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    Virtex Shuts Down Unexpectedly, Customers Lose Funds

    The Virtex bitcoin exchange has recently put its trading API offline without warning, and has left many customers without access to the funds they had in their trading accounts. One customer contacted Bitconist.net saying that he had $10,000 USD in a Virtex trading account that he could not withdraw when the exchange unexpectedly shut down. In addition to the offline API, the Virtex website is no longer available. When trying to visit the website, we were

    · March 5, 2015 · 6:07 am
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    What exactly is CoinoMat?

    Currently, the process of getting out of one cyrptocurrency and into another usually involves first selling that cryptocurrency for Bitcoin before you can make a bid for whichever currency you were hoping to buy in the first place. This not only adds fees by adding steps to the process, it also forces nearly all cryptocurrencies to be “pegged” to BTC. Meaning if BTC suffers, the entire market tends to suffer as well. Given the hostility

    · September 6, 2014 · 2:28 am