Evander Smart

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Global Price Spikes as China Market Hits $800 Per BTC

Demand for Bitcoin seems to be on the rise again in many countries throughout the world as the global economy shows many signs of self-destruction. Bitcoin Hits Highest Price Since...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Businesses

Death of a Bitcoin Dream: Founder Gavin Stevens on Bitphone’s...

Bitphone recently announced to its users via email that service was being closed down, and Bitcoinist caught up with Gavin about the circumstances surrounding the...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

Bitphone, The World’s First Encrypted Skype Competitor, Closes Down

Late on Tuesday, I received a very sad email from Gavin Stevens, founder of Solid Cloud, and creator of Bitphone, the first-ever encrypted, Bitcoin-accepting online video calling...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Technology

U.S. Federal Reserve Publishes Paper on Bitcoin’s Blockchain...

It doesn’t take much investigation to see that the establishment, the global financial elite including the U.S. Federal Reserve, are very impressed with the technology that Bitcoin...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Investment

Why Bitcoin Price Will See Huge Gains For The Next 10 Years

[Editor’s Note: The following article is an op-ed.] This article is for general consumption, but I’m primarily intending this for all of the Bitcoin haters out there. The...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago

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