• There are unconfirmed reports that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has set up a probe to investigate suspected Bitcoin price manipulation activities. According to Bloomberg, four unnamed sources revealed that federal prosecutors are worried that the market is overrun with misconduct. Fears of Rampant Spoofing and Wash Trading in Bitcoin The two major points of inquiry for the probe are spoofing and wash trading. Spoofing refers to flooding the market with fake orders, tricking

    U.S. Department of Justice Set to Probe Suspected Bitcoin Price Manipulation

    | 2018/05/24 11:00 am
  • Coinbase has taken another massive step in establishing itself in the emerging cryptocurrency market. The largest crypto exchange platform in the U.S. has acquired decentralized exchange (DEX) platform Paradex. Paradex: The P2P ERC20 DEX Paradex isn’t your usual cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a peer-to-peer (P2P) ERC20 DEX service that utilizes the 0x protocol. As a DEX, it offers users the ability to trade cryptos directly from their wallets rather than using centralized services like

    Coinbase Acquires Paradex, Set to Offer DEX Crypto Trading to Customers Outside the U.S.

    | 2018/05/23 5:00 pm
  • It appears Verge has suffered another hack, barely one month after the previous attack. According to reports filtering in on online crypto forums, the attackers seem to be using pretty much the same tactics at the last time. Hacker Used Modified Version of the Previous Attack Vector According to Bitcointalk user “Ocminer,” the attacker used a modified version of last month’s attack vector to spoof the blockchain. Instead of one algorithm, the hacker used two

    Verge (XVG) Hacked Again, 35 Million XVG Tokens Reportedly Generated by Hacker

    | 2018/05/22 3:00 pm
  • Tether, the long-controversial stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, has just generated $250 million dollars worth of tokens. Tether Supplies Rise to 2.77 Billion Tether is right back at it, generating $250 million dollars worth of Tether with a few clicks, as of 11:20 AM PST today. Although this is just breaking news, the ‘granting’ of large amounts of Tether has been a topic of controversy for many in the community in the past. The

    $250 Million Tether Grant: Here we Go Again

    | 2018/05/18 4:00 pm
  • Reports have emerged that the Mt. Gox bankruptcy trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi is gearing up for another round of bitcoin selling. According to Blockchain.info, 8,200 BTC was moved from the fund’s cold wallet. In response, the price of bitcoin has dropped below $9,000 over fears the coins may be sold on the online exchange market and not on OTC platforms. Bitcoin Falls Below $9,000 in the Wake of Latest Mt. Gox Selloff Bitcoin has been on

    Tokyo Bitcoin Whale Strikes Again: Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee to Blame for Latest Bitcoin Price Drop

    | 2018/05/11 12:00 pm
  • Vertcoin’s official Twitter account was hacked earlier today, with the attackers posting tweets attempting to scam users out of their bitcoins. ‘We’re giving away 10 BTC!’ At around 4:00 PM Tuesday, the Vertcoin Twitter page announced a fake Bitcoin giveaway as a celebration of Vertcoin’s success. The tweet asked users to send 0.005 BTC to an address to enter, with the winner to be announced on May 3. This is an all too common crypto-scam

    PSA: Official Vertcoin Twitter Account Compromised

    | 2018/05/01 5:00 pm
  • Oscar Mayer, the famous bacon brand has created a new cryptocurrency called bacoin. The company made the announcement on April 30, introducing the new coin.  Bacoin: The First Ever Bacon-backed Crypto Bacoin is a promotional campaign cryptocurrency that is backed by real Oscar Mayer bacon. According to the company, the coin is as volatile as other cryptocurrencies. Commenting on the launch, Matt Riezman, brand manager at Oscar Mayer said that: Oscar Mayer is the gold

    Introducing Bacoin, the new Porky Crypto from Oscar Mayer

    | 2018/04/30 7:00 pm
  • Taiwan is set to become the latest country to introduce clearly defined cryptocurrency regulations. The new crypto regulations are being designed to combat money laundering activities in the country. Anti-Money Laundering Cryptocurrency Regulations Qiu Taisan, the Justice Minister of the country says the laws should be in place by November 2018. He made this known during a recent conference held by the Taiwan Financial Services Coalition (FSC). Taiwan will play host to the Asia Pacific

