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    Starving Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin Mining in Desperation

    Many people in the troubled South American nation have turned to Bitcoin mining in a desperate attempt to fend off starvation and keep their families alive. The once thriving South American nation of Venezuela has been sliding into an economic apocalypse over the last few years. The socialist regime of Hugo Chavez has been followed by current President Nicolás Maduro, and the economic policies put in place has transformed a country with more oil reserves

    · August 9, 2017 · 10:45 am
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    Bitcoin Liftoff? Now Venezuela is Ditching Big Bills to ‘Fight Mafia’

    Venezuela has announced the sudden withdrawal of its highest-value banknote, replacing it with coins ahead of a sudden major currency restructure. President to Mafia: ‘Stay Outside With Your Scam’ The country’s bolivar fuerte, introduced in 2008 and since almost crushed under inflation, currently comes in denominations of up to 100 units. The 100 bolivar note, worth around $0.02 USD on the black market, will be removed Wednesday, as Venezuelans have just 10 days to hand them

    · December 12, 2016 · 5:05 am