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    Bitcoin Plummets $600 Following Volatile Thursday Trading

    Bitcoin’s price suffered more losses on Friday following Thursday’s drop and subsequent rebound, plummeting 25% in a single day. While it appeared that Bitcoin had regained its historic upward momentum following Thursday’s $500 drop, Friday proved even more turbulent as prices dived $600 from $2.5k towards $1.9k. As of Saturday afternoon, Bitcoin’s price appears to have stabilized around $2.1k. What Goes Up, Must Come Down Bitcoin’s price drop follows a week of unprecedented growth, in which it

    · May 27, 2017 · 5:51 pm
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    Bitcoin’s $500 Price Drop Sets Community Abuzz

    Bitcoin prices dropped yesterday from $2800 down to $2460, sparking concern and speculation across the cryptocurrency community. The large drop in value has come alongside the largest Bitcoin Bull run in the currencies history, it caused panicked posts on social media with one Reddit user posting; “What the hell happened with the drop from 2800 to 2460?!!!!!” – TakinBackMyLove, a distressed Reddit user. Many other new Bitcoin users, drawn to cryptocurrency investment by the current upward cycle

    · May 26, 2017 · 12:00 pm
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    Bitcoin Price Loses Another $100 in Value – Here’s Why

    Bitcoin has suffered back-to-back losses, losing over 7% in value on Friday and over $2 Billion in market cap over the last 48 hours. Bitcoin price has fallen under $1100 USD for the first time in almost a month. Here, we break down the reasons and the industry fallout. Apparently, the most powerful companies in the Bitcoin community feel a hard fork is becoming all but inevitable. Their statement surely stunned the investment market. Many

    · March 18, 2017 · 11:00 am
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    Bitcoin Price Drops: Where do We Go From Here?

    A bit of a fall has occurred on bitcoin’s side. Since our last price piece, the bitcoin price has stumbled by about $12 and now hovers at $628. Also read: Bitcoin Price Breaks $640, Are We About to Go Even Higher? Bitcoin Price Heading South? One source writes: “The levels in focus moving forward are in terms support to the downside at 629, and in-term resistance to the upside at 632. Just as with this morning,

    · October 21, 2016 · 8:00 am
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    Bitcoin Price Suffers Nasty Plunge, but It’s Too Early to Panic

    Some unfortunate news is in the bitcoin books. Following an outage of global digital currency exchange Bitfinex, everybody’s favorite coin has undergone quite a plunge, and is hovering around $671 USD at press time, a drop of nearly $100 in the last 48 hours. Also read: Bitcoin Price to Hit $1,000 Again? The Rally Continues Bitcoin Price Plunges Following Bitfinex Outage As Bitcoinist.net recently wrote: “The Bitcoin price has taken a tumble today with the Bitfinex trading outage,

    · June 22, 2016 · 9:00 am
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    Will the Bitcoin Price Hang Where It Is for a Little While?

    Since our previous look at the bitcoin price, bitcoin has enjoyed a hike of about two dollars. It’s not terrible; after all, any rise in price is something worth celebrating, but at the same time, $2 is nothing to jump and holler about. Considering bitcoin’s operations in the past, it’s probably safe to say that Bitcoin has found a spot to hover close and settle down for at least a little while. Also read: Bitcoin Price Stagnates, What

    · May 15, 2016 · 5:00 am