• The two main reasons why customers chose to use a VPN service are to unblock content and to gain privacy. Your online browsing history is your business only, and many people are uncomfortable with sharing their internet habits with their internet service providers, mobile phone companies or hotel wifi. Also read: Europol: Bitcoin Playing an Increasing Role in Crime Unlike these services, a VPN company builds their brand and business around the promise of ensuring

    Virtual Private Network: Logging Issues

    | 2016/01/17 10:00 am
  • The PowerBall lottery in the United States has hit a historical high of $1.3 Billion USD. The lotto is all the craze in the States at the moment, and people around the world are amazed at the sheer size of the prize. Exbino, a lottery services provider, wants to help you improve your chances of winning that jackpot, and will also let you buy your tickets with bitcoin. Also read: Bitcoin Remains Stable As South

    Use Bitcoin to Play the $1.3 Billion PowerBall Lottery

    | 2016/01/11 12:21 pm
  • It’s been a rollercoaster ride for miners and investors alike with this relatively new ‘digital currency’ hitting highs of over $1100 and lows of $177 in the last two years alone, but the currency has survived all of the clamour surrounding its’ inception and adoption and continues to mature as both a payment and investment alternative; for that we wish it a Happy Birthday and prosperous years to come. With 2016 now upon us and

    Happy birthday Bitcoin – 7 years and counting

    | 2016/01/05 11:38 am
  • Bitcoin has been around for about five years and was slow to catch on before becoming extremely popular with people who saw value in it. Its price has been highly volatile at times, but many people feel that it is a worthy alternative to fiat (paper) currencies. Experiences with the use of Bitcoin have been varied since its inception.   Online Purchases with Bitcoin   The use of Bitcoin is slowly becoming more common, particularly with online

    Are Universities Likely to Offer Bitcoin Degrees in the Future?

    | 2015/12/28 6:11 am
  • Leading casino portal AskGamblers have awarded their Certificate of Trust to three bitcoin casinos: BitStarz Casino, 7Bit Casino, and Red Star Casino. This distinction has only been earned by 13 other casinos listed at AskGamblers so far, showing that AskGamblers considers these bitcoin sites among the most ethical and accommodating casinos in their entire index. Bitcoin casinos now make up a significant percentage of AskGamblers’ certified sites. The AskGamblers Certificate of Trust   The Certificate of Trust is AskGamblers’

    3 Bitcoin Casinos Awarded the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust

    | 2015/12/10 10:42 am
  • Bitcoin opens a world of opportunities to online casinos due to its increased anonymity over other payment methods. Moreover, countries that have banned online gambling won’t allow gambling with any certifiable payment methods. Bitcoin is the exception to this rule due to its secure and anonymous nature. This makes LimoPlay an excellent candidate to become one of the better online casinos available to most gamblers. Also read: E-Coin Black Friday Sale: Bitcoin Debit Cards 40%

    LimoPlay: An Interview with the Newest Casino in Town

    | 2015/12/01 8:11 pm
  • Crypto-games.net invites gamblers from all over the world to take advantage of their low-edge online Dice, Blackjack, Lottery and Slot machine games, in which they are offering everyone an opportunity to gamble online with cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Gamecredits, Peercoin and Gridcoin) both, securely and anonymously. This online gambling site also offers the feature to invest in their house bankroll. Bitcoin gambling has been gaining momentum for the past few years and

    Crypto-games.net offers a collection of supreme games for crypto gamblers

    | 2015/11/25 5:48 am
  • The platform, presented by its founder, Yannick Losbar, during a live demonstration at the Parisian Maison du Bitcoin, promises to be the fastest, easiest way to convert Bitcoin to fiat money. “Up until now, 99% of the Bitcoin exchanges only offered the good old wire transfer, when one wanted to withdraw the funds he obtained by converting some bitcoins. This excludes de facto the 2.5bn unbanked people, as well as most of the teenagers, which

    Coinizy Launches World’s First Bitcoin to PayPal Exchange

    | 2015/11/24 9:59 am
  • ‘Tis the season for excellent deals on presents and personal goodies for the upcoming holiday, and Bitcoin Black Friday is better  and stronger than ever, bringing with it a large number of  participating merchants! Coming up just three days from now, Bitcoin  Black Friday will be unleashing the most valuable deals found on the Internet,  and BitcoinBlackFriday.info is there to ensure readers can quickly and easily nail down on what they want and snag it – easy as cake! Normally, finding all

    BitcoinBlackFriday.info Brings the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals to You!

    | 2015/11/24 7:32 am
  • London, October 12, 2015 — Binary options by Bitplutos are a new and anonymous alternative for Bitcoin investors. You can earn up to 85% profits on a correct prediction even when the exchange rate drops! As humans, we make binary decisions all the time as a matter of survival. Should you touch that hot stove or not? NO! Will Bitcoin continue to rise against the USD in the next day? YES or NO? If you

    You Can Earn Up to 85% Even if The Bitcoin Rate Drops at Bitplutos

    | 2015/10/12 9:29 am
  • 04 October 2015 – LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM) – With the goal of creating a more reliable and easy open-source cryptocurrency exchange, EuroBitMarket has launched providing customers with a safe, fair and ethical exchange platform protecting them from excessive manipulation and volatility. “With the continued growth and popularity of Bitcoin, customers are increasingly in need of a safe environment in which to trade,” said Giacomo of EuroBitMarket. “Providing a secure marketplace where buyers get their BitCoin,

