• I examine the dollar tracking mechanisms of both NXT and BitsharesX. If a few months ago you would have told me I’d have two digital options, existing in an extremely low fee environment, capable of shoring up value because they were pegged to the US Dollar… I probably wouldn’t have believed you. If your currency of choice is going through a chaotic, volatile phase why not simply store that value (temporarily) in an asset that

    Big Showdown: CoinoUSD vs BitUSD

    | 2014/09/14 8:58 am
  • I enter both BitVCs futures contest and 1BTCXE’s trading contest at the same time. Being a true masochist when it comes to research and all things cryptocurrency I decided it wouldn’t be enough to explore 1BTCXE’s new trading platform or BitVCs new trading platform one at a time but to instead play both on nightmare difficulty by attempting to navigate both at the same time. Since both organizations decided to start and end their contests

    345 BTC in prizes, 2 contests, and 1/2 a brain – Day 1

    | 2014/09/11 3:24 am
  • Last week I took a look at the new BitsharesX platform and tried to make sense of their BitAsset system. Since then I’ve gone through 5 versions of the application, hurdled a number of bugs, and generally spent a lot of time staring at my screen trying to get a grasp on exactly what was happening. Despite all this I still managed to make money. While the application and the whole BitsharesX paradigm are still

    Bitshares X: I attempt to Profit from the Grand Experiment (Part 2 of 2)

    | 2014/09/06 10:43 am
  •  Interview with Hash Profit team! As Nuno goes more in depth about in this article, cloud mining is becoming an increasingly popular option for miners, veterans and people new to the game alike, as the difficulty of mining increases, with subsequently the cost of entry rising as well. In the interview, Hash Profit team goes over mining operations, hardware used, etc. Full article can be read here. Bills Ninja: Pay Bills with Bitcoin! Coming from

    News Summary: August 31 – September 6

    | 2014/09/06 2:13 am
  • This article will present an overview of Bitcoin-Trader investment opportunities. Bitcoin-Trader is a digital currency investment management company launched at the end of 2013, offering Bitcoin related investments to the general public. In April 2013, the Bitcoin-Trader Team decided to develop a business model of its own. As the result Bitcoin Trader was born, with a clear vision to create a company that revolutionizes the way to earn residual income, with the main focus on

    Bitcoin-Trader Investment Platform Review

    | 2014/09/06 12:11 am
  • The demand for digital currencies is on the rise and there is already an estimated 80,000 businesses currently accepting Bitcoin throughout various countries. Bitcoin is becoming progressively of mainstream use, and businesses who are still delaying bitcoin payments acceptance are falling behind from this digital currency revolution, that is surely is here to stay. The Majority of forward-thinking business man around the world is hopping onto the Bitcoin payments trend; many of them are adopting

    There are many reasons why Merchants should accept bitcoin

    | 2014/09/05 9:11 pm
  • Xapo’s goal has been aspiring for us from the first sight: Making bitcoin more popular. It is something we work for every day. You can imagine how excited we were when we received the new debit card. Xapo launched in March 2014 with the Bitcoin wallet and cold storage vault. In April of this year, Xapo announced the addition of its debit card. The new Xapo card syncs with the Xapo Wallet. “We are focused on making bitcoin more secure

    Xapo Bitcoin debit card review – Welcome to the world of “No limits”

    | 2014/09/02 10:21 pm
  • 2014 has been a very troubled year for bitcoin. There have been some twists and difficult situations that have endangered the digital currency health and launched distrust among investors. Nevertheless, it also has been a year of teaming activity pledged with a steady and constant entry of new users and many businesses accepting bitcoin. The fast and progressive implantation of bitcoin has lead to the appearance of a whole new set of industries and services

    Bitcoin is bound to continue its remarkable growth

    | 2014/09/01 11:05 pm
  • A look at my hands on experience learning to use the BitsharesX platform. Now that BitsharesX seems to have settled into it’s new equilibrium at around  7,600 Satoshi per unit it seemed like a good chance for me to dive in and see what the BitsharesX platform is like and exactly how this whole “BitAssets” concept works in practice (while also researching how it’s supposed to work on paper). Which brings me to my first point

    BitsharesX: I join the grand experiment (Part 1 of 2)

    | 2014/08/28 2:11 pm
  • There has been a lot of talk recently about the future of cryptocurrencies and the term Bitcoin 2.0 has come up to describe the coming wave of services built on top of bitcoin (i.e., smart contracts, derivatives, decentralised autonomous applications & corporations, etc.) One of the necessary infrastructure components to make these new applications possible are reliable data sources. Enter Reality Keys, a Japanese based company founded by Edmund Edgar. He was recently on the Epicenter Bitcoin

    Reality Keys, a certificate authority for facts

    | 2014/08/22 9:49 am
  • A couple weeks ago I had an interview with the MastCoin developer, and he expressed some of his thoughts through the questions I had asked him. Here, we can see the interview: Q: Who composes the MastCoin team? Our team is an internationally diverse group of experienced professionals, which includes software developers, marketers, and members of the altcoin community. Many of our team have worked together before, but this is the first time we’ve launched

