World’s Richest 22 Men Are Worth The Same As All 325 Million Women In Africa: Oxfam

“Wealth inequality remains shockingly high.” This is the sobering conclusion of Oxfam’s latest report, published on the eve of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020. The...

Bitcoinist | 9 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey-Supported African Crypto Startup Hits $1M Volume

Bit Sika, a Jack Dorsey-approved crypto remittance startup from Africa, has already hit $1 million in transactions after launching only four months ago. Jack Dorsey’s African...

Ali | 10 months ago
binance chain stablecoin

Africa’s First Stablecoin is Built on Binance Chain

Africa’s first stablecoin, the Africa Stable-Coin(ABCD) is backed by Nigeria’s national currency, the Naira. Also, the fiat-backed crypto is built on Binance’s native...

Himadri Saha | 11 months ago
BTC in nigeria very famous
Bitcoin Acceptance

Bitcoin Usage in Nigeria Surging Despite Govt. Caveats

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has warned that bitcoin and digital currencies are not legal tenders but Nigerians don’t seem to care.  Bitcoin Adoption Rising Despite Apex...

Himadri Saha | 11 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Sees Big Future for Bitcoin in Africa

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently published a tweet in which he announces his move to Africa, as he believes that the continent will ‘define the future.’ Africa has always...

Ali | 11 months ago
Major South African Bank CLoses Crypto Exchange Accounts

Major South African Bank Closes Crypto Exchange Bank Accounts

FNB, one of the ‘big five’ South African bank is closing down accounts operated by crypto exchanges in the country. The bank, however, says the emergence of clear-cut...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 11 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Sets Sight on African Bitcoin Market

Twitter and Square chief, Jack Dorsey, is meeting with African tech entrepreneurs as the bitcoin bull sets sight on the continent’s growing crypto industry. Twitter CEO Heads to...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 12 months ago
bitcoin zimbabwe

African Bitcoin Exchange Founder Vanishes, Claiming Lost Wallet Password

Bitcoin by design is secure, for people to be their own banks it needs to be. Responsibility for your own assets and private keys is of paramount importance, even more so if you are a...

Martin Young | 12 months ago
Bitcoin south africa
Bitcoin Acceptance

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin is So Popular in South Africa

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, continue to thrive in South Africa even as such interest comes with a multitude of scams and fraudulent investment schemes. The country even...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 1 year ago
Bitcoin africa globe

Bitcoin Most Popular in Africa Right Now

The Google search trends of “Bitcoin” term have moved from Western countries to Asia and Eastern Europe throughout the years and recently landed in Africa, according to Binance...

Anatol Antonovici | 1 year ago
Panerora remittance ethereum platform

Disrupting the peer to peer remittance market with Panerora ICO

While the remittance market has been largely dominated by banks and financial institutions up until a few years ago, more and more fintech startups are leveraging blockchain to obtain...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago

Bringing Better Bitcoin Awareness To Botswana

SatoshiCentre in Botswana has been a Bitcoin educator and FinTech incubator since 2014, and is driving innovation in one of Africa’s most prospering crypto country.  Bitcoin...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago

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