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    Civil: Fighting Fake News and Innovating Journalism with Ethereum

    Not to be confused with Civic, fledgeling startup Civil aims to curb fake news and innovate the journalistic process with the creation of an Ethereum based decentralised platform for citizens and journalists. The Modern Problem Nowadays, many news organisations are struggling to find a sustainable or profitable business model for their operations. Technologies like AdBlock and other similar ad-blockers have forced many news organisations to block content for ad-blocker users, effectively reducing traffic and potential revenue. Civil, is trying to solve this major

    · June 24, 2017 · 9:00 am
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    Is Bitcoin The Future of Micropayments?

    A micropayment is a type of payment that uses relatively small amounts of money to purchase every day items, such as food and drink. Now that bitcoin’s user base is growing, it may end up being the “missing link” that makes micropayments a viable option for everyone. Also Read: Thoughts on Bitcoin Blocksize Economics. The micro-payment idea originated with banks in the early 90’s. It was a pretty solid idea; load around 150 dollars on a card to

    · April 10, 2015 · 7:00 pm