• Have you heard? CEX.io will be providing coin-splitting services to users on August 1! In the current volatile cryptocurrency market, CEX.io is offering clients a safe exchange to trade with Bitcoin and loads of added features that will ensure smooth sailing. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Take a Deep Breath Other exchanges may be filling customers’ minds with uncertainty in anticipation of the August 1 deadline and for the past couple of weeks, investors have

    It’s Business As Usual For CEX.Io On August 1

    | 2017/08/01 11:00 am
  • The Nametoken ICO will create a decentralized domain name ecosystem and will launch an ICO on 1st of August 2017. 90% of the tokens will be made available for investors. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Nametoken (NAT) which aims to provide a platform for investment in Internet domain names is set to begin their crowdsale on the 1st of August. It will last until September 30, 2017. The team behind the project have a domain

    Nametoken ICO Launching August 1st Offering Domain Name Investment Platform

    | 2017/07/28 9:45 pm
  • Every blockchain is comprised of a specific underlying consensus algorithm. It is this underlying algorithm that determines the governance and operational processes of a particular blockchain. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] No Blockchain is Perfect Products built on top of blockchain platforms automatically adopt the underlying protocol of such platforms. This explains the reason why not every program can be developed on every blockchain platform, and also why the functions of a particular project

    Inpay Combines Ethereum Classic and Waves to Deliver a Robust Dual Platform Cryptocurrency

    | 2017/07/08 1:59 pm
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia-based CREDO have developed what is being dubbed a “next generation payment system” that makes everyday shopping easier for both buyer and seller alike. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] What is CREDO? CREDO is a multi-functional payment system based on a financial algorithm that involves the participation of an independent agent in the transactions of purchase and sale of goods or services. Also called a derivative, the Electronic Certificate enables the parties

    Can CREDO Take Its Place Alongside Visa and Mastercard?

    | 2017/07/06 11:52 am
  • In 2016, global e-commerce sales reached a record-breaking $1.9 trillion USD. As sales grow, so too does consumer fraud. For every 1000 e-commerce transactions, it is estimated that 27 of them will be fraudulent. Etheriya Project aims to change all of that. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] eBay on the Blockchain Etheriya is a blockchain-based auction marketplace that leverages Ethereum smart contracts and allows users to buy and sell both physical and digital products

    Etheriya Project: Blockchain-based Auction Marketplace to Revolutionize Ecommerce

    | 2017/07/04 3:30 pm
  • Last Thursday, the German parliament voted into law a bill that would allow the police and other government entities to hack into encrypted messaging services like Signal and WhatsApp during certain criminal investigations. The new law gives authorities broad access to users’ private communications, prompting increased concern over privacy issues. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Under previous legislation, investigators could tap into a suspect’s SMS communications and regular phone conversations, providing that the alleged crime was severe

    CrypViser: Secure Communications and the New State-Sponsored Hacking Law

    | 2017/06/27 7:30 pm
  • Protecting your privacy is important. Crypviser’s blockchain-based secure communications network can be used by individuals and companies alike to keep financial conversations private. [Note: This is a sponsored article]  Keeping Your Private Info Private Whether you’re an experienced trader, newcomer or casual investor, communication is one of the keys to success in the cryptosphere and in most markets. Being able to bounce ideas off your peers, comparing data and strategies and getting new information is essential. Although traders

    Crypviser: Protect Your Financial Conversations

    | 2017/06/20 3:00 pm
  • CryptoPing is an Instant Message bot for cryptocurrency traders, compiling information from exchanges and presenting it to the user in the form of comprehensive signals. [Note: This is a sponsored article]  Navigating the Cryptosphere The recent cryptocurrency rally has taken crypto to unexplored heights, amassing a global market cap of over 100 billion and gaining new users worldwide. However, it has also created a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) environment where inexperienced traders can lose