    Interview with MastCoin Developer

    | 2014/08/22 7:30 am
  • If you are new to cryptocurrency, you may have not heard of BlackCoin. Actually, you should’ve. A coin that rose in a successful way, not only this, with such volatility, but was still able to hold its ground for quite some time is something unseen nowadays. Definitely, one of the few coins out there with a strong development team and a great way to bring upon innovation into the coin. Block time: 1 minute Difficulty

    BlackCoin: Multipools, BlackHalo, and much more

    | 2014/08/21 4:29 am
  • It seems as if most coin developers keep on abandoning their coins for some reason. Fortunately, there is always someone in the community with the required skills to take over the coin, and that is the case with IncognitoCoin. A coin with high expectations and a good plan set up to back it. Unfortunately, the developer abandoned the coin leaving it to no good person to take over. This is when the community stood up

    IncognitoCoin: Community Relaunch

    | 2014/08/13 3:35 am
  • A coin that has received much attention in the past few weeks due to the innovation they will bring with the release of their coin is Syscoin. Syscoin aims to provide all sorts of businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates, and others in a secure way. The way it differentiates itself though is that it implements this marketplace, this infrastructure directly into the blockchain which is something unseen in cryptocurrency. Detailed information

    Syscoin: Business on the Blockchain

    | 2014/08/11 2:54 am
  • Shibecoin is quite an interesting coin due to the past it went through, but fortunately, like many coins we’ve seen, it has moved on from its past development team to a community decided development team. So let’s recap Shibecoin’s situation, and the history that has followed it: The main development team was composed of “Loq” and “Energion” as are their names in bitcointalk. The coin had a small premine which seemed fair. However, after many

    Shibecoin Community Relaunch

    | 2014/08/10 7:48 am
  • So far we have seen rapid movement in the crypto currency technological environment; there are some exchanges that stand out not just for their outstanding performance, but for their strong commitment to implement quality solutions and remarkable technological improvements. In the verge of this technological path we find the Draglet exchange. Draglet launched their Bitcoin Bootcamp on the 3rd of December last year, and in three months time they’ve raised about 900 users. The concept

    The Draglet exchange Reviewed

    | 2014/08/04 9:30 pm
  • Cointerra’s last big action was the acquisition of the Hungarian bitcoin software company Bits of Proof . With this move they are trying to strengthen their back end support for their cloud hashing services. CoinTerra provides large scale Bitcoin mining hash power through its multiple state-of-the-art datacenters installations employing the highly scalable TruePeta™ deployment architecture. However this is not why we write about this company today. I had a chance to meet Cointerra CEO Ravi

    Cointerra Review + Video

    | 2014/08/04 8:39 am
  • XCloudcoin is an altcoin that integrates the cloud into cryptocurrency. Currently, the cloud feature is in a closed beta, and is mainly being given out to those who wish to review it. Therefore, I approached XCloudcoin, and they were kind enough to provide me with an invite. Other than this, XCloudcoin is also verified by CoinsSource with a trust rating of 6/7. It should be noted that the last point is given after a postage

    XCloudcoin: Cloud Integration within a coin

    | 2014/08/04 8:07 am
  • CryptographicCoin One of the few coins out there to show real promise by integrating truly anonymous technology is definitely CryptographicCoin showing some never before seen combinations in order to achieve the goal of anonymity. By integrating technologies from Zerocoin, Novacoin, and even PeerCoin, it seems as if the goal at hand is fairly simple. The purpose of CryptographicCoin seems to be clear as they strive to bring a securer and more anonymous network, a field

    CryptographicCoin and CloakCoin: Anonymity Battle!

    | 2014/08/01 7:02 am
  • CEX.IO, a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a cloud mining platform, was seen at the CoinSummit conference where it was a platinum sponsor. With the ability to trade Gigahashes (GH/s) on www.cex.io and put them to work automatically at  Ghash.IO, its a killer combo that can’t be beat. The CoinSummit conference was a Bitcoin conference held in London a couple weeks back, from July 10-11. As well as being a platinum sponsor, Jeffrey Smith, the Co-owner

    CEX.IO Exclusive Interview: CoinSummit Conference

    | 2014/07/31 7:22 am
  • KeyCoin, for those unaware, is a hybrid PoW/PoS running on the X13 algorithm. It has a total of 1 million coins in the PoW phase, which has already ended, and a 20% PoS interest yearly. Now, what makes KeyCoin unique is the anonymous system to be implemented including Tor nodes. Not much information has been given by the KeyCoin developers as it seems they wanted to keep it a secret for most time. However, as

    KeyCoin Anonymity reviewed by Dan Metclaf

    | 2014/07/30 4:37 am
  • eUtopium is a coin which is currently in a crowdfunding period, more of a IPO in my eyes, but consider it whatever you want to consider it as. eUtopium will start out with a proof of work phase that will last a year running on the NIST5 algorithm. The reason for this is because it is more energy efficient, which causes less heat production and consequently, a lower load on the computer’s processing power. Once

    eUtopium: An aim towards Education

    | 2014/07/24 4:42 am
  • Minerals is a coin with the X11 algorithm and a total of 30 million PoW coins. The PoW phase lasts 7 days, and afterwards, PoS begins with an interest rate of 5%. Other than this, something very important is the lack of a premine or IPO which I find to be a good thing. The big thing that catches my eye about Minerals is the lack of a premine, even more so considering how much

    Minerals: Innovation at its Finest?

    | 2014/07/08 7:42 am