• While landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now, it’s time to go beyond the moon and take humanity to next level.  The Future is Here Every investment in Keplertek is one small step for man, today, and one giant leap for mankind, tomorrow. Yes, this is a chance to accelerate and usher in a revolutionary future — one which humanity will never forget. Keplertek’s

    Keplertek’s Pre-Sale Is Now Live!

    | 2018/05/31 4:00 pm
  • To build value and credibility for investors and players, Luckchemy has entered into a strategic partnership and added a prominent ally to its ranks. Luckchemy’s games will now be published on all of Mr.Bet’s platforms, bringing their games to a leading name in the iGaming field. Luckchemy’s partnership with Mr.Bet further demonstrates the advantages that blockchain technology brings to the iGaming space. Why Blockchain? Since its debut, the iGaming industry has been wrestling with the

    Luckchemy: Forging Strategic iGaming Partnerships Through Continued Expansion

    | 2018/05/31 2:00 pm
  • ContentBox delivers a consolidated solution through a prominent, decentralized ecosystem in an attempt to empower the entire digital content industry as a whole. The project is an initiative of CastBox, an award-winning global podcast platform, co-founded by Renee Wang – a former Google Employee and backed by Bo Shen – a legendary blockchain investor. Digital Content – The Industry That Could Throughout the last decade, the digital content industry has seen a massive, explosive growth.

    ContentBox: Empowering the Content Creation Industry Through Blockchain Technology

    | 2018/05/31 9:00 am
  • eSports industry is developing quite fast. Tournaments on principle disciplines gather more and more viewers every year. Young players appear on the stage and become real stars in the shortest possible time. Many cyber sportsmen attend multiple tournaments and become real superstars in no time. Several countries have gone even further and allocated an official status for eSports, equating cyber athletes with traditional sportsmen in terms of issuing visas and simplified control. Still, the industry has

    Give Way to Young Talents! How Game Stars’ Platform Will Solve The Problem of ‘Fresh Blood’ Deficiency in eSports (Interview)

    | 2018/05/31 5:30 am
  • We live in a world in which information and its appropriate usage are critical to the success of companies and individuals. Unfortunately, numerous issues arise in the process of data collection, distribution, and usage. Can Blockchain-based technology prove to be the long-awaited remedy for that? Data usage is important across all spectrums, but it has turned out to be absolutely paramount for the advertising industry. And that’s a huge market. In fact, it’s growing so

    Big Data and the Blockchain

    | 2018/05/30 4:30 pm
  • Pro tennis player Gael Monfils is no stranger to success. He won 7 ATP singles titles, competed in several Grand Slam tournaments and is going to play in two more this year. Gael is known for having a colorful personality, both on and off the court and has become quite popular with fans of the sport. Despite his hectic training and playing regime, Gael still manages to trade online, and his platform of choice is

    “Get Serious About Investing” with eToro and Gael Monfils

    | 2018/05/30 4:30 am
  • NAGA’s extensive ecosystem provides a truly diversified portfolio of proven use cases and value drivers. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most impressive platforms in the cryptocurrency space, today. NAGA Coin At the heart of NAGA is the platform’s unique cryptocurrency token, the NAGA COIN (NGC). NGC’s claim to fame is that it successfully decentralizes cryptocurrency for traditional financial markets, virtual goods, and cryptocurrencies. In doing so, NGC eradicates investor reliance

    NAGA’s Ecosystem Makes Trading & Investing Accessible for Everyone

    | 2018/05/29 9:30 pm
  • Five days ago, Keplertek began taking reservations for the four million KEP tokens available in its upcoming pre-sale — which will likely be another resounding success for the promising startup.  Huge Demand Over one-third of all tokens allocated to this stage have already been reserved, indicating a huge demand for the project — even before the start of its pre-sale. With only two more days to go until the start of this highly anticipated occasion, 1.35

    Keplertek’s Highly Anticipated Pre-Sale About to Begin — 1/3 of All Available Tokens Already Reserved

    | 2018/05/29 4:30 pm
  • Throughout our history, some of the world’s greatest geniuses like Sir Isaac Newton have tried to turn base metals into gold – only to fail. Or, ancient civilizations like the Egyptians ingested gold for longevity. And, now we have Virtuse Exchange turning gold into the Blockchain. Let’s face it, we have an obsession with gold.  Virtuse Exchange enables investors from around the world to trade a broad range of crypto assets along with thousands of

    Virtuse Exchange Turning Gold into Blockchain

    | 2018/05/29 10:30 am
  • You may already know that the 4th Pillar’s FOUR tokens aim to be the first 100 percent utility tokens which permanently serve users while, at the same time, remaining totally transparent on the blockchain. You may also already know that they provide access to professional identity verification-related services, serve as both the primary store of value and gas in a decentralized ecosystem, provide incentives and rewards, and are purchasable with euros. However, there’s a good

    Everything You Need to Know About the 4th Pillar Vault

    | 2018/05/28 10:00 pm
  • ChronoBank, a leading international HR platform, has announced the launch of LaborX — one of the first blockchain apps currently ready for mass adoption. A New Addition to ChronoBank’s Ecosystem ChronoBank.io, an ambitious and broad blockchain project aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries, has announced the launch of LaborX — the first complete blockchain-based job platform in the world. ChronoBank’s ecosystem is already rich, being comprised of Labour-Hour Coins and a smart contract management system