    CryptoPing to Help Users Navigate the Cryptocurrency Investment World

    | 2017/06/20 2:00 pm
  • Chengdu, Sichuan province, China was a hive of Bitcoin-related activity as the city played host to three major events related to the cryptocurrency. Amid the excitement, OTC trading platform and Bitcoin services provider Bitkan hosted a meetup to discuss the OTC trading market both in China and globally. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Held on Friday, June 16, 2017, the meetup proved to be popular among Bitcoin enthusiasts, with over 130 people in attendance,

    China Bitcoin Meetup Sees OTC Trading & Exchanges Work Side By Side

    | 2017/06/19 12:00 pm
  • Crypviser is building “the first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain”. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] The World Needs Encryption With the inception of the Internet, securing information has become a fairly complicated task. While physical documents were somewhat easy to protect, the digital world provides many more challenges as information needs to be constantly available and in transit. Cryptography has become indispensable for both individuals and companies, the former

    Crypviser: The Next Step in Cryptography Evolution

    | 2017/06/16 9:30 am
  • Crypviser is building a blockchain-based all-in-one network for secure social and business communications. ICO is currently ongoing. Improving on Privacy with Blockchain Technology In today’s Orwellian society, privacy has become a rare and valuable asset that some go to great lengths to protect while others simply throw it away in exchange for convenience. As technology evolves, however, so does access to privacy-oriented tools and their underlying technology. Blockchain tech has gone a long way in the realm

    Crypviser Will Encrypt Messages on the Blockchain for Private Communications

    | 2017/06/09 3:00 am
  • One of the pillars of Bitcoin’s popularity is also one of its biggest misconceptions and that is anonymity. It is true that Bitcoin is more difficult to trace than other types of transactions but it is not truly anonymous. Because of this, bitcoin users are continuously searching for new and better ways to anonymize their transactions. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers Traditional bitcoin mixers and tumblers combine your bitcoins along

    ChipMixer : Building a Better Bitcoin Mixer

    | 2017/06/06 4:00 pm
  • The Anonymous Cryptocurrency, Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) is set to execute Zerocoin Protocol to enhance its prevailing system of permitting private transactions. This, in fact, will enable users to mint and spend coins with no transaction history with the utilization of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP). [Note: This is a sponsored article] At the prevailing state, their privacy implementation comprises wallet coin mixing which employs CoinJoin with different enhancements over the original, in a decentralized mode

    PIVX Seeks To Improve Privacy With Zerocoin Protocol Integration

    | 2017/05/27 1:00 pm
  • The cryptocurrency debit card market is gaining a new heavyweight as Monaco continues its 150,000 ETH ICO. Debit Cards Take Advantage Of ICO Craze Monaco, which is raising funds to launch its prepaid Visa card for spending Bitcoin and ERC20 tokens with fiat currency, has accrued around 26,000 ETH since the token sale began May 18. The event marks the fully-fledged entry of crypto debit cards into the ICO realm, which has already seen startups

    Monaco Visa Card ICO Brings Crypto Token Spending To The Masses

    | 2017/05/26 8:00 am
  • On May 19, the Czech capital hosted the largest conference on digital currencies and blockchain – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. 15 speakers from 8 countries discussed the development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects in Fintech and Govtech, as well as legislative challenges. Prague Sees Cryptocurrency Popularity Grow This year’s Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Prague was hailed a success, showing the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in the Czech Republic and around the globe. Attendees noted that the turnout

    Prague Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Sees 3 Times More Attendees This Year

    | 2017/05/26 5:30 am
  • The Beth Fund is a new generation investment fund, headed by Dr. Seiji Yoshizaki, partner Hayato Takano and a team of four Japanese fintech entrepreneurs. The blockchain-based fund combines their company’s ‘Deep Learning’ practices with the power of Ethereum Technology.   As they develop innovative technology, the company is offering an opportunity to investors and cryptocurrency community members to be part of the ecosystem by participating in the ICO. The upcoming Beth crowdsale is expected

