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    Ethereum Nodes Crashing, Under Possible Attack

    The Ethereum community is reeling after what appears to be another attack on the network. All nodes running the Geth client appear to be affected. Also read: BitShares Munich Launches Successful 13-Day Pre-ICO Geth Nodes Running Out of Memory Ethereum developer and co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke posted a Security Alert on the official Ethereum blog on 18 September. Geth nodes, he said, were “running out of memory and crashing on block 2283416“. He advised users to switch

    · September 18, 2016 · 9:05 pm
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    Robin Hood Group Sold DAO Funds In An Alleged Attempt to Tank ETC

    The collection of white hat hackers, calling themselves the Robin Hood Group, apparently attempted to dump DAO funds they held in ETC in an attempt to undermine the cryptocurrency by crashing its price. Also read: Does Dash Have a Coin Cap, or Is It Infinitely Inflationary? ETC Dumped By Group Potentially Tied to Ethereum Foundation   The Robin Hood Group (RHG) was originally formed to benevolently hack the DAO to secure the remaining ether inside

    · August 18, 2016 · 4:11 am
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    Coinbase AMA: ‘ETC Was Replay Attacked on Coinbase’

    In the wake of the DAO hack, which had dire implications for the Ethereum blockchain, multiple exchanges acknowledged the existence of new alternative tokens, Ether Classic, based on the original Ethereum code. Exchanges accepted the new “ETC.” Ultimately, Coinbase worked towards the same. That decision turned out to be costly, as the exchange found itself in the middle of the war between Ethereum and its “Classic” rival. Also read: Silk Road Auction Could Help Bitcoin

    · August 11, 2016 · 2:09 pm