth these pastfew years – and for good reason. They leverage systems that are provably fair compared to traditional gaming, and multisig combined with other can security make them safer than online alternatives. Many online gaming enthusiasts have come away with the phenomenon with a modicum of caution, though. The core audience for these services have been burned by ponzi schemes and scam artists before. Without a

    Exbinol.com allows you to play the lottery safely across state lines – or international borders, using BTC

    | 2016/02/10 11:32 am
  •   Vancouver, B.C. — ​Attendees of the San Francisco Block Chain Conference at Mission Bay Conference Center will be witness to the unveiling of a blockchain­building architecture modeled for the world of enterprise software development. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services.   San Francisco­-based Tendermint is behind a novel architecture allowing for the creation of blockchain technologies through a simple and intuitive platform, and will

    Tendermint to Unveil UI, Demo First Blockchain Apps

    | 2016/02/09 9:00 am
  • Vancouver, CAN — ­ Among the various digital currency hardware wallets to emerge last year, the Washington-­based company KeepKey sticks out for its elegance, simplicity, and security. The device and software, in the form of Chrome extension, remove the nuances of securing a wallet and can be setup in minutes. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist.net is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. The KeepKey software takes control of the management of

    Premium Hardware Wallet KeepKey Partners with The Vanbex Group

    | 2016/02/02 7:17 pm
  • AlphaPoint is proud to announce that Scott Scalf will be joining the AlphaPoint Executive Team. Scalf, formerly Director of Trade Lifecycle Systems at Deutsche Bank Global Technology, will be joining the company as Executive Vice President of Development Operations. Bitcoinist.net is not responsible for AlphaPoint and its goods and/or services. AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that lies at the core of over 20 digital asset exchanges and provides institutions blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track,

    AlphaPoint Appoints Scott Scalf To Firm!

    | 2016/01/23 8:00 am
  • (North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami, January 21, 2016) – Dash (www.dash.org), the #3 cryptocurrency in the world used for consumer payments (behind bitcoin and litecoin) celebrated its second anniversary of existence on Monday by holding a vote among its stakeholders to increase its blocksize (far ahead of demand) from 1 MB to 2 MB.  It passed within 24 hours with 99 percent of the vote. Also read: Meet the Guys Who Paid $10,000 for a

    DASH Block Size Increase Reaches Consensus in Less Than 24 hours

    | 2016/01/22 12:50 am
  • Blockchain Development Platform Tendermint Partners With The Vanbex Group TENDERMINT TURNS FOCUS TO MARKETING AND PR Vancouver, CAN – Tendermint, an open source blockchain platform project, is moving into deployment phase with the help of top Bitcoin 2.0 marketing and public relations firm, The Vanbex Group. Tendermint removes the previous complexities associated with blockchain development so that large institutions, as well as smaller, independent programmers can create their own blockchain technologies easily and efficiently. In

    Tendermint Gets Ready For Launch

    | 2016/01/19 8:16 am
  • The first 2-way Bitcoin ATM (commonly referred to as BTM) in San Diego County was successfully deployed and is ready for business as of January 11th.  CoinOutlet partnered with CoinStructive to make this possible, CoinOutlet being in charge of manufacturing the Bitcoin ATMs, and CoinStructive acting as a Bitcoin marketing consultant. CoinStructive has headquarters in San Diego, and specializes in the “education, management, deployment, and adoption of Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies for retailers and

    First Bitcoin ATM Online in San Diego County

    | 2016/01/17 2:00 am
  • BlockNotary is a new app that uses Tierion, and it is now used for one of Russia’s largest mobile payment processors. Pay-Me is a Russian mobile payments processor with over 30,000 installed devices, now backed by the power of the Bitcoin blockchain. In the past, new customers would have to register via interview that was conducted in person with a customer service rep, due to Russian criminals stealing credit cards and proceeding to use mobile PoS terminals to

    BlockNotary Used for Payment Processor Pay-Me

    | 2016/01/16 11:17 pm
  • It’s been a rollercoaster ride for miners and investors alike with this relatively new ‘digital currency’ hitting highs of over $1100 and lows of $177 in the last two years alone, but the currency has survived all of the clamour surrounding its’ inception and adoption and continues to mature as both a payment and investment alternative; for that we wish it a Happy Birthday and prosperous years to come. With 2016 now upon us and

    Happy birthday Bitcoin – 7 years and counting

    | 2016/01/05 11:38 am
  • Bitcoin has been around for about five years and was slow to catch on before becoming extremely popular with people who saw value in it. Its price has been highly volatile at times, but many people feel that it is a worthy alternative to fiat (paper) currencies. Experiences with the use of Bitcoin have been varied since its inception.   Online Purchases with Bitcoin   The use of Bitcoin is slowly becoming more common, particularly with online

    Are Universities Likely to Offer Bitcoin Degrees in the Future?

    | 2015/12/28 6:11 am
  • Safe Exchange, the people’s exchange

 – San Francisco, CA — December 12, 2015 The Safe Exchange is proud to release 99% ownership of the Decentralized Board of Trade (DBOT), a blockchain based exchange governance system that oversees the anonymous exchange built on the SAFE Network. This sale is taking place on the website http://safex.io/sale. The Safe Exchange itself is a platform which anyone can use to arrange and settle Safe Contracts which can be as

    Safe Exchange Initial Coin Offering

    | 2015/12/12 12:03 pm
  • Leading casino portal AskGamblers have awarded their Certificate of Trust to three bitcoin casinos: BitStarz Casino, 7Bit Casino, and Red Star Casino. This distinction has only been earned by 13 other casinos listed at AskGamblers so far, showing that AskGamblers considers these bitcoin sites among the most ethical and accommodating casinos in their entire index. Bitcoin casinos now make up a significant percentage of AskGamblers’ certified sites. The AskGamblers Certificate of Trust   The Certificate of Trust is AskGamblers’

    3 Bitcoin Casinos Awarded the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust

    | 2015/12/10 10:42 am