    EuroBitMarket Brings a Unique Exchange with Unique Background

    | 2015/10/04 12:51 pm
  • In an exclusive interview with Bitcoinist, Mr. Brandon from Cryptonit, an organization that promises to offer the most secure platform to trade traditional fiat money such as USD and EUR for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, etc. says that they are going to launch anonymous debit cards by the end of 2015. Coming from a company that is registered with the relevant authorities in the UK, the anonymous debit cards are expected to gain

    Cryptonit to Launch Anonymous Debit Cards by the End of 2015

    | 2015/09/28 11:31 am
  • London-based Indacoin Exchange has launched Visa & Mastercard payments that will allow users from all over the world buy Bitcoins & Litecoins with their banking cards. The minimum amount is $5 and the limit for the first month is $500. After 40 days of the card using monthly limit will be increased to $3 000. Disclaimer: This article is a press release provided by Indacoin. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Indacoin and is not responsible

    Indacoin Exchange has launched Visa & Mastercard payments

    | 2015/09/23 2:46 am
  • Binary options are an alternative trading method that seems to be thriving within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Many binary options platforms provide access to stocks, indices, commodities and foreign exchange, as a high-low binary, in which customers open their positions in relation to what will be the price move within a certain period of time. This is because the option runs on a certain period which means it has an expiry time and also a strike price.

    Binary Options: Golden Investment Opportunity for Bitcoin Users

    | 2015/09/07 8:51 pm
  • Virtual Sports have finally made it to Bitcoin casinos, and industry pioneer BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is the first to offer them up to players. With American Football season about to ramp up BetCoin™ has just rolled out their entry into the sportsbook arena, touting features hereto unseen in the Bitcoin casino market – Virtual Sports and Virtual Displays for Live events – and it’s all mobile-ready. The Virtual Displays make live betting actually enjoyable –

    Virtual Sports and More: BetCoin™ Shakes Market with Release of Industry-Leading Sportsbook

    | 2015/08/28 6:09 am
  • Though it is difficult to predict how much profit traders can make while trading currency pairs, 4Finance Limited, an independently owned Forex trading company based in the United Kingdom, is confident about itself. The company has a team that comprises of Forex traders, financial experts, and market analysts who use their skills to manage capital to the best of their abilities, delivering 2.6% – 3.0% daily earning for 90 business days depending on the size

    4Finance Promises 2.6%-3.0% Daily Earnings for 90 Business Days

    | 2015/08/18 8:00 am
  • Finding a secure hosting service represents a problem that webmasters from all around the world encounter whenever it comes down to creating a new site, or keeping an older one up at all times. Also Read: Hacking Team Collective Gets Exposed Due To Non-Decentralized Servers CoinsHost represents a Swiss, emerging company, which is a part of the Incloudibly network. What makes it superior when compared to the other ones which are available on the market

    CoinsHost Provides Professional Web Hosting and DDoS Protection

    | 2015/08/11 10:41 pm
  • Once in a while a great idea is born. However, an idea is not worth much without the diligence and hard work in making it happen. Through late night coffee, blood, sweat and tears, it is brought to light. In the light, people see this new thing. Other men, like minded, join in the efforts. A newly formed game development studio flying a pale green flag might emerge…It says GameCredits, and waves proudly over its

    TurboCharged – A new racer supporting GameCredits

    | 2015/07/14 5:36 am
  • NiceHash Brings Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining, Hash Rental and Multipool Now users can rent hashing power by simply placing an order and lease their rigs as simple as using a multipool thanks to NiceHash, the most advanced crypto currency cloud mining, hash rental and multipool. With its worldwide presence, NiceHash is optimal for hashing power sellers i.e. mining rigs owners and hashing power buyers located in Europe, Russia, USA , China and other near regions

    NiceHash Brings Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining, Hash Rental and Multipool

    | 2015/06/27 5:30 pm
  • Though gambling is big business, online gambling is still not as significant as it could be. Its proportion hovers around 10% currently. However, over the last a couple of years, online gambling have emerged as a popular choice among people – this has been approved as well by research company H2 Gambling Capital. According to the organization, the online gambling market in terms of gross winnings, put the global market value at €21.73bn ($28.54bn) in 2012. Interestingly, since the emergence

    Bitcoin is Simplifying Gambling

    | 2015/06/24 2:24 pm
  • For the past two years, BetChain has been a pioneer in the Bitcoin casino space and its latest promotion is another first for the industry. BetChain will be offering players up to 50 free spinsevery week as its newest promotion, becoming the first Bitcoin casino to provide such an offer. Betchain.com has always provided an excellent player experience at its casino, by adding hundreds of new games, a total of 7 different languages, excellent bonuses and now

    BetChain Becomes First Bitcoin Casino to Offer Free Spins in Latest “Free Spins Friday” Promotion

    | 2015/06/10 4:22 pm
  • Due to the controversial nature of this service Bitcoinist has pulled this article. Disclaimer: Bitcoinist is not responsible for goods and services provided by CoinCard, CPIGroup or its subsidiaries.  Bitcoinist does not endorse the products and services provided in the sponsored article.  Use at your own risk.

    CoinCard Aims to Gain Wider Acceptance of Cryptocurrency

    | 2015/05/03 10:00 pm
  • Server security is an important issue for internet hosting, and many companies turn to dedicated server suppliers for secure hosting. MaxiDed aims to provide ideal solutions to clients looking for server hosting, listing thousands of server configurations and offering customer service in English and Russian.   Also read: Robocoin’s “Romit” Software Tackles Remittance Markets Serves in 72 Countries with More Than 400 Technical Experts The company was founded in 2007; since then it has expanded its

    MaxiDed Accepts Bitcoin in Over 72 Countries

    | 2015/05/01 6:00 am