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    MobileGo Becomes 2nd Biggest ICO Ever, Netting Over $26 Million

    MobileGo has gathered over $26 million dollars making it the second most successful crowd sale in the cryptosphere, and the fourth in the world. [Note: This is a sponsored article] MobileGo Raises Over $26 Million & Counting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are changing the way projects are being crowdfunded, creating a new generation blockchain-based tokens like appcoins and assets. Although ICOs started with Mastercoin’s relatively modest sum of roughly 500,000 USD, they are now taking

    · May 19, 2017 · 9:30 am
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    GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

    On Thursday morning, Datcroft Games announced a partnership with GameCredits to bring secure and seamless use of in-game cryptocurrency to a vast community of gamers and developers using natively-developed, back-end blockchain technology. Also Read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Founded in 2016, GameCredits enables game developers to use the “GAME” token securely for MMORPGs and other games. The first roll-out is within the popular game Fragoria, which already has a user base of 8 million. Gamers

    · November 3, 2016 · 7:00 am
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    Altcoin Report: Europecoin Is Back in Action

    GameCredits gets bigger than ever, privacy issues surface surround Monero, and an intimate look at Europecoin. Welcome to our second altcoin report! Read on to get the latest news. Also read: Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Crashes From DOS Attack GAMECREDITS London-based cryptocurrency platform GameCredits is not even two years old, but it’s making a massive name for itself with help from China. This country now lists it on Yuanbao, one of its largest digital currency

    · October 20, 2016 · 12:14 pm
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    ‘GAME Changer’ Announced at Coinsbank Blockchain Summit in Turkey

    The beautiful setting of the Mediterranean Sea on the Turkish Riviera welcomed some of the brightest minds in blockchain to the Coinsbank Summit. These industry leaders made major announcements, including a new gaming platform that utilizes expanded capabilities and in-game integration for cryptocurrency. Also read: Industry Report: Is the End of Bitcoin Near? When Ronny Boesing, CEO of Coinsbank, decided to have a “Blockchain Party” of some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry, he

    · October 18, 2016 · 5:48 pm
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    Money Demystified: How the Blockchain Offers Financial Safety

    Despite eight years revamping the world of finance, digital currency is still getting a bum rap. Indeed, we can acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin and the blockchain has thus far held a rather short life and faced excessive negativity and competition from traditional financiers, but is that enough to lessen its accomplishments? Also read: Bitcoin Price Stays Put, Can Traders Finally Relax? Since coming to fruition in 2008, Bitcoin has practically rewritten the way we

    · May 22, 2016 · 9:00 am
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    ShapeShift Leads the Week in Crypto News

    What’s new this week with cryptocurrency? It seems like virtual finance just can’t escape the spotlight, and no matter where you look, there’s always something going on. ShapeShift found itself in the spotlight this week, experiencing a hot wallet hack.  Also read: Cisco Researchers Discover Millions of Servers Which Can Spread Ransomware ShapeShift Things started out ugly when the digital currency exchange ShapeShift experienced a hot wallet theft that caused a temporary closure of its

    · April 18, 2016 · 12:00 pm