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    Russian Town Adopts Its Own Cryptocurrency to Replace Ruble

    Farms and businesses in the town of Kolionovo are adopting a new crypto-token, the Kolion, in loo of the ruble to transact. Kolion: A Response to a Shaky Economy Mikhail Shlyapnikov is a banker turned farmer that ran into issues when he tried to take out a loan out for his farm. Banks were charging absurd 12% interest rates for small business loans. Instead, he opted to create his own currency that was to be

    · June 6, 2018 · 12:00 am
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    Waves Addresses Wave of Fake News, Is Already Headquartered in Switzerland

    Waves, a popular open-source blockchain platform that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens, has officially addressed the rumors and false information being published in regards to the alleged liquidation of the Waves legal entity registered in the UK. Fake News Contrary to many unfounded and incorrect reports currently being published in the cryptocurrency-focused media space, the Waves platform is currently not in any danger — quite the opposite, in fact. According to

    · May 31, 2018 · 10:00 pm
  • Waves CEO: Security Tokens are 'Inevitable,' Platform Set to ‘Lead the Way’ Altcoin News, Blockchain Technology, News, News teaser

    Waves CEO: Security Tokens are ‘Inevitable,’ Platform Set to ‘Lead the Way’

    There’s a lot of talk about cryptocurrency tokens’ status in the financial world. Are they utility tokens? Are they securities? Or are they something else entirely? Three Types of Tokens Despite a brief lull in Initial Coin Offerings over the last few months’ bear market, the token economy in the cryptocurrency space is almost back in full swing. With that bullish momentum, of course, comes discussions over the regulatory status of tokens — and since

    · May 8, 2018 · 3:00 pm
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    Waves Launching Smart Contracts on Testnet

    On April 28th, Waves released the first iteration of smart contracts on its testnet. Now, activation is expected on May 3rd. A Careful and Considered Approach to Smart Contracts On Saturday, April 28th, Waves officially launched smart contracts on the platform’s testnet. This first release effectively allows community members to test non-Turing complete contracts. These smart contracts allow for a variety of account controls, in addition to other functionalities. Ilya Smagin, Head of Development for

    · May 3, 2018 · 7:00 pm
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    6 Reasons Why WAVES Is Undervalued Right Now

    At just under $6.84 per coin, Waves (WAVES) is currently the 38th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Given everything the platform has to offer, it’s rather obvious that the coin’s current price is incredibly undervalued. Here are 6 reasons why. Waves-NG is the Fastest Blockchain in the World It may only be 38th on CoinMarketCap.com, but Waves is #1 when it comes to blockchain transaction speed — thanks to its implementation a ground-breaking new

    · April 30, 2018 · 6:00 pm
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    WavesGo Lets You Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Gateway

    Waves’ new framework – WavesGo – makes it faster and easier than ever to deploy gateways for new cryptocurrency coins. The Waves Ecosystem Continues to Expand The Waves ecosystem already offers the fastest blockchain in the world, a safe and secure multifunctional wallet, a decentralized exchange, and the ability to issue your own tokens. Now, Waves continues to benefit the cryptocurrency community as a whole by making the creation of gateways easier and more seamless

    · April 2, 2018 · 7:30 pm
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    Crypto Platforms Unite to Self-Regulate ICOs

    Regulation is one of the primary concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies at the moment. Pretty much anyone can set up a blockchain, put up a fancy looking website, add some slick looking team members, and tout their token as the next best thing since sliced bread. At the same time asking for your coin to support them. Open source blockchain platform Waves is addressing the issue by setting up an independent regulatory body which will provide reporting,

    · December 11, 2017 · 11:30 pm
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    Burger King Russia Serves Up the Whoppercoin Token

    When buying a flame-grilled burger, you can get some cryptocurrency on the side as Burger King Russia has created one billion whoppercoin tokens via the Waves platform. Who knew that being asked if you want fries with that could mean getting some form of digital currency? However, such appears to be case as Burger King Russia is getting involved in cryptocurrency. The name of this new token is pure perfection for those who want their

    · August 24, 2017 · 3:00 am
  • Inpay Combines Ethereum Classic and Waves to Deliver a Robust Dual Platform Cryptocurrency Sponsored Article

    Inpay Combines Ethereum Classic and Waves to Deliver a Robust Dual Platform Cryptocurrency

