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    Bitcoin Is Not So Evil After All

    Bitcoin is being used to do good work. For example, donors are now benefiting from Bitcoin’s versatility by using Bitcoin to make their charitable donations more effectively, with greater transparency, and to enhance tax benefits. Bitcoin is Becoming the Currency for Charity As the Paradise Papers reveal, the powerful have been committing fraud on an unimaginable scale with US dollars and other fiat currencies, not with Bitcoin. Indeed, because of the transparency that its blockchain

    · November 8, 2017 · 6:16 am
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    Money Demystified: How the Blockchain Offers Financial Safety

    Despite eight years revamping the world of finance, digital currency is still getting a bum rap. Indeed, we can acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin and the blockchain has thus far held a rather short life and faced excessive negativity and competition from traditional financiers, but is that enough to lessen its accomplishments? Also read: Bitcoin Price Stays Put, Can Traders Finally Relax? Since coming to fruition in 2008, Bitcoin has practically rewritten the way we

    · May 22, 2016 · 9:00 am