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  • Binance Seeks Bounty Hunters to Track Hackers - $250,000 Reward Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchange, News, News teaser

    Binance Seeks Bounty Hunters to Track Hackers – $250,000 Reward

    The attempted breach of Binance’s systems on March 7 sent a wave of fear through the crypto community. Binance is one of the world’s largest exchanges with over a billion dollars in daily trade volume. Many traders still leave a lot of their assets on the exchange so it is holding a very large pot at any one time which makes it a lucrative target, far bigger than any traditional bank. The company has realized

    · March 12, 2018 · 3:00 am
  • Florida Department of Citrus manager arrested for crypto mining Bitcoin, News, News teaser

    Infraud Kingpin Arrested, More Than 100,000 Bitcoins Seized by Thai Police

    The reigning kingpin of cybercrime marketplace Infraud was reportedly arrested in Thailand, after which law enforcement officers seized over 100,000 Bitcoins — currently worth roughly $822 million. Infraud on the Run Sergey Medvedev, 31, was reportedly arrested by heavily armed police officers in Thailand on Feb. 2.  Medvedev is the co-founder of Infraud, an online marketplace for criminal buyers and sellers interested in stolen identities, stolen credit card information, credit card skimming devices, ATM compromisers,

    · February 11, 2018 · 7:00 pm
  • Past Hacks Linked to North of the Wall Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Security, News, News teaser

    Is The Meteoric Rise In Cryptocurrencies Triggering More Cyber Attacks?

    The cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high as coins recover from a  brief holiday bear season into a bullish New Year. But could this unprecedented growth in value attract cybercriminals? Currently, there is a huge bullish run by Bitcoin and other alternate coins on the cryptocurrency market even with the recent correction that saw Bitcoin slightly drop in value over the holidays. However, now that the New Year has kicked off, cryptocurrencies are going

    · January 7, 2018 · 2:00 pm
  • Past Hacks Linked to North of the Wall Bitcoin, Bitcoin Security, Breaking Bitcoin News, News, News teaser

    Crypto Caper! Austrian Man has $117K in Bitcoin Stolen Over Public WIFI Network

    $117,000 worth of Bitcoin was reportedly stolen from an Austrian man’s laptop in Vienna after he logged onto a public WIFI network at the restaurant he was eating in. The as yet unnamed victim, as reported by CBS News, told authorities that his Bitcoin was transferred from his wallet after he logged onto a public WIFI network at a restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria. Police have so far been unable to confirm whether the victim’s computer had

    · November 25, 2017 · 1:45 pm
  • Hackers Breach Amazon Cloud to Mine Bitcoin Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Hackers Breach Amazon Cloud to Mine Bitcoin

    According to a recent report by security intelligence group RedLock, hackers were able to breach into the Amazon Cloud services of two companies in order to mine Bitcoin. Amazon Cloud Used for Bitcoin Mining In a recent article, Business Insider reported that hackers were able to hack into the AWS cloud services’ infrastructure of two companies in order to mine Bitcoin. According to the security firm RedLock, the two affected companies were Aviva and Gemalto. The security firm

    · October 8, 2017 · 9:00 pm
  • Equifax Hackers Demand a $2.3 million Bitcoin Ransom ‘Or Else’ Bitcoin, News, News teaser

    Equifax Hackers Demand a $2.5 million Bitcoin Ransom ‘Or Else’

    Alleged hackers of the credit reporting agency Equifax are demanding a $2.3 million ransom in bitcoins. The Equifax Hack On September 7, 2017, news broke that the credit report agency Equifax was the victim of a major data leak. According to reports, hackers were able to access highly sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other personal data of 143 million US citizens. Experts suggest that the Equifax leak is among the

    · September 9, 2017 · 1:16 pm
  • Enigma Bitcoin, Bitcoin Security, Ethereum, News, News teaser

    Over $500,000 Stolen in Enigma ICO Hack

    Hackers were able to breach into the landing page and social media accounts of Enigma and nab $500,000 worth of Ethereum from users. $500K Nabbed from Enigma The Enigma Catalyst project main idea is to offer a platform that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency hedge funds, by providing valuable investment data and strategies for traders. The blockchain project is being developed by a group of experienced MIT graduates. Many people are still struggling

    · August 23, 2017 · 3:30 am