Markets and Prices

Bitcoin Price Rally Breathes New Life Into Crypto-Related Stocks

The latest bitcoin price rally is also fueling a surge in the price of cryptocurrency-related stocks across the globe. Their value is seeing notable gains in the last couple of days...

Georgi Georgiev | Apr 04, 2019 | 14:00

Binance’s Official Crypto Wallet Adds Tezos With Staking...

The official cryptocurrency wallet app of choice for Binance has added support for Tezos (XTZ). Additionally, the app is working on introducing a staking feature for...

Georgi Georgiev | Apr 04, 2019 | 07:00
John McAffe McAfee

‘I Fu%*ng Told You So’ – John McAfee Declares...

Popular investor and prominent cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee reiterated that the Bitcoin market “has now turned,” suggesting that the bottom is in. His announcement...

Georgi Georgiev | Apr 03, 2019 | 14:00
federal reserve bitcoin

Federal Reserve System Briefly Goes Down as Bitcoin Boasts 99.98%...

Several users have reported that the US Federal Reserve Bank’s real-time settlement system has gone offline for a brief period of time. This prevented banks from completing a...

Georgi Georgiev | Apr 02, 2019 | 13:00
congress legislation cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Regulation

US Congress Introduces Two New Cryptocurrency Bills

US lawmakers are exploring new blockchain regulations. US Congress just introduced two new cryptocurrency bills aimed to address price manipulation and boost the country’s...

Georgi Georgiev | Apr 01, 2019 | 14:00
algeria bitcoin

Algeria Embroiled in Political and Economic Unrest – Time to...

Algeria, one of North Africa’s largest producers of oil and gas, is currently going through serious political and economic turmoil.  Amid the current unrest, it’s perhaps...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 30, 2019 | 12:00
bitcoin volatility

Bitcoin Declining Volatility Could Stage New Bull-Run, Analyst Says

The Bitcoin price volatility in March is approaching its lowest levels on record, which could precede the next prolonged bull run, says one analyst. Lowest Bitcoin Volatility on Record...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 28, 2019 | 11:00
bitcoin lightning network
Bitcoin Technology

Report: Running a Bitcoin Lightning Node Brings 1% Annualized Return

A new report by BitMEX Research reveals that the most profitable fee bucket for running a Bitcoin Lightning node has earned them an annualized investment return of almost 1 percent on...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 28, 2019 | 04:00

CoinMarketCap Concedes Fake Trading Volume Concerns Are...

Following a recent report by Bitwise Asset Management claiming that 95 percent of Bitcoin exchange trading volume listed on CoinMarketCap is fake, the popular market data aggregator...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 26, 2019 | 16:00

Binance In-House Cryptocurrency Launches Have Averaged 270% Gains

The Binance Launchpad platform has recorded gains of over 270% for its three Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) this year. With such returns, it’s no surprise that demand is now...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 26, 2019 | 11:00
bitcoin etf date

Bitcoin ETF Approval Date ‘Inconsequential’ – Says...

With the first dates for the SEC’s decision on Bitwise and VanEck Bitcoin ETF applications closing in, the Digital Asset Director at VanEck said that these deadlines are...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 25, 2019 | 12:30
binance coin BNB
Altcoin News

Binance Coin Soars as Next Launchpad Sale Will Be Lottery Format

Participation in the next Binance Launchpad project will be conducted through a lottery format. The move comes following countless community complaints associated with technical issues...

Georgi Georgiev | Mar 24, 2019 | 08:00

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