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    Interview with Max Wright, Writer of Bitshares 101

    Today we have a very interesting interview with the author of Bitshares 101, Max Wright. The release of Bitshares 101 happened last Thursday during which Bitshares was outlined.  Bitshares is a community of independent Distributed Autonomous Company developers known as DAC. DAC is a free market company whose shares can be transferred from person to person over the internet without the use of a third party. Without further ado, the interview: In your words, what is

    · December 27, 2014 · 10:00 pm
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    A Decentralized and Autonomous Future

    BitShares is envisioning the future of music with the launch of BitShares Music, but just what is BitShares anyways? According to the BitShares wiki: “BitShares looks to extend the innovation of the blockchain to all industries that rely upon the internet to provide their services. Whether its banking, stock exchanges, lotteries, voting, music, auctions or many others, a digital public ledger allows for the creation of distributed autonomous companies (or DACs) that provide better quality

    · October 25, 2014 · 8:04 am