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    California Proposes to Ban Bitcoin from Charity Raffles

    The recently submitted Senate Bill 741 would prohibit the sale of raffle tickets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the state of California. Raffle Yes, Crypto No A bill that addresses the regulation of organizations that conduct charity raffles in California was submitted by Tony Mendoza, a California State Assemblyman last week. Senate Bill 741 would allow non-profit organizations “established by, or affiliated with, a district agricultural association, county fair association, or citrus fruit fair association” to

    · February 22, 2017 · 12:00 pm
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    Industry Report: Apple Eases Up On Crypto

    KPMG launches its blockchain services, a donor graces the African Water Project with bitcoin, and Apple loosens up. Want to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Apple’s Got a New Grudge Against Crypto BITCOIN DONOR An anonymous bitcoin donor has granted 38 coins (valuing nearly $23,000 USD) to the Water Project in Africa. Clean water and sanitation will now be provided for an

    · September 17, 2016 · 12:06 pm