    Taiwan Set to Introduce Strict Cryptocurrency Regulations to Combat Money Laundering

    | 2018/04/28 3:00 am
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW) has reportedly been the victim of a DNS hack on a day when Google appears to be having some issues. Social media and online crypto forums are awash with reports that reveal funds have been stolen from the wallet of some users. Other users who might have logged into the service during the period of the hack may have also been compromised. Users Report Stolen Funds A MEW user broke the news on Reddit

    MyEtherWallet Users Lose Funds to DNS Hack

    | 2018/04/24 6:30 pm
  • Savedroid founder Dr. Yassin Hankir publicly announced his own $50 million exit scam on Twitter by posting a selfie of himself at the airport and a beach resort, along with the message “Thanks guys! Over and out …” [MAJOR UPDATE]: Dr. Yassin Hankir has posted a video, declaring that the entire incident was a PR stunt to show how vulnerable investors are to ICO scams. He calls for greater regulation in order to protect investors from

    $50 Million ICO Savedroid Scam Artist Posts Selfie While Fleeing Country [MAJOR UPDATE]

    | 2018/04/19 8:30 am
  • The Venezuelan Petro’s alleged astronomical success could be under threat as US President Trump puts plans in process to prohibit American citizens from purchasing the digital currency. It seems as if President Trump has thrown a cog in the apparent billion-dollar machine that is Venezuela’s Petro. According to Bloomberg, the US president issued a prohibition order on Monday banning the country’s citizens from going anywhere near the South American country’s first state-issued virtual currency. To

    President Trump Bans US Citizens from Buying Venezuela’s Petro

    | 2018/03/19 4:00 pm
  • Circle, the peer-to-peer payment services startup, has reportedly bought exchange Poloniex for $400 million. Job Done Between Circle And Polo According to Fortune editor Robert Hackett who leaked the news in advance, an official statement will follow Monday. The takeover means a cryptocurrency exchange is now under direct ownership of a Goldman Sachs funded company. Hackett wrote on Twitter earlier this morning: Rumors have swirled in recent weeks that Circle has been in talks to

    Goldman Sachs-backed Circle Buys Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange for $400M

    | 2018/02/26 11:30 am
  • Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin endorsed blockchain technology during a meeting on Sunday with Herman Gref, the president of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank. ‘We Need Professionals in This Field’ Gref, who said his bank would implement blockchain into its business, suggested to Putin that the Russian government should include blockchain technology in education and professional training, according to a translation by YouTube channel Russia Insight. Blockchain technology is one of the key components of cryptocurrency networks

    Vladimir Putin Endorses Blockchain: Russia Can’t Be ‘Late In The Race’

    | 2018/02/25 6:00 am
  • Anyone getting involved in cryptocurrency should be well aware that the emerging market carries its fair share of risk. However, popular San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase has taken it to another level by severely overcharging users debit and credit cards – reportedly upwards of 50x the correct amount. Coinbase Admits to Accidentally Draining Users’ Bank Accounts Coinbase – one of the most popular digital currency exchanges – has admitted to accidentally draining users’ bank accounts by

    Coinbase Confirms Drastically Overcharging Users Debit/Credit Purchases, Draining Accounts

    | 2018/02/15 4:15 pm
  • Popular privacy-focused instant messaging application Telegram has suffered a bit of a setback, as hackers have been secretly able to utilize unsuspecting users’ computers to mine Monero and Zcash. Private and Secure? Not Quite. According to multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider Kaspersky Lab, hackers have been taking advantage of a flaw in the Telegram messaging app’s desktop client, which has allowed them to remotely mine popular cryptocurrencies. Since March 2017, hackers have been conducting “in

