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Last Week of the Token Sale – How LAToken Became the #1 Tokenization Platform


Bitcoinist | Oct 05, 2017 | 17:30

Press releases

Last Week of the Token Sale – How LAToken Became the #1 Tokenization Platform


Bitcoinist | Oct 05, 2017 | 17:30


LAToken announces that the last round of their token sale has begun. The platform that makes hard assets tradeable in crypto and enables cryptocurrency to be used in the real economy has already raised $17 million from over 9,000 contributors.

[Note: This is a press release.]

LAToken launched the LAT Token sale a month and a half ago, right after building the first multi-asset tokenization platform. They believe crypto can dominate the global economy, and to bring the crypto expansion to multi-trillion markets closer, they enabled cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy and made hard assets tradable in crypto.

LAToken’s idea attracted thousands of supporters making LAToken #1 among tokenization platform by funds raised with $17 million contributed by 9,000+ contributors.

LAToken launches the last round of its Token Sale on October 3. Looks like it’s time to review their accomplishments once again.

Universal LAT Protocol to Tokenize Anything

They deployed an open Liquid Asset Token Protocol that ensures that the link between the token and the underlying asset is legally and technically enforceable and enables P2P contractual rights transfer on the LAT platform and crypto exchanges.

The protocol defines tokenization logic — the principle and algorithm of data sourcing, storage, and processing — across all asset classes and ensures maximum flexibility to include special characteristics of each asset. It also allows third parties to create new asset tokenization apps and enables a quick creation of customized asset tokens compliant for P2P trading on the LAT platform and crypto exchanges.

Thanks to LAT Protocol assets worth $600 trillion, ranging from equities and commodities to real estate and artworks, can be tokenized and traded in crypto.

Multi-trillion Dollar Market

According to LAT Crypto Research, conducted by 4 McKinsey and Deutsche Bank alumni, the total crypto market capitalization can reach $5 trillion by 2025. The exponential growth can be driven by asset tokens that can account for at least 80% of the total market by that time thanks to favorable regulation.

As a market leader, LAToken can experience an intensive growth, listing assets worth $1.2 trillion at the LAT Platform by 2025. Trading volume is expected to exceed $14 trillion as the transaction costs fall to 0.001–0.01%.

LAT is well-positioned to become one of the most stable and popular currencies as the demand for LAT is expected to grow in line with the trading volumes.

Game-Changing Platform

LAT Platform already allows trading tokenized shares of Apple, Tesla, Google, and other blue chips, as well as gold, oil, and real estate ETFs via cryptocurrencies.

This is a good opportunity to a diversify crypto portfolio without converting to fiat. Owners of illiquid assets, such as real estate or works of art, can tokenize them and sell by fractions with a liquidity premium estimated at 10–40%. Fiat traders can prefer LAToken to NASDAQ due to lower transaction costs and 24/7 availability.

Mitchell Manoff, Co-Founder and CEO of Corinthian Partners and LAToken Advisor with 42 years of experience in finance, states:

Businesses succeed, if they provide a solution to a problem which affects a large market. Finding liquidity for illiquid assets is a trillion dollar market. LAToken has found a solution to this global problem.

Top-notch Team and Advisors

LAToken expanded the team to 30+ world-class entrepreneurial professionals from global corporations, like Barclays, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, etc. LAToken also attracted top-notch experts from financial institutions, IT, and security companies to its Advisory Board, that now includes Cecilia Mueller Chen (UBS, Deutsche Boerse), Bradley Rotter (Rivetz), Anish Mohammed (Hyperloop), Mitchell Manoff (Corinthian Partners), Michael Terpin, and others.

Michael Jones, former CEO of MySpace, CEO of Science Inc., and Dollar Shave Club investor, who has recently joined the LAToken’s Advisory Board, says:

LAT Platform has added tremendous value to Blockchain implementation and has revolutionized how cryptocurrency is traded in the real economy.

Don’t miss the chance to join the community and bring crypto expansion to real markets closer. Contribute at

You can find detailed instructions on how to contribute here.

Images courtesy of LAToken.

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