• The World Table is a Utah-based startup who specializes in Online Reputation Services. The company has recently announced the key elements of its online reputation product architecture, and has invited the technology and the digital currency community to participate and test their product.

    The World Table Builds an Online Reputation System

    | 2015/05/20 8:00 am
  • Security has always been a big concern for the crypto currency industry. Since its emergence security has always been a very important issue, too big for businesses and entrepreneurs to ignore. The growing need for increased security led to the development of enhanced applications like 2FA to guarantee complete security for companies trying to act in the crypto currency ecosystem.

    Clef’s Success Story: Protecting the Factom Token Sale

    | 2015/05/01 7:00 pm
  • Yesterday, a security notice was launched in Authy’s blog. An independent security researcher from Sakurity found a bug in the popular 2FA app Authy. Egor Homakov was responsible for finding a Format Injection vulnerability that affected the Authy service through a commonly used open source library.

    Independent Researcher Finds Authy Vulnerability

    | 2015/03/17 9:15 pm
  • 2015 hasn’t started in the best way for bitcoin. The constant decrease in its price has been dizzying and miners have been without any doubt the most affected by the skydiving price. This steady decline of the bitcoin price began to question the profitability of big mining operations due to high energy costs. This led to some of the major cloud mining companies to adopt more extreme measures.

    Interview With Helga Danova of Cex.io

    | 2015/01/28 9:00 pm
  • Oron and Eilon established Coinpoint in order to give the perfect turnkey solutions to bitcoin corporations and companies. They have tried to offer the perfect solution to cover internal and external marketing services. Coinpoint serves not only gambling brands but also other areas such as bitcoin mining, trading, and other Bitcoin operations, providing the best options in SEO, PPC, Media, internal marketing services and so on.

    Betcointech: Bitcoin Technology for Online Gaming

    | 2015/01/27 3:00 pm
  • Security has come to be a real important issue when it comes to bitcoin wallets, and the ecosystem is always in constant demand for new features and innovative developments. The bitcoin authenticator is a new open project aiming to bring new developments and innovations to the Bitcoin security industry, and the first to introduce a bitcoin wallet to offer a practical decentralized wallet security solution.

    Interview with the Bitcoin Authenticator Development Team

    | 2015/01/17 8:07 am
  • Many are the rumors following this announcement and some even say that the exchange owners were sensing great instability within the ecosystem and felt there was simply too much risk involved and tried “to move on with their winning horse”.

    Vault of Satoshi to Close its Doors in February

    | 2015/01/08 9:00 pm
  • The world of cryptocurrencies is in constant development and never ceases to amaze us; now, a new Project is soon to introduce a new feature that has the potential to shake the cryptocurrency development grounds and redefine the way we use our coins. Reversecoin is the World’s first cryptocurrency that allows users to reverse transactions. Reversecoin will give users the chance to reverse transactions within a configurable period of time while granting them full access at any time to their coin by a combination of the best online and offline wallet technology.

    Reversecoin – World’s First Cryptocurrency With Reversible Transactions

    | 2014/12/15 2:00 pm
  • Now, one month later the team announced that it would be reopening the exchange! This is good news for the Scandinavian Crypto currency trading community. The Norwegian-based crypto currency exchange Justcoin will start operating again, this time by the help of the Hong Kong-based ANXPRO Team.

    Justcoin Exchange to Reopen

    | 2014/11/26 3:39 pm
  • EmerCoin (EMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that enables international payments for practically zero fees and without reliance on a third party. Made for the real world, it is completely global and decentralized. EMC is developed by ppc.fixx.ru team that has specifically designed it for real world transactions, employing emergent technologies to create a new currency with both long-term and real broad application. Emercoin was the first in the history of crypto currencies, to used STUN protocol that allows obtaining external IP addresses, instead of WEB-services.

    Emercoin – An Innovative Global Currency

    | 2014/11/14 11:56 am
  • Comkort is an Estonian based exchange that opened their trading services back in February 2014, offering a series of distinct features with an incredibly fast, secure and easy-to-use real-time trading platform. Since the beginning, the quality and uniqueness of the Comkort exchange trading services has been widely appreciated and the number of the exchange users has been growing exponentially.

    Exclusive interview with the Comkort Exchange

    | 2014/11/05 8:10 pm