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  • Goodbye Bitcoin Cash? Microsoft: On-Chain Scaling 'Degrades Decentralization' Bitcoin, Companies, News, News teaser

    Goodbye Bitcoin Cash? Microsoft: On-Chain Scaling ‘Degrades Decentralization’

    Microsoft has concluded that so-called ‘layer 2’ solutions are necessary for Bitcoin to scale and is “collaborating” on the technology. Microsoft: On-Chain Fails To Meet Capacity Needs In a blog post on Monday, Director of Program Management at Microsoft’s Identity Division Alex Simons said that layer 2 scaling solutions, which principally involve the Lightning Network, are superior to on-chain scaling. Simons writes: While some blockchain communities have increased on-chain transaction capacity (e.g. blocksize increases), this approach

    · February 13, 2018 · 1:15 am
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    Antonopoulos, Demeester Agree Bitcoin is ‘Both Digital Gold & Digital Cash’

    Andreas Antonopoulos has supported an assertion made by Bitcoin investor Tuur Demeester that Bitcoin is “both digital gold and digital cash” as part of the ongoing block size debate.  Departure From All-On-Chain ‘For Good Reasons’ In a blog post Monday, Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos cited Dutch investor Tuur Demeester’s opinion on Bitcoin’s identity, saying he had “captured an important point.”  “We are not facing a choice between all-on-chain or some-off-chain,” he wrote. “We have already departed from

    · January 16, 2017 · 7:30 am