Get Rid of Your Passwords - REMME Announces Alpha Release of its Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) Protocol
Bitcoin Wallet

Protect Your Online Bitcoin Transactions Using a Multisig Escrow Wallet

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity as a mode of payment transfer, it has become common for the average Bitcoin user to be scammed by an anonymous identity who...

Aman Ladia | 3 years ago

BitQuick Uses BitGo To Implement P2SH Multi-Sig Addresses

BitQuick, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform that connects buyers and sellers, has announced its integration of Pay to Script Hash (P2SH) multi-signature addresses through the...

Connie | 6 years ago
Coinkite Things

Coinkite Goes Free! Offers Privacy and Multi-Signature Wallets at No Cost

For those that may not know Coinkite, it’s an independent business that focuses of bitcoin wallets, along with multi-signature wallets, touts bank-grade security along developer API...

Clay Michael Gillespie | 6 years ago

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