Reading: ICOBox Token Store Launches with Two Exclusive ICO Discounts

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ICOBox Token Store Launches with Two Exclusive ICO Discounts


Bitcoinist | Dec 21, 2017 | 20:00

ICOBox Token Store Launches with Two Exclusive ICO Discounts Sponsored Article

ICOBox Token Store Launches with Two Exclusive ICO Discounts


Bitcoinist | Dec 21, 2017 | 20:00

The ICOBox Token Store opened on December 18, 2017.  The Store presents potential token holders with promising ICOs that offer limited-time discounts.

ICOBox co-founder, Nick Evdokimov, says that the idea of the Token Store is to grow the community of potential token holders by making available promising new tokens with no minimum or maximum purchase limits, while also offering the types of discounts that large-scale purchasers enjoy through typical ICOs. This should be a heads-up for potential token holders who normally may not be able to buy at the volumes that usually unlock attractive token discounts of 30% – 75% through other ICOs.

Evdokimov says:

We want to give the token holder community greater access to promising tokens. In turn, companies managing their own ICOs have access through the Token Store to a much broader audience of token enthusiasts.

ICOBox Introduces Connectius and INS Ecosystem


The ICOBox Token Store introduces two ICOs this week at generous discounts available only through the Token Store platform. Connectius is a blockchain as a service solution (BaaS) that promises to do away with e-commerce fraud through its blockchain technology and enables any e-commerce store to interact directly with their customers via smart contracts. Almost everyone does some sort of shopping online, but they may not be aware of the types of fraud that traditional e-commerce is constantly battling.

Up to 8% of e-commerce transactions are lost due to fraud, while another 60% of transactions are never completed. Connecitius’ blockchain technology reduces these e-commerce weaknesses. Token purchasers can buy tokens directly from Connectius, which has a hard cap of 31,000,000, at USD $1.00. However, token buyers who purchase through ICOBox’s Token Store have exclusive access to this innovative e-commerce technology at a 75% discount, where tokens are available for purchase for USD $0.25.

The next Token Store offering is INS Ecosystem, which aims to disrupt how the general public buys its groceries through its blockchain solution. Their technology allows consumers to buy directly from manufacturers, cutting out bulky retailer intermediaries. INS Ecosystem expects to cut costs to consumers by eliminating waste, long-haul shipping, and big-box real estate requirements of traditional grocery retailers. INS says its smart contracts enable manufacturers to run bespoke loyalty programs and reward their customers with INS tokens. Token exchange will be available throughout the INS platform.

This ICO has already reached 92% of its hard cap of 60,000 ETH. Tokens are available for 0.00333 ETH on the INS Ecosystem website, but make sure to check out the ICOBox Token Store where token purchasers can take advantage of a 33% discount at 0.0022222 ETH.

Evdokimov points out that through the Token Store, “we’ll be making even more in-depth choices regarding ICO projects that will be listed.” This means ICOBox will undertake a meticulous selection process for potential ICOs that will be available on the Token Store site. Selected companies will offer their tokens on the site at a fixed rate for up to one month only, with various levels of discounts available. Potential token holders should be sure to visit frequently to get access to amazing deals on interesting ICOs.

What do you think of ICOBox’s latest token offerings? What has your experience been with their new Token Store platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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