    ChronoBank Launches World’s First Complete Blockchain-Based Job Platform, LaborX

    | 2018/05/28 7:00 pm
  • Copy traders give permission for investment decisions made by a more knowledgeable trader to affect a portion of the funds in their own trading accounts. The startup CoinPennant plans to elevate this concept by channeling advice from established traders for those who want to enter the fast-paced cryptocurrency investment space by using a combined social network and blockchain-based copy trading platform. Blockchain, Copy Trading, and Smart Contracts Some companies, such as eToro and ZuluTrade, already

    CoinPennant Crowdsale Puts Copy Trading on the Blockchain

    | 2018/05/27 10:00 am
  • The 4th Pillar is out to solve Europe’s (and the world’s) workforce-related issues by upgrading the human resources industry — but how big can the company become? Let’s examine the market and analyze the project’s growth expectation. The State of the HR Industry Today Currently, there is a significant lack of workforce in Europe. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find the right (let alone qualified) candidate with each passing year, and the costs

    Just How Big Will The 4th Pillar Be?

    | 2018/05/27 5:00 am
  • This year marks a decade since Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever created, came on the scene. During this period, it has managed to transform the concept of transactions and opened the door to hundreds and thousands of other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Some of them got even further by impacting the way we negotiate and make deals with the help of smart contracts. Other projects focus on the potential of blockchain for various use cases.

    Lapo Coin – the ‘Safe-Haven’ Cryptocurrency for Real-World Application

    | 2018/05/26 6:00 pm
  • Earlier this week, NAGA Coin gained a prominent listing on the popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. ‘Another Day, Another Exchange’ NAGA Coin (NGC) achieved new listings on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and UpBit. Following NGC’s listing on the US-based exchange, the token’s price spiked from roughly $0.60 to as high as $1.05 — before natural profit-taking and a continued market-wide downtrend pushed the coin back down to what some may consider a very buyable

    NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex

    | 2018/05/25 6:00 pm
  • The travel industry is one that could highly benefit from transitioning to blockchain technology – and it needs to do so immediately. Despite substantial and continuous developments in engineering new machines for transportation, the supporting services attached to them have not progressed at the same pace. As international travel has become more and more common, the lapses and deficiencies of the stunted travel industry are painfully evident. To start with, the current system forces travelers to

    Why the Travel Industry Needs Crypto-Driven Solutions

    | 2018/05/25 4:00 pm
  • AirPod – one of the most exciting new projects in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency space – is going to be a Diamond Sponsor at CryptoKonf 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia. As such, AirPod is set to give an opening speech, during which the project’s ICO will be introduced to the broader cryptocurrency world. What is CryptoKonf 2018? CryptoKonf 2018 is the most prominent blockchain, FinTech, compliance, cryptocurrency and ICO conference in southeastern Europe, and features

    AirPod Synchronizing Pre-Sale Date with CryptoKonf 2018

    | 2018/05/25 12:00 pm
  • The gates of Kepler Technologies pre-sale white listing were opened on May 23 and it is currently possible for investors from all around the world to take part. In order to participate, all you need to do is register and get whitelisted and then reserve the amount of KEP you are planning on buying during this stage. The pre-sale will begin on May 29 and last for three weeks, ending on June 19. There is

    Kepler Pre-Sale White Listing Now Underway

    | 2018/05/24 6:00 pm
  • Tutellus is by far the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world. In operation since May 2013, it currently boasts more than 1 million users in 160 countries. It now seeks to harness to power of blockchain-based technology to disrupt the online education industry as we know it. The project is currently in the process of a pre-sale and it will launch the official token sale on June 12th, 2018. Pinpointing Critical Problems

    Tutellus – Opening New Horizons Through Online Education

    | 2018/05/24 10:00 am
  • Ivy recently announced a partnership with the Talenta Group which could see significant upside for its token holders. Who is Ivy? Ivy is a block-chain based technology for FIAT & Cryptocurrency business transactions which require verification in the international monetary system. The Ivy Network utilizes IVY tokens which will carry Know Your Customer (KYC) & Know Your Transaction (KYT) to meet the verification requirements for transactions. Ivy bridges the gap between the centralized traditional banking

    3 Reasons Ivy Partnering with Talenta Is a Good Thing

    | 2018/05/23 10:00 pm
  • Litecoin, which began trading as a cryptocurrency in April 2013, has long been in the top-10 cryptos in terms of market capitalization – mostly because it is one of the earliest and most successful Bitcoin derivatives. The Litecoin project, launched in October 2011, was created by Charlie Lee, who back then was a Google software engineer. He would spend his spare time tweaking the original crypto Bitcoin’s open-source code. His grand plan was to develop

    Why Invest in Litecoin?

    | 2018/05/22 6:00 pm
  • Is ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, the mysterious, anonymous creator of Bitcoin the original cryptocurrency, actually a woman? In 2008 Nakamoto authored the white paper describing the most famous crypto, from which all other cryptos have spawned. In a community and industry dominated by men, the statement “Satoshi is a female” – a theory promoted by New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney at the Women on the Block event in Brooklyn on May 13 – is extremely provocative. To

    Satoshi Nakamoto is Female: Women in the Cryptocurrency Industry

    | 2018/05/22 2:00 pm
  • The success of OPEN’s private sale (to the tune of $250M+) was exciting, but they are aware that many members of the OPEN community were unable to participate and it was important for them to provide the community an opportunity to support OPEN as soon as possible. OPEN, with the support of their community and the backing of top-tier partners (Danhua/DHVC, Draper Dragon, Sora, and NEO), is proud to announce a new partnership with KuCoin!

    OPEN Announces Partnership with Kucoin

    | 2018/05/22 1:00 pm