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  • ICOBox Provides Solution for Unregulated ICO Market News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    ICOBox Provides Solution for Unregulated ICO Market

    The sheer volume of money that has been flowing into crypto has raised eyebrows everywhere, with million dollar market caps being created over night. The ICOBox team has developed a platform to help new start-ups enter this insane world of lots of money. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] The Year of the ICO Hundreds of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have launched in the past year, giving blockchain based start-ups the opportunity to raise millions

    · September 9, 2017 · 12:15 pm
  • Bitcoin, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    China Bitcoin Meetup Sees OTC Trading & Exchanges Work Side By Side

    Chengdu, Sichuan province, China was a hive of Bitcoin-related activity as the city played host to three major events related to the cryptocurrency. Amid the excitement, OTC trading platform and Bitcoin services provider Bitkan hosted a meetup to discuss the OTC trading market both in China and globally. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Held on Friday, June 16, 2017, the meetup proved to be popular among Bitcoin enthusiasts, with over 130 people in attendance,

    · June 19, 2017 · 12:00 pm
  • ChipMixer : Building a Better Bitcoin Mixer Bitcoin, Online Privacy, Sponsored Article

    ChipMixer : Building a Better Bitcoin Mixer

    One of the pillars of Bitcoin’s popularity is also one of its biggest misconceptions and that is anonymity. It is true that Bitcoin is more difficult to trace than other types of transactions but it is not truly anonymous. Because of this, bitcoin users are continuously searching for new and better ways to anonymize their transactions. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers Traditional bitcoin mixers and tumblers combine your bitcoins along

    · June 6, 2017 · 4:00 pm
  • KIBO Lotto Bitcoin, Bitcoin Businesses

    KIBO Lotto Publishes Video Review of the User Interface  

    The first decentralized smart-contract based lottery, KIBO Lotto, whose ICO is planned for October 1, has published a video review of the gaming platform. This 90-second video shows what the KIBO platform gaming interface looks like. Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by KIBO Lotto. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services.  An Overview of the KIBO Lotto Interface The project has been in development since June 2015 and the gaming platform is

    · September 16, 2016 · 10:58 am