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    Could Blockchain be the Future of Football?

    The days when crypto and blockchain were relegated to the sidelines are long gone. This disruptive technology is slowly but surely being moved to the center of the playing field, even in the sports industry. We’re not just talking about eSports gambling platforms. We’re talking about real-world interest and well-known names who are showing a keen curiosity for how blockchain technology can be incorporated into this fast-paced industry. According to BBC, premier league football club,

    · May 5, 2018 · 1:00 am
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    Why Tokenization Will Be Key in Protecting Your Payment Data

    Card fraud at the Point-of-Sale (POS) has been on the rise as the security chip provides little protection for data stored after the purchase, and especially when mobile payments are factored in. This is where tokenization becomes relevant. [Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by Lori Ciavarella] Enticing Targets for Cyber Thieves The end of 2013 through to 2014 was a difficult time for merchants and data security. Huge corporations like Target and Home Depot

    · December 24, 2016 · 1:00 am
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    WhatsApp “Betrays Users” by Sharing User Info with Facebook

    The hugely popular messenger application, WhatsApp, has changed its privacy policy in order to share more user data with its parent company Facebook. Also read: Industry Report: Banks Trying to Beat Bitcoin WhatsApp Changes Privacy Policy This move has some WhatsApp customers feeling betrayed as it seems to directly contradict previous statements made by the company. It is also the first time the firm has changed its privacy policy since it was bought by Facebook

    · August 26, 2016 · 5:07 pm
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    TeamViewer Credential Breach, Bitcoiner Computers at Risk

    User beware if you’re a TeamViewer! According to recent reports across Reddit and elsewhere, we have come to determine that the remote viewing service has had a data breach recently, rendering account usernames, password, and 2-factor authentication details compromised.  Also read: Cyber attacks to the federal reserve under our noses for the past five years  TeamViewer Access Credentials Stolen As a casual Bitcoin user, if you have ever hired an external developer or perhaps used TeamViewer

    · June 2, 2016 · 9:38 pm
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    Factom Announces Partnership With Synereo

    On April 17, 2015, Synereo and Factom announced their new partnership. Synereo, the new decentralized social network platform, will integrate Factom’s time stamped immutable ledger for publishing and verifying digital data. Also Read: Factom Partners With Coinapult Peter Kirby, President of Factom, stated: “This is a great opportunity to use Factom’s blockchain technology to build identity and reputation tools and explore new ways of looking at the attention economy. Synereo’s social contracts will benefit greatly from Factom,

    · April 18, 2015 · 3:00 pm