• Goldman Sachs has had its feelers in the cryptocurrency waters for a while. Now, the Wall Street giant looks set to take the plunge, having just hired a cryptocurrency trader to help the company expand into digital asset markets. High Profile Hire With Bitcoin looking rather bullish once more, Goldman Sachs is getting serious about cryptocurrency. Goldman Sachs has hired former trader Justin Schmidt to head the multinational investment bank’s and financial services company’s digital

    Goldman Sachs Hires Crypto Trader ‘In Response to Client Interest’

    | 2018/04/24 11:00 am
  • The combined cryptocurrency market cap has passed $400 million again for the first time since March 8 as Bitcoin price soars to multi-week highs. Bitcoin Price Bulls Are Back Data from major exchanges and Coinmarketcap shows that as of press time April 24, the implied value of all tracked assets has reached $421 million. Building on its latest uptick which began Friday, Bitcoin reached further highs of $9280 Tuesday, managing to find support at the

    Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $9K Driving Crypto Market Cap Over $420B

    | 2018/04/24 7:00 am
  • In what one senior analyst calls a struggle “to remain relevant,” Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been burning $12 worth of its own supply every day — hoping the increased scarcity will help in its fight against its dominant competitor, Bitcoin (BTC). ‘Purely a PR game’ Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a hard-forked cryptocurrency meant to solve Bitcoin’s (BTC) scalability issues, is up 100 percent against the USD in the last seven days. Trading against rival BTC, BCH

    Bitcoin Cash Burning $12 Per Day While ‘Struggling to Remain Relevant’

    | 2018/04/24 5:15 am
  • As the Bitcoin price continues to surge, trading at a 4.26% increase in the last 24 hours, the prominent investor and Bitcoin advocate, Tim Draper, says it’s ‘bigger than the internet.’ Venture capitalist Tim Draper remains ever so bullish regarding the prospects of Bitcoin. The early investor in Skype, Hotmail, and Tesla bought some 30,000 units of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization back in 2014 in a U.S. Marshals Service auction and revealed that

    As Bitcoin Price Surges, Tim Draper Says ‘It’s Bigger Than the Internet’

    | 2018/04/24 3:30 am
  • If Senator Leila de Lima has her way, crypto criminals in the Philippines will be facing tougher punishments for their crimes. Bitcoin’s fantastic price rise last year prompted interest from both seasoned and novice investors. It also garnered the attention of scam artists and fraudsters focused on taking advantage of their victims’ naivete with regard to investing in cryptocurrencies. If it Sounds too Good to be True… The fact that digital currencies aren’t governed by

    Philippines Senator: Harsher Punishment for Crypto Crimes

    | 2018/04/24 1:30 am
  • While countries around the world argue and dither over how to effectively control, manage, or ban cryptocurrencies, the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta is looking to become the blockchain capital of the world. Valour and Firmness (and Crypto) When it comes to effective cryptocurrency regulation and encouragement, Malta is years ahead of (most of) the competition. As noted by Bloomberg, the island nation’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has claimed that cryptocurrencies are “the inevitable future of

    Malta’s Prime Minister: Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Inevitable Future of Money’

    | 2018/04/23 7:30 pm
  • Gold has always been the primary standard by which we measure value, thanks to its continued demand as a currency, store of value and speculative asset. However, Bitcoin — often likened to “digital gold” — is causing investors to question gold’s dominance. A New Challenger Emerges Bitcoin’s first true challenge for gold’s throne came when the dominant cryptocurrency surged from under $1,000 to roughly $20,000 in 2017. At the same time, the price of gold

    Investors are Increasingly Choosing Bitcoin Over Gold

    | 2018/04/23 5:30 pm
  • In an attempt to halt a currency crisis, and over concerns related to money-laundering, the Central Bank of Iran has banned the banks of the country from dealing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has moved to prohibit banks from taking transactions which enable the buying, selling, or the promoting of virtual currencies. The bank’s move was reported on Sunday by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). As reflected

