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    Ethereum Dice Game Etheroll Announces Crowdfund Opening Feb. 13

    Etheroll is an Ethereum-based, provably-fair and transparent dice gaming Dapp that enables individuals to place bets on the result of a 100-sided dice roll, with no deposits or sign-ups, using Ether – the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency in the world. [Note: This is a press release] Etheroll: Ethereum-Powered Dice Gaming Dapp Etheroll’s timing could not be better as it enters the crypto-gambling market and bringing with it, the much anticipated, fully-fledged traditional dice gambling experience to

    · February 7, 2017 · 6:35 am
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    Swarm Decentralizes Storage and Bandwidth Through Ethereum

    A new distributed storage platform has been announced, called Swarm. What is even more interesting is how this project is a native base layer of the Ethereum web three stack. Additionally, Swarm could also be used as a content distribution service, which opens up exciting opportunities. Also read: Bitcoin.com Launches Bitcoin Casino with Over 1000 Games and Free Bitcoin Bonus Ethereum-Based Swarm Has Been Released Similar to every project in the world of blockchain and

    · May 11, 2016 · 10:35 am