Crypto Market Adds $14 Billion in 24 hrs, Pre-Halving Rally Inbound?
Altcoin News

These Two Cryptos Are Leading the Recovery as $10 Billion Returns

As Bitcoin continues to plummet dragging most major cryptoassets with it, two cryptos are leading the recovery. Tezos and Link have shot up today as $10bn returns to the cryptocurrency...

Christina Comben | 14 mins ago
bitcoin millennials

How Millennials Will Inherit Trillions And Buy Bitcoin

There is a lot of antipathy and mistrust over bitcoin from the current baby boomer generation which largely doesn’t understand the technology. Millennials on the other hand have been...

Martin Young | 1 hour ago
cash handouts Asia

Growth Addicted Asian Nations Hand Out Free Cash as Economies Crash

Nations across Asia are scrambling to prop up their deteriorating economies as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Some are so obsessed with growth that they are handing out free cash...

Martin Young | 3 hours ago
crypto fake news

Crypto Crash Accelerates as Coronavirus Fake News Spreads

There has been no direct connection between the Coronavirus outbreak and crypto market correction but the signs are there. The crypto crash is accelerating as investors start to panic...

Martin Young | 5 hours ago
Craig Wright Lawsuit: Tulip Trust and Bonded Courier Questions Remain

Craig Wright Lawsuit: Tulip Trust and Bonded Courier Questions Remain

Ira Kleiman’s lawyers have recently replied in support of a motion which could force Craig Wright to produce new evidence on the Tulip Trust. The Plaintiff asserts that exposing...

Trevor Smith | 15 hours ago
Bitcoin Price Won't Fall Below $8.2K During This Crash: PlanB
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Won’t Fall Below $8.2K During This Crash: PlanB

PlanB, creator of the Bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) model, says the Bitcoin price is unlikely to dip below $8,200 even as the top-ranked cryptocurrency has dropped 13% over the last one...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 16 hours ago
bitmex liquidations bitcoin 2020

BitMEX Liquidations Hit YTD Record as Bitcoin Nosedives

Over 150 million dollars worth of bitcoin long positions were liquidated today on Bitmex, the most seen in 2020 so far. Many of the liquidated positions were highly leveraged longs...

Ricardo Martinez | 17 hours ago
bitcoin price to moon

Everyone Should Have 1% of Their Assets in Bitcoin: Virgin Galactic...

Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive and Chairman of Virgin Galactic, says that everyone should have 1% of their net worth invested in Bitcoin. He cited Bitcoin’s quality...

Ricardo Martinez | 18 hours ago
3 things holding Bitcoin above $8K right now

Bitcoin Breaks $9K Support, HODL On Everybody

Bitcoin briefly broke through the $9,000 support level today, to a new swing low of $8960. The leading cryptocurrency has lost over $1500 in price since being rejected at the $10,600...

Ricardo Martinez | 20 hours ago
FBI Reports Bitcoin Ransomware Totalled $144M Since 2013

FBI Report: Bitcoin Ransom Payments Total $144M

Ransomware attacks and similar extortion schemes took in an estimated $144 million in the course of 7 years. FBI estimates show most of the ransoms were paid in Bitcoin (BTC) and went...

Christine Vasileva | 20 hours ago
EOS coin burn

EOS Burns $132M Worth of Tokens to Curb Inflation

The EOS.IO ecosystem burned 34 million tokens locked in a savings account, and voted to decrease network inflation. EOS Voters Agree on Second Large-Scale Token Burn in a Year The EOS...

Christine Vasileva | 21 hours ago
bitcoin miner CEO judge

Judge Reduces Bitcoin Miner CEO’s Role in $27M Pump-And-Dump

A U.S. Judge has shown some sympathies to Robert B. Ladd, the CEO of Bitcoin mining firm MGT Capital Investments, over an alleged $27mn pump-and-dump scheme. District Judge Edgardo...

Christina Comben | 22 hours ago

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