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    How Does the Dash DAO Work?

    All decentralized, blockchain-based networks are DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations — a fact not commonly discussed. But what precisely is a DAO, anyway? And is any form more effective than another?  Also read: Dash: The Original DAO The current makeup and performance-to-date of Dash’s DAO is found in this video: Dash: A More Sophisticated DAO? A DAO can be summed up as an organization of people who communicate with each other via a “network protocol,”

    · June 23, 2016 · 5:00 am
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    Node40 Announces New Price Points For Dash Masternode Hosting

    Albany, NY — Node40, the innovative masternode service provider, is announcing the addition of new price breaks for its users. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. “We’re constantly looking for ways we can save our customers money and remain competitive in this ecosystem,” says Node40 co-founder Perry Woodin. “The partnership we have with our customers is unique in the cryptocurrency space. Woodin adds, “Node40 consistently

    · June 4, 2016 · 2:53 pm
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    Node40 Affiliate Program Takes Off, Get Dash to Help Grow Networks

    May 16, 2016 Albany, NY —  Node40 eases the barrier to user-owned and operated nodes, offering an intuitive framework for the promotion and growth of robust decentralized networks. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. To encourage adoption, Albany-based Node40 launched an affiliate program that kicked off in early March. “We are a company that services incentivised blockchain networks … [and] we want to let the world

    · May 16, 2016 · 4:36 pm
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    Dash: A Digital Cash System

    “Hi, what can I get you?” “Small espresso, thanks.” “That’ll be 2,000 Satoshis.” You scan the QR code. “Please go to the ‘Awaiting Confirmation’ room on your left. We’ll bring your coffee once we receive four confirmations; should be about 45 minutes. Thank you!” This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on behalf of the Dash project. Sounds ridiculous, right? It represents a step backward from our current user experience. But this scenario is

    · May 6, 2016 · 1:34 pm
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    The Origin of Dash and the Future of Money

    The introduction of Bitcoin to the world sparked a revolution of finance and economics. Bitcoin set money’s value free from government constraint; now the value could be determined solely by the market. Instead of depending on centralized third parties for every financial transaction, people could exchange value around the world cheaply and in a completely decentralized manner. Bitcoin ushered in the age of truly digital cash. But Bitcoin isn’t the whole story. By creating an open-source

    · April 30, 2016 · 8:00 pm
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    Interview with Evan Duffield, Winner of 2014 Proof of Honor Award

    Evan Duffield is known for many things these days. He has revolutionized the altcoin world with the creation of Darkcoin, a cryptocurrency known for its privacy features unknown to other altcoins in its vicinity. He also brought to light a variety of problems in Bitcoin that he solved through the altcoin he made. I have had the privilege to interview Evan once before and was amazed by the calmness to his personality and how experienced

    · January 17, 2015 · 3:00 pm
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    Darkcoin: Improving on all Stages

    For those unfamiliar with Darkcoin, you better start researching on it as it had begun a new era of anonymous coins in cryptocurrency which is arguably the reason for which we see many anonymous coins these days. Coin Specifications 22 Million total coins X11 Algorithm 2.5 Minute Block Generation Decentralized Masternode Network Anonymous sending with DarkSend+ Difficulty Retarget through Dark Gravity Wave Darkcoin was launched at the beginning of the year, and the constant updates

    · August 27, 2014 · 5:19 am