• People who have been involved in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency will know that QR codes are an invaluable tool when it comes to sending and receiving money. Especially when you want to make a payment with a mobile device, there is nothing more fun than scanning a QR code to move BTC around. But what if we could use that same payment QR code, and attach a photo for each transaction? Using

    BitTorrent’s Shoot Lets You Send Photos and Videos Through QR Codes

    | 2015/06/16 10:15 pm
  • The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided that Delfi, an Estonia-based news website, holds responsibility for “defamatory” comments made by anonymous readers. Access, a digital rights organization, weighed in on the decision, calling it a “worrying setback.” Furthermore, the organization argues that the ruling contradicts the European Union’s E-Commerce Directive, which protects intermediaries that employ “notice-and-takedown mechanisms” to deal with user comments.  Also read: BTCGuild Shuts Down Because of BitLicense From Access: “Human

    European Court Says Website Liable for User Comments

    | 2015/06/16 8:12 pm
  • After an aborted closure of BTCGuild, when BitLicense was first announced, the company’s owner has now decided to close it for good on June 30, 2015.  With NYDFS using BitLicense to try and regulate businesses inside and outside of NY, the closure comes as no surprise; the owner has stated before he will not put miners and himself through the invasive and vague regulatory hassles. Even after the release of the final BitLicense draft —

    BTCGuild Shuts Down Because of BitLicense

    | 2015/06/16 2:12 am
  • Finding a job in the Bitcoin world is not as easy as one might think. While there are several companies who are looking to hire additional team members, the recruitment process is still the same as it is with any other company. Send in your resumé, have it checked by a representative, and hopefully you will land a Skype call or a meeting. But what if there was an alternative recruiting process waiting around the corner? Also

    Transparent Job Recruitment Platform Vettery Launches

    | 2015/06/14 3:00 pm
  • Combined, smartphones and bitcoin have created a whole new vehicle for sending and receiving money. With the widespread use of smartphones and the increasing popularity of bitcoin, it is not surprising the two have found a way to compliment each other. In fact, smartphones are poised to drive anonymous bitcoin transactions in a massive way. Also Read: Polychemy’s Necklaces Transfer Bitcoin Without Phones Welcome to the digital age. With a quick snap of a smartphone camera, QR

    Smartphones and QR Codes to Drive Bitcoin Transactions

    | 2015/06/13 3:00 pm
  • On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, the San Francisco Board of Education unanimously voted to expand computer science education to all grade levels. This new initiative will be funded by the Salesforce Foundation, the non-profit wing of Salesforce, a cloud computing company.  Also read: Comcast Customer Loses Email Address, Blockchain Technology Could have Prevented it Presently, computer science is not a widely-taught subject in the San Francisco Unified School District. In the Spring 2014 semester, only

    San Francisco to Teach Computer Science to all Grades

    | 2015/06/12 8:40 pm
  • Inside Bitcoins is excited to host its next bitcoin event on July 10-11 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The 2-day event will take place at the Navy Pier and feature the most pertinent bitcoin topics. Some of the sessions will be on blockchain-based Startups, investing, security and risk mitigation, fintech innovation, Bitcoin for non-profits, and mobile payments. Also Read: Bitcoin Meetup Growth Around The World (April 20th – May 19th 2015) Perhaps one of the most exciting elements

    Inside Bitcoins Comes to Chicago

    | 2015/06/12 3:00 pm
  • Vaultoro, a Bitcoin gold exchange, continues to build out its platform, now allowing users to instantly buy gold with bitcoin via a standard deposit. This service, called “Instant Order,” is meant to further the company’s mission to deliver a great user experience. Users can now tell the exchange to watch all the addresses that belong to an account (including addresses generated in the past), and place a buy order if any new bitcoins are deposited. Also read: Is Bitcoin

    Vaultoro Instant Order: Mining Gold With ASICs?

    | 2015/06/11 8:00 am
  • Stripe is an online dashboard that allows business owners to organize and manage their payments. The service offers a variety of features, including “storing cards and processing subscriptions to power marketplaces and everything in between.” Additionally, Stripe allows users to accept international payments, supporting over 100 currencies, including Bitcoin. Now, Stripe is launching an iPhone app, allowing users to manage their payments on the go. Also read: Stellar and Stripe Speak at the Future of

    Stripe Launches Mobile App, Could Bitcoin be a Better Alternative?

    | 2015/06/10 9:39 pm
  • When operating a successful business that sells products, proper warehousing techniques are essential to boosting ROI on those goods that are waiting to be sold according to Steve Banker, an expert in Supply Chain Management. Mr. Banker will be speaking at eft’s 3PL Summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum in Chicago next Thursday. Also read: Could You Run a Bitcoin Node Using DIY Home Security Solutions? Banker’s speech is based on a survey of 150

    Technology to Play an Increasing Role on Warehousing ROI

    | 2015/06/10 7:54 pm
  • The world of home security is slowly evolving to a more “hands-on” approach, where customers can buy an item such as a smoke detector, and tinker around with it to suit their needs. Flare is a new all-in-one DIY security device that resembles a UFO and comes packed with quite a few interesting features. Not only is Flare a smoke detector, but it also includes a 1080p camera, sensors [motion, temperature and tamper], a microphone,

    Could You Run a Bitcoin Node Using DIY Home Security Solutions?

    | 2015/06/10 4:20 pm
  • BNP Paribas, the second largest bank in the world, will be organizing a financial technology Hackathon in Brussels this weekend. Over the course of two days, various coders and developers will try to come up with innovative and creative solutions linked to one of four different themes. Even though Bitcoin is not officially featured, some of the participating developers may try to implement blockchain technology in their solution. Also read: Coinbase Announces Bitcoin Hackathon BitHack

    BNP Paribas International Hackathon Starting This Weekend

    | 2015/06/10 3:36 pm
  • It is no secret that Bitcoin has become a favorite payment method for hoodlums and malicious individuals. Just a few weeks ago, a lot of companies around the world facing threats of ransomware, which would only decrypt files after the infected entity made a Bitcoin payment. And now DD4BC, a notorious group of extortionists, are targeting Scandinavian companies with complex Direct Denial of Service attacks. Also read: Developer Creates Solution for Bitcoin Ransomware DD4BC –

    Bitcoin Extortionists DD4BC Targeting Scandinavian Companies

    | 2015/06/09 4:11 pm
  • Our everyday life is slowly taking on a more digital form, which is made possible thanks to great advances in technology. However, our imperfect knowledge about these technologies leads us to make errors, which often results in valuable information getting into the wrong hands. Australian supermarket chain Woolworths has recently learned this lesson first hand, accidentally leaking customer data.  Also read: Smart Contracts, Intelligent Investing Woolworths Forced To Cancel $1M USD Worth of Gift Cards

    Woolworths Leaks Customer Data, Blockchain Technology A Viable Alternative?

    | 2015/06/09 8:00 am
  • In a series of announcements at its developers conference, Apple has revealed a number of expansions for the Apple Pay Digital Payment service. The biggest news is that Apple will expand the service and launch a UK market in the following month, making it the first expansion outside of the US. Apple Pay will partner with eight of the largest banks in the UK to support more than 70% of all credit and debit cards

    Apple Announces Several Apple Pay Developments, Includes Overseas Expansion

    | 2015/06/08 11:19 pm