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    Changelly Announces Partnership with Jaxx wallet

    Changelly, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its partnership with Jaxx, one of the most prominent wallets in the crypto community. Changelly’s API is going to be built directly into the application, allowing frictionless conversions between different cryptocurrencies available in Jaxx wallet. About Jaxx Jaxx is a multi-asset, cross-platform wallet designed to store, manage, send, and receive over 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Zcash. One of the key features of the wallet

    · July 10, 2017 · 7:52 am
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    Jaxx Wallet Now Live with Zcash

    Jaxx wallet users can join the Zcash party starting immediately, with live integration completed today. Also read: Money 20/20 Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Zcash User Demand Drove Jaxx Integration Decentral, which created the universal blockchain wallet, said it was responding to significant community demand and interest in Zcash. Jaxx also aimed to ensure Zcash was ready as close as possible to its official launch date. As of Tuesday morning EST, Zcash is immediately available on

    · November 1, 2016 · 11:29 pm
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    Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Embraces the Hard Fork

    Ethereum Classic undergoes a successful hard fork, Zcash prepares for its grand introduction, and Jaxx adds Litecoin. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Monero Shutting Down Until January ETHEREUM CLASSIC Following a recent DDoS attack, Ethereum Classic has undergone a successful hard fork to set things “back to normal.” This is not the first time such a move has been executed, and unfortunately, the

    · October 27, 2016 · 8:00 am
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    Industry Report: Is the End of Bitcoin Near?

    Quantum computers may end Bitcoin, all episodes of Trust Disrupted are available to view, and Jaxx vows to go international. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Japanese TV Educating People on Bitcoin? TRUST DISRUPTED The new show, brought to you by TechCrunch, is now completely available for audiences’ viewing pleasure. The first season of the show, which delves deeply into digital currency

    · October 18, 2016 · 3:31 pm
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    Jaxx Announces Plans to Go International After Augur Integration

    On October 6, 2016,  Decentral made the decision to integrate the Augur coin, REP, onto its multi-platform wallet, Jaxx. This decision created some buzz around the crypto-community, and CEO Anthony Di Iorio says there is still more to come. Also read: Industry Report: Japanese TV Educating People on Bitcoin? Augur Joins a Growing Number of Platforms on Jaxx Jaxx’s addition of Augur’s recently released currency gives users the option of 8 different platforms to choose

    · October 13, 2016 · 12:26 pm
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    Industry Report: Apple Eases Up On Crypto

    KPMG launches its blockchain services, a donor graces the African Water Project with bitcoin, and Apple loosens up. Want to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Apple’s Got a New Grudge Against Crypto BITCOIN DONOR An anonymous bitcoin donor has granted 38 coins (valuing nearly $23,000 USD) to the Water Project in Africa. Clean water and sanitation will now be provided for an

    · September 17, 2016 · 12:06 pm
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    Jaxx To Be First Dash Wallet for iOS

    Jaxx, the “multi-token and multi-platform blockchain wallet” is expanding this week to include support for Dash, according to its developers. This is indeed notable news as the Decentral team builds out support for more cryptocurrencies. Also read: Industry Report: News Surrounding Bitfinex Gets Weirder The news is significant as Jaxx.io will become the first Dash wallet for the iOS platform. Jaxx is also available for Android, as a desktop app for Windows, OSX and Linux,

    · August 9, 2016 · 9:28 pm
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    Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift Conversion Option

    The Jaxx wallet solution continues to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Not only has the wallet added support for The DAO tokens, but the team also interacted ShapeShift. This will allow users to convert between all three wallet-supported currencies within the app itself. Adding more functionality to a cryptocurrency wallet is always a positive thing. Jaxx has always been priding itself on supporting multiple currencies, and the addition of The DAO token is a

    · June 11, 2016 · 5:04 am