Can Bitcoin Rally Next Week? Skeptical Analyst Throws Light
Bitcoin Price

Can Bitcoin Rally Next Week? Skeptical Analyst Throws Light

A number of signals continue to tie Bitcoin to the present global economic crisis. Although the flagship cryptocurrency has shown stability over the past few days, some analysts now...

Trevor Smith | 14 hours ago
bitcoin payments for fake covid-19 treatments

Fake COVID-19 Treatments Ask for Bitcoin Payments on Social Media

A twitter post on January 29 promoted a website selling a so-called cure for coronavirus, accepting Bitcoin as payment. Scams such as this have proliferated as the global crisis...

Trevor Smith | 15 hours ago
bitcoin development funding
Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin Development Activity is Being Funded by These Players

A just-released report from Bitmex shows that Bitcoin platform development continues to grow and diversify. A look at key players reflects greater interest in scalability and bringing...

Trevor Smith | 18 hours ago
FBI Reports Crypto Ransomware Totalled $144M Since 2013

FBI Closes Russian Hacker Marketplace Fuelled By Crypto

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has shut down a Russia-based website that hosted online shops engaged in the sale of illegal goods and services and accepted crypto payments...

Anatol Antonovici | 2 days ago
Financial Advisors Should Allocate Client Funds to Bitcoin, Executive Says
Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Exchange Outflows Hit 8-Month High, HODL’ing Soars

Bitcoin adopters seem eager to hold their own coins as withdrawals now outpace deposits on exchanges. This cryptocurrency outflow reflects the growing unease about the state of the...

Trevor Smith | 2 days ago
Brad Garlinghouse Ripple CEO

Ripple Lawsuit Plaintiffs Put CEO in the Crosshairs

Plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint against Ripple Labs in their two-year long lawsuit against the blockchain-based company. The modified lawsuit puts new pressure on Ripple...

Trevor Smith | 2 days ago
Bitcoin Exchange

Binance to Open Office in Shanghai – Yes, Really

It looks as if Binance has gone ahead and achieved the impossible. In a landmark move, CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced that Binance Academy will officially set up an office in...

Christina Comben | 2 days ago
CME bitcoin futures rally

CME Group Explores Bitcoin Mining to Boost Profits for Shareholders

There’s never a dull day in the cryptocurrency world. The latest curious proposal to come out of the space is from an unlikely candidate. A nominee for CME Group’s board of...

Christina Comben | 2 days ago
Bitcoin Markets Shed $34B This Week, When Bull Run?
Bitcoin Price

Daring Analyst Calls Bitcoin Crash to $2.4K Soon

With market data showing a range of conflicting signals, one analyst has now made a bold prediction that Bitcoin will soon see its largest price collapse in over a year. Whereas...

Trevor Smith | 3 days ago
U.S SEC Demands Telegram Token Bank Records
Altcoin News

Telegram Project in Trouble as Investors Said to Seek Refund

It looks as if the Telegram blockchain project is about to hit another wall. According to a local Russian news site, at least 10 large investors are ready to ask for their funds back...

Christina Comben | 3 days ago
blockchain covid 19 coronavirus

Will Blockchain and Crypto Be Used Against Us After Covid-19 Clears?

More than a decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled an intelligent virtual money system based on blockchain, which could be adopted globally without the fear of government or corporate...

Anatol Antonovici | 3 days ago