    Iran Bans Banks From Touching Bitcoin

    | 2018/04/23 3:30 pm
  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon be going to court. This comes after a crypto startup has put forward a petition contesting the bank’s conditional ban on cryptocurrency. Fickle is an apt term to describe India’s relationship with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. There’s no doubt that its population is all aboard the crypto train, showing a keen interest in the digital currency industry. India’s authorities? Not so much. The country’s Finance Minister

    Startup Takes RBI to Court Over Its Cryptocurrency ‘Ban’

    | 2018/04/23 1:30 pm
  • UK consumer advice personality Martin Lewis is taking Facebook to court over “disgusting” fake advertising using his name to sell “get-rich-quick” financial schemes. Lewis Lambasts Paid-Up ‘Scams’ Lewis, who has amassed a $175 million fortune from resources such as MoneySavingExpert.com, which ironically helps consumers avoid unnecessary expenditure, said Facebook had not done enough to remove fake ads using his identity. “Today (Monday 23 April), I will issue High Court proceedings against Facebook, to try and

    ‘Disgusting’: Martin Lewis Sues Facebook Over Fake Bitcoin Binary Trading Ads

    | 2018/04/23 11:30 am
  • The Lightning Network has almost doubled the amount its capacity in two weeks this month as more and more users expand the protocol. Lightning: 2 Weeks, 2x Capacity Data showing current activity on Lightning’s Bitcoin mainnet implementation reveals a network capacity of $148 million, up from $80 million April 10. At one point, over 2000 active public nodes were available to process transactions, which can confirm almost instantly for a fee of less than one

    Bitcoin Lightning Network Matures With Record 2000 Nodes, $150K Capacity

    | 2018/04/23 9:30 am
  • Dan Bilzerian, serial socialite and son of Armenian takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian, has told his millions of fans it is “time to get back in” cryptocurrency. Bilzerian And Bitcoin: Second Time Lucky? The outspoken gambler and internet personality, dubbed Buzzfeed’s “most popular man of Instagram” and whose net worth is over $100 million, hinted he was preparing to buy back into the market in a tweet April 22. Time to get back in crypto —

    ‘Time to Get Back Into Crypto,’ Declares Socialite Gambler Dan Bilzerian

    | 2018/04/23 7:30 am
  • Trading volume for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be down from its all-time highs, but the action for big-money, over-the-counter traders is starting to pick up. Big Money Movers As signs of life from Bitcoin begin to make waves in the broader cryptocurrency market, the amount of high-volume, off-exchange trades is starting to pick up. Circle’s chief executive, Jeremy Allaire, told Business Insider that Bitcoin trading at the firm’s over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk is heating up,

    Minimum Bitcoin Trade Sizes Double at Goldman Sachs-Backed OTC Trading Desk

    | 2018/04/23 5:30 am
  • Coinbase, the largest US Bitcoin exchange, has effectively shut off the account of WikiLeaks Shop as the latter has supposedly been ‘engaged in a prohibited use in violation’ of the platform’s Terms of Service. Shots Fired WikiLeaks Shop’s Coinbase account has been effectively suspended for being in violation of the platform’s terms of agreements. The original announcement was made by the official Twitter page of the shop itself: ANNOUNCE: Coinbase has blocked the official @WikiLeaks

    Coinbase Shuts Down WikiLeaks’ Bitcoin Account; Retaliation Follows

    | 2018/04/22 10:30 pm
  • As John F. Kennedy was wont to say, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Essentially, what benefits one, benefits all. When Kennedy first uttered those words, it was in 1963 and he was talking about the economy. Flash forward 55 years and – as the cryptocurrency market appears to be recovering from a depressing Q1 2018 bear run – the same sentiment is applicable once again. This past week has been extremely gratifying for crypto

