Binance Labs Leads $5.5 Million Seed Funding Round For Play-to-earn MMO Heroes of Mavia


Heroes of Mavia is the next play-to-earn blockchain game building tremendous momentum. The recent $5.5 million seed funding round confirms there is a bright future for massively multiplayer online games bringing together players worldwide. In addition, the company attracted investments from numerous prominent investors, VCs, and angels in the blockchain space.

Investors Take Note of Heroes Of Mavia

The ongoing growth in the world of play-to-earn gaming and metaverse technology introduces a growing desire for blockchain gaming projects. Every game can empower its users through NFT technology, allowing them to claim true ownership of in-game assets. Moreover, players can earn in-game rewards, which are either used to enhance the gaming experience or provide governance rights.

Games like Heroes of Mavia do not come around that often. It is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game with a dual-token system. One token, RUBY, is earned in the game and lets users upgrade NFTs, acquire skins and decorations, purchase other in-game items, and much more. The other, MAVIA, is the governance token that lets holders vote on the game’s future and serves as a utility token for buying, selling, and renting NFTs on the built-in marketplace.

That approach has attracted the attention of multiple renowned VCs, investors, and angels in the blockchain and crypto space. As a result, Heroes of Mavia secured $5.5 million in seed funding this week. The team will use the money to develop the game according to AAA industry standards, expand the team with top talent, and grow its community.

The investment round was led by Binance Labs and noted participation from Genblock Capital, Delphi Digital, Mechanism Capital, YGG SEA, ExNetwork Capital, Double Peak Ventures, and multiple angel investors. Having substantial financial backing from the largest and most influential investors in the space confirms Heroes of Mavia is positioned to become a top play-to-earn game.

MMO Play-to-Earn Appeal

Today, most blockchain games on the market focus on PvP content with a small PvE campaign. However, they all reside within a narrow world with little variation. Heroes of Mavia will, as an MMO, ensure players benefit from varied gameplay and an overall AAA gaming experience. The game revolves around a fantasy-theme island called Mavia.

Players need to acquire a land plot on this island to build and grow their base. Expanding the base and army is possible through in-game resources obtained by attacking other players. It is a constantly evolving game as battles can occur at any moment. All battles will be live-streamed and recorded for anyone to view. It is the first time such video capabilities are integrated into a blockchain game.

Binance Labs’ Head of Investment Bill Chin adds:

At a time when play-to-earn gaming is exploding in interest globally, we believe Mavia and the team behind it is positioned to be one of the top AAA-titles in the space.”

Heroes of Mavia prides itself on delivering AAA gameplay and graphics, combined with cutting-edge GameFi features. Moreover, players can access the game by renting land or partnering with a landowner if they do not want to make a big upfront investment. That approach makes this MMO blockchain game far more approachable to those who may not have a [significant] cryptocurrency portfolio yet.