    Beth: A New Generation Closed-End Fund Based on Ethereum & Deep Learning

    | 2017/05/23 5:30 pm
  • Amid the surge in altcoin prices, traders both amateur and professional are constantly seeking ways to maximize profits and mitigate risk. Altcoins: Vast Profits And ‘Thoughtlessly Pressing Buttons’ While making money from altcoins has never been easier, as fortunes grow, the fear of a bubble popping is increasingly on everyone’s lips. Bitcoin commentators such as Vinny Lingham have warned the industry for several months about its price growing too quickly. In alt markets, however, speculation

    Altcoin Traders Should Stop ‘Thoughtlessly Pressing Buttons’ – CryptoPing CEO

    | 2017/05/23 9:00 am
  • Swiss EY (Ernst & Young) Partner Daniel Haudenshild, financial services managers Valdemar Scherer and Sven Möller are collaborating with Polybius Bank project’s team to assist in company operations, technology, and legislation. Polybius’ target is to offer a fully regulated, decentralized bank for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Big Four Auditor EY Interested in ‘Cryptobank’ Project The Estonia-based startup is targeting the ICO for this month, in a bid to add to the initiative’s growing community support.

    Swiss EY Team & Polybius Are Building a ‘Cryptobank’, ICO to Follow

    | 2017/05/23 7:00 am
  • MobileGo has gathered over $26 million dollars making it the second most successful crowd sale in the cryptosphere, and the fourth in the world. [Note: This is a sponsored article] MobileGo Raises Over $26 Million & Counting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are changing the way projects are being crowdfunded, creating a new generation blockchain-based tokens like appcoins and assets. Although ICOs started with Mastercoin’s relatively modest sum of roughly 500,000 USD, they are now taking

    MobileGo Becomes 2nd Biggest ICO Ever, Netting Over $26 Million

    | 2017/05/19 9:30 am
  • Cryptocurrency based retirement fund, BitcoinIRA.com has announced the launch of Ethereum IRA. The new investment product offering allows people to invest in an Ether-based, Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Demand for Ether Prompts Ethereum IRA Ethereum has recently fortified its position as the second largest cryptocurrency in the market, right below Bitcoin. The demand for Ether is on the rise following significant developments and implementations of Ethereum platform for a range of applications. The creation of

    Bitcoin IRA Launches World’s First Ethereum IRA Retirement Fund

    | 2017/04/29 6:00 am
  • The digital world has moved towards the “App Economy” where mobile applications are gradually replacing websites and other software when it comes to tools, utilities, information, and entertainment. Apptrade, the OpenLedger powered platform has understood the potential of apps to change the future of the internet and the growing needs of app developers and investors to create the “Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain”. Earlier last month, the platform announced the Initial Token Offering of

    OpenLedger Apptrade Platform Backs APPX Tokens Currently on Crowdsale with 20% Future Revenues

    | 2017/04/09 8:30 am
  • Bitkan has said the consumer Bitcoin scene in Japan is still “difficult to use” after staff conducted an investigation in Tokyo. Bitkan: Japan Bitcoin Payments Still ‘Difficult’ The decentralized trading platform, which is headquartered in China but looking to expand into the Japanese market, also released a documentary film about using Bitcoin in the country in 2017. Last month, Bitkan organized a Tokyo Bitcoin meetup which saw some of the largest ever audiences debate the

    Bitkan Experiment Shows Japan is No Bitcoin Mecca on the Ground

    | 2017/04/07 1:00 pm
  • Recently, many countries and cities have published new laws and legislations to regulate bitcoin. Does this help contribute to mainstream adoption, or is it merely a hindrance to it? Regulation Slowing Adoption New York was the first state in the USA to tighten regulation on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, via its BitLicense. This is issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services, and it regulates businesses which work with virtual currency. The

    Does Regulation Slow Down or Accelerate Adoption?

    | 2017/04/06 4:00 am