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Norbert | May 03, 2017 | 13:12 - a one-of-a-kind casino a one-of-a-kind Casino – Review


Norbert | May 03, 2017 | 13:12

Share have been one of the few individual operators that have been active since the start of the bitcoin gambling craze. While most casinos opted for well-known platform providers like SoftSwiss, Crypto-games decided to use their own proprietary casino platform. Without putting players off, the resilient operator has ensured the presence of provably fair gaming.

Where other casinos dazzle with heavy graphics and flashy design, stands out because of its attractive simplicity. Choosing to focus on technical flawlessness instead of bleeding edge design, Crypto-Games succeeds spectacularly. Available only in English, the site is rather limited in terms of languages for foreign players, however, the simple navigation compensates for this fact.

One of Crypto-Games’ biggest selling points is its anonymous play capabilities. Users are not required to verify their identity and there are no country restrictions, therefore players are accepted from all over the world.

Casino Games

Similar to their one-of-a-kind software, Crypto-Games sticks to the same simple and intuitive way of presenting their selection of games. Seeing as the provably fair gaming experience is part of the well-known crypto gambling site, players are well aware of the numbers required to walk away as the winner of the day.

Games on offer include the in-house version of Slots, Dice Games – along with table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Video Poker games are also popular on the site along with the pleasant addition of a cryptocurrency Lotto for those Bingo and Lottery fans.

Possibly the most impressive features of the operator include their integrated bet settings in each of their provably-fair games. Players have the option to set up user-friendly manual bets with a click of a button or use the automatic betting feature with the following customizable options: Base Bet Size, Payout Size, Action on Win, Action on Loss, Win Target or Loss Limit.

While active in the gaming dashboard playing your favorite game, there is also an opportunity to keep track of your full betting history in a secondary dashboard below, moreover, you may participate in an exciting live chat with other existing players on the site to share your winning experience.

Accounts / Funding

With 8 different cryptocurrencies to choose from, Crypto-Games is truly an altcoin gambler’s paradise. Currencies on offer include Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Gridcoin, Peercoin and Monero. The built-in exchange at Crypto-Games makes it easy to exchange cryptocurrencies on site.

Deposits and withdrawals are made via the easy-to- use dashboard located in the ‘My Account’ section of the user profile with an integrated wallet. Just like the traceable bets, users can keep track of their transaction confirmations on the site with ease.


If there is anything negative to be said about Crypto-Games, it is undoubtedly the lack of promotions, although this can be an absolute bonus for players preferring to play with hard cash and no wagerable bonuses. They do, however, have a number of generous giveaways:

There is also a simple monthly wagering tournament, which awards prizes totaling 0.85 BTC plus 4500 lottery tickets to players who wagered the most, as well as a generous set of wagering Tiers, which unlock new levels to the previously mentioned in-house coin faucet. Users are encouraged to wager more, in order to incrementally increase their designated prizes when claiming from a faucet every 90 seconds (one of the quickest faucet turnarounds in the industry).

All in all, promotions do lack for bonus lovers, however, an original approach to applying a faucet to wagering incentives has seriously got players talking on the buzzing in-game chat.


In addition to the many giveaways Crypto-Games offers, there are also investment opportunities to be had. All players are eligible to invest in the house bankroll and share in 70% of the profits and losses of the house. All cryptocurrencies combined, there is currently 2930 bitcoin invested in the house bankroll.


The team offer chat support via Zendesk, along with a support e-mail as seen below.

E-mail Support: [email protected]

In comparison with rival operators, support isn’t the strong point of, but it does suffice for general player queries as needed. Generally, support doesn’t seem to be a concern for existing players, looking at the overall efficiency of the operations of the site.

We would strongly urge players to use the ‘player chat’ feature due to the amount of seasoned regular gamblers present, who may be able to help with common questions.


Even though general licensing information has not been found on the website, the Crypto-Games thrives off their near flawless reputation when taking player comfort, safety, and privacy into account. With a seriously unique iGaming experience, Crypto-Games is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind casino to play at, should you be looking to spend your hard earned crypto coins on a spin or two.

Betting features such as the incredibly useful ‘auto bet’ are a must try. Paired with the frequent use of the much-loved coin faucet, even cheapskate players can enjoy an infinite amount of freebies prior to committing higher sums of their Bitcoin or altcoins.

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