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Polychemy’s Necklaces Transfer Bitcoin Without Phones


Polychemy’s Necklaces Transfer Bitcoin Without Phones


Polychemy, a fashion technology company, is rolling out its unique Bitcoin necklaces. Users can engrave their Bitcoin addresses directly onto the necklaces and use them to transfer funds without a mobile phone.

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The elegantly designed Polychemy Bitcoin necklace will also help users keep their wallets safe & close to their hearts. They can store any type of data including names, messages, and URLs. The necklaces can be used to make Bitcoin payments. Polychemy offers options for personalizing the necklaces, creating the potential for each necklace to be unique to its owner.

3D Printed Personalized Jewelry

TBitcoinist Bitcoin Necklacehe Bitcoin necklace is part of this Polychemy’s plan to specialize in 3D printed personalized jewelry. The company believes in creating wearable works of art, thoughtfully made for each individual. Polychemy has experimented with the latest technology in the hopes of creating one-of-a-kind designs and accessories for its customers. Polychemy’s work has been featured in numerous news and tech sites including Techcrunch, Gizmag, and Trendhunter.

When the Bitcoin necklace project was launched by Polychemy, Bitcoinist interviewed a representative from the company to know about the product.

Tell us about Polychemy QR Code Necklaces? How it works?

Polychemy QR Code Necklaces allows our customers to engrave any-type of QR code data unto the surface of the pendant. Customers can engrave Names, Url’sand Bitcoin address too! Go to our site and enter text in the “name” field, and our system will generate a necklace for you. You can preview this design in 3D as well! Pendant comes in Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum. Free shipping. We Accept payment in Bitcoin, Credit card and PayPal.

What prompted you to come with such a product/service?

We have always been fascinated with Bitcoin, and are big fans of the technology. We wanted to give back to the community any way we can.

Are there similar services/product providers?

Not that we know of.

Why should cryptocurrency users trust Polychemy QR Code Necklaces?

It’s a simple QR code necklace. There are not moving parts or complicated electronics. It acts just like a paper wallet. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most secure.

Any special offers available these days for customers?

 Yes! Customers can share on Facebook and Gmail, and get up to 30% discount.

What do you think about these necklaces? Let us know in the comments below!

Image source : PixaBay

Disclaimer: The author of this article is in no way associated with Polychemy nor does he have any vested interest with the company.

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