French Military Police Use Tezos Blockchain

French Military Police Finds Use Case for Tezos Blockchain

Since September 2019, the French Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division has been validating and recording judicial expenses on the Tezos blockchain. This is potentially one of the...

Emilio Janus | 4 hours ago
3 things holding Bitcoin above $8K right now

3 Things Holding Bitcoin Above $8K Right Now

With Bitcoin inching closer to breaking below $8k, investors are holding their breath. But, these three key developments might just keep its head above water. 1. Fidelity’s New NY...

Christina Comben | 4 hours ago
etoro bitcoin crypto trading platform

Rallying Crypto Market Tempting a New Breed of US Traders

If you’d purchased a dollar’s worth of Bitcoin a day for nine years, you’d now have $18 million. With headlines like that hitting the financial pages, it should come as little...

Bitcoinist | 4 hours ago
HODL'ing pays, 61% of Bitcoin Owners in the money

HODL’ing Pays: 61% of Bitcoin Owners Could Sell at Profit

Toward the end of 2019, with Bitcoin prices keeping up above $8,000, about 61% of all holders could sell at a gain. The overall potential to sell at profit combines both old adopters...

Christine Vasileva | 5 hours ago
How many trades do Crypto exchanges actually process?

How Many Trades Do Crypto Exchanges Actually Process?

How many trades are actually processed per month, day, second on crypto exchanges? The answer is anybody’s guess, because no matter how many times CoinMarketCap, or other...

Emilio Janus | 5 hours ago
Localbitcoins gains 135,000 users per month

LocalBitcoins Reports 135,000 New Customers Per Month

LocalBitcoins CEO recently revealed that the company is growing at a huge rate, stating that the platform still receives over 135,000 new users per month. The advancements of the...

Ali Raza | 7 hours ago
Major South African Bank CLoses Crypto Exchange Accounts

Major South African Bank Closes Crypto Exchange Bank Accounts

FNB, one of the ‘big five’ South African bank is closing down accounts operated by crypto exchanges in the country. The bank, however, says the emergence of clear-cut...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 7 hours ago
bitcoin price moon potential

Bitcoin Upside Potential At $8k Is Far Greater Than the Down

As a novice Bitcoin trader, it may seem logical to think that long and short trades are pretty much equivalent. You decide if you think price is going up or down, and long or short it...

Emilio Janus | 8 hours ago
crypto tax IRS

Crypto Tax: De Minimis Exception Could Complicate Things for IRS

A provision for de minimis exception in crypto taxes could lead coin holders to manipulate the system while burdening IRS further. The US Internal Revenue Service recently published...

Ali Raza | 8 hours ago
Einstein exchange shuts down, funds disappear

Einstein Exchange Closes, Funds Disappear Into Thin Air

The Canadian Einstein exchange, which was put into receivership a few weeks ago, is now closed completely. What is more, there is no evidence of the funds held on the exchange...

Christine Vasileva | 8 hours ago
australia westpac money laundering

Second Largest Australian Bank Broke AML Laws More Than 23 Million...

Westpac, Australia’s second-largest bank, violated money laundering laws 23 million times and could be fined AUD21 million (US$15.7 million) per breach. Westpac Banking Corp, the...

Ali Raza | 8 hours ago

Fidelity Wins Trading License in New York, Hurray to Bitcoin

Bitcoin adoption on Wall Street is looking real as a $2.8 trillion financial giant wins a license to trade and custody it. Boston-based Fidelity today announced that it has received...

davitbabayan | 22 hours ago

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