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    SegWit Wallet Support is Coming to Bitcoin Core

    A new pull request will likely see SegWit included in the forthcoming Bitcoin Core version 0.16 release, easing Core node access to the technology. ‘It’s Happening’ Activity from Core’s Github repository confirms the pull request by Core developer Pieter Wuille, which comes as industry and community pressure builds on Bitcoin entities to upgrade systems to handle SegWit. According to a previous release schedule, 0.16.0 is due to complete by May 1, and could now count

    · January 11, 2018 · 4:45 pm
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    Schnorr Signatures Might Be Bitcoin’s Next Step Forward

    The Schnorr signatures algorithm promises to help to address one of the most pressing problems affecting Bitcoin today: scalability. Additionally, Schnorr signatures could help protect Bitcoin from certain types of spam attacks. Schnorr Signatures Could Solve Bitcoin’s Scalability Problem An array of new technologies and schemes are being proposed that could help address Bitcoin’s scalability problem, such as Segwit, Lightning Network, and Schnorr signatures. For example, many view the Schnorr signatures algorithm as a simple

    · December 29, 2017 · 11:00 pm