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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Gambling Site?


Nuno Menezes · @ | Feb 03, 2016 | 01:00

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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Gambling Site?


Nuno Menezes · @ | Feb 03, 2016 | 01:00


The online gambling industry has recently been caught by a heavy revenue decrease. Government restrictions all over the world have been threatening this healthy industry. The issue has influenced a lot of companies to start using digital currencies to freely provide gambling services tbitcoin-gambling-bitcoinisto users all around the globe. In fact, gambling has been responsible for bringing a lot of people to bitcoin. Many bitcoin users started to use bitcoin because they needed to find a way to be able to gamble without any restrictions.

Disclaimer: Bitcoinist does not endorse online gambling or any service. Use at your own risk.

Why Bitcoin?


Since its launch back in 2009, Bitcoin popularity has grown immensely. Its main properties give it the ability to avoid government control. Bitcoin is immune to certain regulatory restrictions since bitcoin gambling sites don’t need to apply the same regulatory framework that traditional gambling sites need to follow. Bitcoin can even be used as a workaround to surpass government’s restrictions and this has been attracting a lot of people in the online gambling industry.  Bitcoin is now turning out to be a great tool for both gamblers and gambling sites.

Some of the main benefits of gambling with bitcoin:

  • Players can deposit and withdraw anonymously
  • No need for third Parties
  • Play with lower sums
  • No need for third Parties
  • Pay and cash out with bitcoins
  • Provably fair gaming system
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • No need ID verification
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

Where to play with bitcoin?


Today, the bitcoin gambling industry is having a growing boost and we can already find a lot of gambling sites that exclusively accept digital currency. With the enormous quantity of bitcoin gambling sites from where to choose from, picking up a trusted site to put your money turns out to be a difficult task. For starters, you can check Bitcointalk to find a list of bitcoin gambling sites. You will find several options such as Bitcoin Casino, Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin Dice, Bitcoin Sports Betting, Bitcoin Binary Options, Bitcoin Forex, Bitcoin Lottery, Bitcoin Bingo, and many Other Games.

In this article, we will give our readers some hints on how to pick up the best and most adequate gambling site where you can have fun and be successful.

First, I’m betting, you will probably want to find a safe place to gamble and where you can keep your stack safe, and for that, you will need to find a trusted gambling site. You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing a gambling site:Online Gambling

Trust – Look for different information and reviews on gambling sites can be a great help. There were several websites reviewing casinos and other games, but few are aimed or designed with Bitcoin gamblers in mind. You can take a look at, where you will find excellent reviews that will certainly help you how to choose wisely.  They have a team of experts in both the online gambling industry and can provide you the best information.

Bonuses & other offers – It is common for many gambling sites offer a first user a deposit bonus and other free bonuses or free bets. You should try to find the one who can give you the best option. Other than that you can also attempt to find the ones who have the best offers for Rakeback percentages.

Events – Sites that promote big events are also a good option.  

Gameplay & Interface – Having a responsive and user-friendly interface is one thing to consider as well.

Player Volume – Another thing to consider (does not apply to all), especially if you are playing poker, is the number of active players. You should always consider finding a gambling site with a considerable number of active players.

Whether it is the classic roulette, blackjack, or Poker, you will need to choose wisely where to put your money. If you’re a casino enthusiast and are looking to start using bitcoin, before running into the first bitcoin gambling site, be sure to follow my suggestions and do your own research.

What do you think Bitcoin can do for the online gambling Industry? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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