    Every blockchain is comprised of a specific underlying consensus algorithm. It is this underlying algorithm that determines the governance and operational processes of a particular blockchain. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] No Blockchain is Perfect Products built on top of blockchain platforms automatically adopt the underlying protocol of such platforms. This explains the reason why not every program can be developed on every blockchain platform, and also why the functions of a particular project

    · July 8, 2017 · 1:59 pm
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    Waves Cryptocurrency Platform Explores Blockchain Scalability Solutions

    Waves Blockchain Platform, the Moscow based cryptocurrency company will soon have a solution for the scalability issue currently plaguing the Bitcoin industry. The platform already in the process of implementing few solutions in this regard. [Note: This is a press release] The cryptocurrency industry is not lacking initiatives. There are plenty of scalability proposals making rounds. The recently implemented SegWit is one such example and so is the possibility of increasing the block size. However,

    · January 21, 2017 · 5:00 am
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    Waves Community Token Improves Community Participation in Future Blockchain Projects

    The key aims of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency protocols is the democratization of money and technology. Waves Blockchain platform has continued the tradition by introducing Waves Community Token, a new framework for community-based organizations. [Note: This is a press release] Introducing the Waves Community Token The concept of Waves Community Token (WCT), built on the recently launched Custom Application Token (CAT) facility on its mainnet is not something new, but it is better than the

    · January 18, 2017 · 3:23 am
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    Waves Partners with Business Incubator of Higher School of Economics to Promote Blockchain Technology

    Waves Platform, the Moscow-based leading blockchain platform recently made news after announcing its intentions to develop distributed ledger based fintech and trading solutions. [Note: This is a press release] In yet another significant contribution towards crypto-technology, the platform has partnered with the Business Incubator of Higher School of Economics in the country to launch Pro FinTech Startup Program. Alongside Waves Platform, the National Settlement Depository will also be playing a significant role in the Pro

    · January 8, 2017 · 12:00 am
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    Waves Blockchain Platform Starts Focusing on Crypto-Trading Applications

    The Russian Blockchain platform, Waves is considering the implementation of blockchain technology into trading. [Note: This is a press release]  The company, led by Sasha Ivanov is looking into the sector with renewed interest after hosting the “Trading in the Era of Robots and Bitcoin” event at its office in Moscow’s Digital October Center. This particular interest of Waves is further fueled by the resilience of cryptocurrency traders who continue to trade Bitcoin and other

    · January 1, 2017 · 6:00 pm
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    Waves Releases Full Node Code to Increase Network Decentralization

    The Waves platform, a decentralized application (dApp) platform spearheaded by Australian-based loyalty program Incent, has released the open source code to enable supporters to set up their own full nodes. This will ensure the platform’s further decentralization and operation. Also read: Melonport AG Partners With Parity to Expand Product Vision Customers Can Launch dApps, Create Own Tokens on Waves By enabling the Waves platform to decentralize further, it will grow in computer power, become more secure, and serve as a

    · November 17, 2016 · 3:12 pm
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    Incent Brings Loyalty to the Blockchain With ‘Open Value’

    Incent Loyalty, an Australian-based company, wants to tap into the potential of loyalty rewards points through creating a tradable, “open-value” token called Incent, which customers use to gain and trade loyalty points near-instantly and worldwide. While low-cost blockchain technology helps to solidify storage, Incent Loyalty’s consumer facing applications can be personalized to align with the branding of merchant partners. Also read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Incent: Tokenizing Loyalty Rewards To provide

    · November 3, 2016 · 12:00 pm
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    Incent Project to Put $65B Loyalty Rewards Industry on Blockchain

    SYDNEY — Bitscan, a cryptocurrency merchant directory, has partnered with blockchain platform Waves to bring customer loyalty programs to the blockchain. If successful, the partners say their Incent Loyalty network will make loyalty rewards programs more useful and cost-effective. Also read: Industry Report: Yahoo Gets Hacked, 500 Million Accounts At Risk By utilizing the blockchain, the team says the platform allows merchants of any size to create customer rewards programs without incurring wasteful costs. The

    · September 28, 2016 · 1:35 pm
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    Mycelium Unveils New Wallet and Strategic Partnership

    The Bitcoin company Mycelium recently announced the launch of a new updated wallet service and crowdsale. The application will no longer be a “typical wallet” says the Mycelium team and the API will allow developers to implement their own tweaks and modifications within the platform. Alongside the company’s latest offering Mycelium is allowing people to purchase stake within the firm. So far the company has raised over 1,344 BTC equal to roughly $616,000 USD at

    · May 7, 2016 · 9:48 am