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    Ethereum Funds Frozen, Token Startup Cappasity Says Bug Was ‘Hack’

    In a new development suggesting Parity’ recent flaw that locked up over 900,000 ether was more nefarious than previously thought, affected token startup Cappasity thinks they have proof the “bug” was actually a hack. Cappasity Thinks Foul Play’s Been Discovered The Ethereum community was rocked on Tuesday, November 7, after GitHub user devops199 deleted the library responsible for supporting approximately $300 million dollars’ worth of ether in Ethereum wallet provider Parity’s multi-signature wallets. The space

    · November 11, 2017 · 5:30 pm
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    Industry Report: Yahoo Gets Hacked, 500 Million Accounts At Risk

    A massive data breach at Yahoo, and IPFS prefers Ethereum over Bitcoin. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Take a gander at the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Poloniex Ditches NH, Santander Embraces Ethereum YAHOO Believing Yahoo to have been the victim of a massive 2014 hack, executives of the Internet and email giant sent out a notice last Thursday evening warning users of a potential data breach.

    · September 27, 2016 · 8:32 am