• What would you do with your money, buy bitcoins or buy miners? If you are considering buying miners, you have also probably thought about buying a mining contract. So, which of the three is best for you? This is not an easy question and is one that almost all Bitcoiner’s face. It depends on a lot of factors: how much you want to spend, where you live and what are your interests. So, let’s say

    How to get your Bitcoins?

    | 2014/04/24 11:57 am
  • [youtube id=”GDE0jYgSYls” mode=”normal” align=”center”] The ant miner S1 is one of the best BTC miner to start with in mine opinion. Actually to be honest with that 2.77$ / GH/s rate it s even good for serious miners as well. The reason why I said it is great for newbies is because it is soo easy to use. As you can see from our video review or from the set up tutorial. The ant miner

    Antminer S1 video review plus set up tutorial

    | 2014/04/14 8:58 pm
  • Brawker, a proxy buying platform, recently launched with a trendy post that made it to the top of the Bitcoin subreddit. For the first time bitcoin users have the chance to buy anything on the web with their bitcoins. Brawker helps bitcoin users by letting them spend their bitcoins on virtually anything, giving them an 8% discount and making bitcoin more widely used. On the other end, Brawker also allows people to buy bitcoins with a credit card or

    Brawker.com review

    | 2014/04/13 10:36 am
  • Day one of the Inside Bitcoins Conference turned out to be a massive success; with 1,000+ attendees showing up to view the 45 various exhibits and over 30 speakers. The conference began with keynote speaker Jeremy Allaire, Founder and CEO of Circle, who spoke on the steps that Bitcoin must take to continue its maturation as a currency. Around 10:00am the exhibit showroom opened up with many prominent Bitcoin companies present such as Bitpay, Cloudhashing,

    Summary up of the 1st day from the Inside Bitcoins conference in NYC

    | 2014/04/08 6:46 am
  • You might ask yourself the question: Why would they do a review in 2014 on a 5 GH/s miner Well, here is the answer! We just had the product delivered to us. To be more precise, a friend of ours ordered one and gave it a try back on 4.5.2013. Costs: 5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner – $274.00 Shipping & Handling – 88$ (all the way to Budapest, Hungary) Upgrade to 7 GH/S    – 100$ Total: 

    Butterfly Labs – Jalapeno 7 gH/s – Hands on

    | 2014/02/16 10:53 pm
  • Hundreds of attendees gathered at Inside Bitcoins in New York City for thoughtful and engaging networking and discussions on replacing an archaic financial system, freedom of speech, and the Bitcoin revolution. Now, the conference and expo will head to Berlin, Germany on February 12-13th to explore the growth of virtual currencies, FinTech business trends, investment strategies, and more. The program is designed to provide an overview of where the virtual currency industry is today, and

    Inside Bitcoins – Berlin LIVE

    | 2014/02/12 8:32 am
  • Bitmain Antminer U1 Bitmain’s new mini bitcoin miner has just landed in our hands at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. It is a rather small and compact bitcoin miner. It can be used by individuals without mining farms or it can be an ideal solution for office use. Power efficient and silent without fans or any other moving parts, it has only a quite large heatsink. Why buy it? Small, efficient and a

    Bitmain Antminer U1 – review, hands on

    | 2014/02/10 6:25 pm
  • This is the story of a Mining Group – respecting their privacy no names or places will be mentioned. We are aiming to write miner reviews to help you with your choice. Last april there was something in the air. A groupbuy was organized by Sebastian JU, which directed our attention towards the first generation of Avalon chips. At this point nobody suspected there was going to be a huge delay. Hoping for the best,

    BitBurner XX – Bitcoin mining hardware – hands on

    | 2013/12/22 6:40 pm