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    Australia: Firms Should Help Authorities Hack Encrypted Messages

    Australia is the latest country to announce plans for mandatory decryption powers against services such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Senator: ‘All Communication Will Use Encryption’ Stating concerns surrounding terrorism monitoring, Attorney-General George Brandis said that “more than 40%” of intercepted messages were encrypted. “Within a short number of years, effectively, 100 per cent of communications are going to use encryption,” local publication The Age quotes Brandis. This problem is going to degrade if not destroy our

    · June 11, 2017 · 3:00 pm
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    Senator John McCain Pushing Government Access to Encryption Protected Data

    US Senator John McCain told reporters that he will be holding hearings and will pursue legislation to require companies to provide the government access to certain encrypted user data. However, encrypted P2P platforms for secure communications are designed so that the companies hosting the services don’t have access to the content, which would create a problem if these businesses were forced to give up this information. Such legislation would require companies to completely redesign of many flagship products,

    · November 19, 2015 · 8:00 am