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  • Sibcoin to Outdo Mother Coin Dash? Altcoin News, FinTech, News

    Can Sibcoin Outdo Mother Coin Dash?

    The cryptocurrency industry is full of altcoins, and their number has already exceeded one thousand. Due to the fact that most cryptocurrencies are open source, it can often take just one tech-savvy enthusiast to fork a virtual currency and thus create something completely different. That is how Litecoin came to be. The Birth of Sibcoin When it comes to these forked cryptocurrencies, however, the sad truth is that unless the developers have something serious on

    · July 8, 2017 · 12:00 pm
  • Sibcoin Launches a Decentralized Service for International Remittances Altcoin News, FinTech, News

    Sibcoin Launches a Decentralized Service for International Remittances

    The Sibcoin team has announced the launch of Perevod.io, a decentralized service for international money remittances. The service allows two parties to send each other fiat money through Sibcoin-supporting exchanges and requires no specific experience with cryptocurrencies, which fulfills the project’s promise of bringing cryptocurrencies closer to people. Perevod.io is applicable in numerous use cases, including operation in underbanked countries, bypassing international sanctions imposed on financial services, and avoiding excessive transaction fees inherent in traditional

    · June 23, 2017 · 12:30 pm
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    SibCoin Expands Its Reach to China’s Cryptocurrency Market after Tasting National Success

    SibСoin, a Dash fork cryptocurrency originating from Siberia has gained substantial traction within its homeland and plans to expand its reach to the neighboring country, China. To Russian nationals, the cryptocurrency is known as ‘Siberian Сhervonets’ (SIB). The platform’s official website has added support for the Chinese language to help stimulate interest among Chinese investors and crypto-enthusiasts. Created in May 2015, SibCoin was intended to cater to the needs of the Russian-speaking crypto-community and was

    · April 7, 2017 · 8:15 am
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    The Relevance of National Altcoins in a Bitcoin Dominated World

    The digital currency revolution has spread across the world. The ease of creation, distribution, and transaction associated with cryptocurrencies has made it easier for communities to have their own cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are referred to as “national cryptocurrencies” or “local cryptocurrencies”. [Note: This is a press release] The Dawn of National Cryptocurrencies The concept of regional/local currency dates back to pre-Bitcoin times. However, the blockchain adoption of such a concept is relatively new. The national

    · February 3, 2017 · 9:11 am