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    AlphaBay Taken Down, Alleged Administrator Commits Suicide, Dark Web Users Sent Into A Frenzy

    The biggest Dark Web marketplace was seized and shut down through a coordinated law enforcement operation across 3 countries, sending ripples of shock-waves across the Dark Web community. Alphabay Goes Dark Heir to the Silk Road, AlphaBay had long dominated the Dark Web markets but went conspicuously offline about a week ago, prompting a wide range of speculation and conspiracy theories within the Dark Web community. The Wallstreet Journal reported that law enforcement agencies from the U.S., Canada,

    · July 14, 2017 · 10:00 pm
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    Alphabay Dark Market to Accept Zcash in July

    Darknet marketplace “Alphabay” has announced that it will allow vendors to accept Zcash alongside Bitcoin and Monero. Zcash is Coming to Alphabay The announcement was posted on Reddit on May 25th, 2017. It reads: We decided to move forward and we will accept Zcash payments starting July 1st, 2017. Alphabay is one of the most popular online “Dark marketplaces.” Previously, it only allowed their vendors to accept Bitcoin and Monero as payment. The website is thought to be hosted

    · May 25, 2017 · 8:00 am
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    Altcoin Report: Europecoin Is Back in Action

    GameCredits gets bigger than ever, privacy issues surface surround Monero, and an intimate look at Europecoin. Welcome to our second altcoin report! Read on to get the latest news. Also read: Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Crashes From DOS Attack GAMECREDITS London-based cryptocurrency platform GameCredits is not even two years old, but it’s making a massive name for itself with help from China. This country now lists it on Yuanbao, one of its largest digital currency

    · October 20, 2016 · 12:14 pm
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    Industry Report: The Digital Drug World Just Got a Lot More Private

    Drug dealers find solace in Monero, Shopawl accepts bitcoin, and the era of traditional banking may finally come to an end. Check out the stories below to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news. Also read: Industry Report: A Week of Shakeups in the Tech World MONERO MAKES DRUG TRADING MORE PRIVATE At just two years old, Monero is one of the world’s newest altcoins. Despite its lack of experience in the

    · September 1, 2016 · 9:00 am
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    Bitcoin Users Are Getting Scammed On AlphaBay Deep Web Marketplace

    With all of the focus on the deep web and underground marketplaces, there is a lot of discussion as to which deep web marketplace is the “best’ right now. Plenty of users seem to be for AlphaBay, and their subreddit is filled with a lot of illegal deals and complaints about Bitcoin users being scammed. Also read: OpenBazaar’s ‘Ambitious Destination’ The AlphaBay Deep Web Market There are many deep web marketplaces available to users, yet

    · May 11, 2016 · 5:11 am