    Home Run or Swing and a Miss? Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers for the Week Ending April 22, 2018

    | 2018/04/22 5:15 pm
  • After a 27% gain, it appears that the Bitcoin bulls are back in control!  Highlights Well, it’s certainly been an entertaining month for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin prices have finally started to reclaim ground that was lost in Q1. BTC prices are up 27% for the month, altcoins skyrocketed with many racking up double-digit gains and the cryptocurrency market cap is pushing $396 billion which is an amazing $150 billion gain from last month.  What’s Moving

    Bitcoin Price: Are Bitcoin Bulls Back in the Saddle?

    | 2018/04/22 3:00 pm
  • Can Bitcoin price post gains two weeks in a row for the first time in 2018? That’s the question traders will soon know the answer to as prices circle $9000 April 22. $9k: Bitcoin Tests Final Resistance Capping what many believe is a U-turn of its fortunes since December 2017, Bitcoin has increased in value by 35% in the past fortnight. From lows of $6487 April 1, before the first major rally kicked in later

    $9K: Bitcoin Price Sees First Consecutive Weeks in the Green of the Year

    | 2018/04/22 11:00 am
  • The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco believes that crypto lacks the core features required to define them as a currency. Late November and most of December last year saw both crypto cynics and enthusiasts wait with bated breath to see where Bitcoin’s price would soar to next. The latter group was not disappointed as the darling of the crypto world touched the $20k mark. In all of the excitement, it might

    San Francisco Fed Head: Crypto Is Not A Currency

    | 2018/04/22 5:00 am
  • Coinbase is about to cease delivering services that are essential for CheapAir to continue accepting payments in Bitcoin. As a result, the company is asking its Bitcoin customers help to find an alternative. Moreover, once CheapAir finds a replacement for Coinbase, it intends to also accept other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin. CheapAir Customers to Help Improve Digital Currencies Processing Today, CheapAir is facing a significant challenge to its ability to continue

    Coinbase Leaves CheapAir Hanging

    | 2018/04/21 11:00 pm
  • Hot on the heels of their Coincheck acquisition, Monex has stated that Japanese exchanges need to have tougher regulations in place. Japan has long been known for being a crypto-friendly country. In fact, they saw phenomenal numbers last year when $97 billion was traded in just one month. In addition, reports for the 20th of April show that Yen-based Bitcoin trades made up more than 50% of global trades over a 24-hour period. As regulation

    Japan Needs to Have Stricter Exchange Regulations According to Monex

    | 2018/04/21 8:00 pm
  • A woman in Illinois is facing up to 20 years in prison for a Bitcoin murder-for-hire plot she put in place against the wife of the man she had an affair with. Love can make people do horrible things, especially when that love is directed at someone who is currently married to someone else. Tina Jones, a 31-year-old woman in Illinois, has been arrested by police and is being charged in a murder-for-hire plot in

    Love Turns Ugly as Woman Arrested for Bitcoin Murder-For-Hire Plot

    | 2018/04/21 10:00 am
  • Initially dismissed as a fleeting, fringe trend by banks and regulating bodies, cryptocurrency was left largely untouched for a long time. For years, the crypto market was like the wild west. But as the cryptocurrency market and the hype around it continue to boom, financial players and governments are beginning to wake up, all scrambling to figure out just how they’ll conquer this new frontier while creating some serious arbitrage opportunities. [Editor’s note: This is

    How Various Countries Benefit & Suffer from Regulation Arbitrage Today

    | 2018/04/21 7:00 am
  • 28-year-old ex-realtor, bitcoin millionaire, and rapper, CoinDaddy, was recently interviewed by Business Insider. That’s some serious shizzle for a man who claims his songs deliberately “aren’t that good.” Let’s explore those murky waters where crypto and music meet. Bitcoin… blah blah blah… Rapper So I bet you’re just dying to hear the CoinDaddy story. It’s actually pretty short and sweet… In 2013 he met a guy in a bar who told him to put everything into bitcoin,

    When Two Worlds Collide – CoinDaddy and the Rise of Bit-Hop

    | 2018/04/21 1:30 am