    Telegram Users Hacked – Computers Used to Mine Monero and Zcash

    | 2018/02/13 5:30 pm
  • Breaking News: Less than an hour ago, exchange giant Binance announced that they were closing the doors for the next 12 hours.  A system upgrade extension was cited as the reason. Anxious traders responded to the company Tweet in the hope that the exchange had not been hacked and no data was lost. They were reassured by the company: We experienced a server issue on our replica database cluster, causing some data to be out

    Crypto Exchange Binance Goes Dark – 12 Hour Outage for Maintenance, System Upgrades

    | 2018/02/07 10:15 pm
  • Ripple just became the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency. This is a big deal. But why? Is Ripple a good investment? Will banks adopt it? Let’s find out. Why Is Ripple Causing Waves? While Bitcoin and the rest of the top 10 cryptocurrencies are well below their peak, Ripple is enjoying a meteoric rise and is trading at $ 2.22, up more than 49% from this time yesterday. In fact, it just unseated Ethereum as the #2

    Ripple Dethrones Ethereum, Now #2 Cryptocurrency Behind Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/29 4:30 pm
  • It seems like the trend of consecutive all-time highs isn’t stopping anytime soon, as Bitcoin has sailed over $20,500 and has its sights set on $21,000. Bitcoin Breaks the $20,000 Barrier On CEX.io, a popular Bitcoin exchange, the price of just one bitcoin has broken through $20,000 with no signs of stopping. This may seem insignificant, as it only one exchange, and on top of that, we’ve seen Bitcoin prices skyrocket over the market price

    Bitcoin Price Breaks $20,000 on CEX.io Exchange

    | 2017/12/16 9:30 pm
  • BitPay is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment processing companies in the world. Today, they announced support for more cryptocurrencies, starting with implementing Bitcoin Cash to their payment platform and debit cards. BitPay is a point-of-sale company that allows traditional businesses to accept Bitcoin. They provide an easy to use means for users to pay with the popular digital currency, which is especially attractive to businesses that have customer bases that may not be

    BitPay to Add Support for Bitcoin Cash, Other Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/12/15 9:15 pm
  • Coinbase has come under fire in recent weeks for slow transaction times, nonexistent support, and multiple server outages under high traffic. The US-based exchange even suspended trading when things really got lively during Litecoin’s romp to the top a few days ago. However new things could be coming to Coinbase in 2018. In an interview with CNBC, Coinbase CEO and co-founder, Brian Armstrong, discussed how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming the next generation stock

    More Altcoins Coming to Coinbase Says CEO Brian Armstrong

    | 2017/12/13 11:00 pm
  • As we roll into another week of crypto trading the Bitcoin bulls have been a little subdued in the last 24 hours. BTC hasn’t fluctuated much from around $16,400 where it currently trades. Huge swings in the king of crypto were bounteous this weekend amid the launch of CBOE’s futures contracts. Bitcoin gained and lost over $5,000 in just a few days before recovering but Ethereum has remained pretty flat for weeks … until now.

    Escalating Ethereum Breaks New Records

    | 2017/12/12 1:15 am
  • As the crypto and financial worlds look on, the CBOE website crashes, unable to handle the massive influx of traffic as Bitcoin futures trading begins. Uh oh, Houston…we have a problem. CBOE’s website crashed within moments of the exchange opening on Sunday, unable to handle the massive influx of traffic resulting from the launch of its Bitcoin futures contract. The launch, which marks the first time that Bitcoin futures have traded on a major exchange,

    Bitcoin Breaks CBOE – Website Crashes as Futures Trading Begins

    | 2017/12/10 6:45 pm
  • Escorted by futures trading contracts, Bitcoin has entered into the circle of mainstream finance. This event was marked by the CBOE Global Markets’ launch of Bitcoin futures contracts, on Sunday, December 10, 2017, opening the door to the cryptocurrency market for institutional investors’ trillions of dollars. Moreover, Bitcoin futures has moved the rollout of Bitcoin ETFs one giant step closer to reality. Bitcoin Futures Could Bring Trillions into the Crypto Market Bitcoin made its debut

    Bitcoin Makes its Grand Entrance onto the Mainstream Stage

    | 2017/12/10 6:00 pm